Police Officers Confirm there are Ghosts in Pudu Prison

Well, if only the police had been kinder in their execution of duties, the ghosts may decide to go elsewhere. The tearing down of this historical landmark at Pudu would release the ghosts to the open, and will come back to haunt UMNO and the Barisan Nasional. Just watch how they ended history and ended themselves in the coming months....

THE older the structure, the more likely it is to be haunted. Given the chequered history of Pudu Prison – which dates back to 1895 – you can be sure it has more than its fair share of ghostly tales.

Abu Bakar Juah says it was common to hear things at night – footsteps where no one was supposed to be, chains rattling, and even hearing someone or something taking a bath when everyone is locked in.

“We normally shout out loud that we are merely trying to make a living and tell whatever that’s out there to leave us alone,” he says.

Haji Aziz Haji Idris tells of an encounter while on duty at one of the guard towers when he was still a young officer.

“It was shortly after midnight and I was on night duty with another person when I saw an officer approaching. As we had been trained, I banged my rifle on the floor and shouted out ‘Everything all right, sir!”

Aziz says the figure said nothing but raised his hand, and then suddenly disappeared.

He also remembers one particular bunk in the warder’s dormitory which everyone tried to avoid.

“Anyone who slept there would be sure to feel an unseen force pressing down on his chest. They may try to shout or move but will be helpless to do anything,” he says, adding that some would rather sleep on the floor than use the bunk.

Abu Bakar also recalls a weird phenomenon – a ball of fire the size of a football that suddenly appeared and rolled out of sight.

“It happened every once in a while, and in cycles. Everyone would be talking about it for a while,” he says.

But the scariest tale is that of a recurring apparition of a woman. Aziz believes it was the ghost of a woman who was hanged there.

“She had tried to kill herself previously by slitting her throat. She survived but before she was fully recovered, the execution order came,” he says.

“She was brought to the execution chamber and hanged – but because of the injury, her head was literally torn off. It was a gruesome death and that is the ghost that many people have seen.”

He recalls an encounter with this apparition.

“I was on duty at Block D, where death row is located, and directly above the execution chamber is a huge anchor stone.

“Out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure sitting on this stone. Malays believe ghosts’ feet do not touch the ground, and when I bent over to look, the figure disappeared,” he says.

But a fellow officer’s encounter was even more shocking.

“Once, a police officer was interviewing prisoners and it was getting late. However, he said that he could interview one more, and I went down to bring another one.

“As he was filling in some forms he saw a figure sitting down. Thinking it was another prisoner he looked up, only to see a headless woman with blood flowing down her chest. The officer ran down the stairs as fast as he could,” he says.

Aziz believes Pudu Prison is a very “dirty” place and in some places is a giant graveyard.

“During World War II, the British buried Japanese soldiers there, and when the Japanese took over, they buried the British there.

“The ghosts here are real,” says Aziz.
Authorities begin tearing down historic Malaysian jail
By Melissa Goh

KUALA LUMPUR: The walls of Malaysia's historic Pudu jail have started coming down.

For the onlookers here, it was part of their history coming down.

The wrecking ball moved in on Monday night to start work on the controversial redevelopment of one of Kuala Lumpur's icons.

When the clock struck 10pm, the first wall of the 115-year-old Pudu prison came crumbling down.

Hundreds of people watched on and traffic came to a standstill as bulldozers moved in full force.

Many Malaysians fail to understand why the government insists on demolishing this historical building despite widespread protest. Some are picking up pieces of the fallen walls as souvenirs for their future generation.

Mrs Liew and her son and daughter were among the crowd scrambling to collect remnants of the building that used to boast one of the longest murals in the world.

She says:" I'm very sad because it's a part of our history, they (children) like the building very much. It's very beautiful."

Others had hoped that the authorities would keep the facade of the building, or at least one of the walls intact.

One person says: "I've travelled around the world to China, Europe, they are preserving. Why can't we do it?"

But the Malaysian government decided that Pudu prison was not suitable to be made into a heritage site because it's not something that the country is proud of.

Efforts to promote it as a tourist destination had failed.

The MP in charge of the area in downtown Kuala Lumpur felt differently.

