Why Mahathir hates Badawi

Why Mahathir hates Badawi
Wednesday, 15 April, 2009, 7:38:54 PM | noreply@blogger.com (Adely)
the cancelling of his Crooked Bridge.

the selling off of MV Agusta. The reason given for selling off MV Agusta is that if they don’t sell it then the government would have to pump in another RM300 million to keep it afloat, on top of the RM300 million they already paid to buy the company. But for Mahathir, RM600 million is considered still cheap and a good buy for what they were getting -- a motorcycle company that makes good motorcycles and has the technology to make small motorcars. He feels someone did a scam and made big bucks by selling MV Agusta. he suspects that that person is Khairy Jamaluddin.

the Oil-for-Food scandal. This is another thing that Tun Dr Mahathir feels is an issue that should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet. The Oil-for-Food scandal has already been reported by the UN Committee and US Congress and the report has been published so you really do not need any fresh investigation. The name of ‘Abdullah Badawi’ is mentioned in those two reports as the beneficiary of the Iraq oil quota and there is even bribery involved.

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