Fong Kui Lun, MP, Bukit Bintang, says: "Whether it's good memories or bad memories, I think it witnessed the development of Kuala Lumpur and the people are very concerned because Pudu jail is one of the landmarks"

Historians are lamenting the loss of yet another iconic building that served as a reminder of Malaysia's social history.

Some of the more prominent inmates who had been housed here included Mona Fandey, the witch doctor behind one of the country's most notorious murders and gangster Botak Chin.

Malaysia Ban Cartoons

Malaysia has banned three works of political cartoons that criticise the government, claiming that they pose a security threat.

Mahmood Adam, the home ministry's secretary-general, explained: "All three publications have been banned for their contents that can influence the people to revolt against the leaders and government policies... The contents are not suitable and detrimental to public order."

The works are mainly collections of comics by Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque, known as Zunar, and other local cartoonists, questioning current events, such as police shootings and the sodomy trial of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Two books are banned, Perak, Land of Cartoons and 1 Funny Malaysia, and one magazine, Issues in Cartoons.

Zunar, a cartoonist for more than 20 years, told an AP reporter: "In Malaysia the government... won't allow alternative views. You can do cartoons, you can do whatever art work you want, but it must be in line with the government (view)."

Last month, Malaysian authorities seized more than 6,000 copies of a pro-opposition newspaper, saying it did not have a printing permit. All publications require government-approved annual licences. Zunar's website: http://www.cartoonkafe.com/


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysia banned three works of political cartoons that criticize the government, but one of the artists said Friday he was obligated to highlight issues other cartoonists would not.

The government said the cartoons in two books and a magazine posed a security threat.

Malaysia has banned dozens of publications in recent years, but usually because of sexual content or alleged misrepresentation of Islam, its official religion. But the latest ban is certain to spark complaints that the government is disallowing critical views.

"All three publications have been banned for their contents that can influence the people to revolt against the leaders and government policies," said a statement by Home Ministry Secretary General Mahmood Adam on the official news agency Bernama. "The contents are not suitable and detrimental to public order," he said without elaborating.

The works are mainly collections of comics by Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque, known as Zunar, and other local cartoonists, questioning current events, such as police shootings and the sodomy trial of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The books, titled "Perak, Land of Cartoons" in Malay and "1 Funny Malaysia," were published late last year. The magazine, "Issues in Cartoons" in Malay, with a circulation of 15,000 copies, was launched in February with three volumes coming out since then, Zunar said.

Independent online news portal Malaysiakini, which publishes "1 Funny Malaysia," said it would file a court case to challenge the ban of its book. Its chief executive officer, Premesh Chandran, said the book was a compilation of cartoons already published on Malaysiakini's website.

"It's peculiar that the book is banned ... as so far there is no evidence of public disturbance stemming from these cartoons," he told The Associated Press.

Cartoonist Zunar, who has published the other two works, told the AP he was still waiting for an official letter from the ministry but vowed not to stop drawing


(Press statement by Zunar on book ban)

At press time, I have yet to receive the official letter from Ministry of Home Affairs on the ban on my books.
Based on the news report on Malaysiakini (24 June 2010), Ministry of Home Affairs quoted saying that three of my publication were banned, namely “1Funny Malaysia”, “Perak Darul Kartun” and “Isu Dalam Kartun (IDK)”.

“1Funny Malaysia” is a collection of my published work from the year 2005 until 2009, in Cartoonkini on a popular web-based news portal, Malaysiakini.
"Perak Darul Kartun" is a book published by my own company Sepakat Efektif Sdn Bhd.

"Isu Dalam Kartun (IDK)" is a monthly magazine with a publishing permit from Ministry of Home Affairs. Three issues have been published; vol1, vol2 and vol3.

Last year, another mangazine of mine “Gedung Kartun” was confiscated and banned. According to the latest statement from Ministry of Home Affairs, all six of my publication, as well as my team of cartoonist, are listed in the “Prohibited Publication” list.

In the Malaysiakini report, Head of Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Madmood Adam quoted stating these books are banned because they are not suitable for reading by the public.

All three publications will put in the “Prohibited Publication” list due to content that will influence public perception on country’s leadership and government policies. They are not suitable for reading by the public and may jeopardize public order.

Zunar’s Statement:

1. The government / Ministry of Home Affairs accused my cartoons that the content will influence public perception against on country’s leadership and government policies. Thus, they not suitable for reading by the public and may jeopardize public order. This is a serious accusation and must be supported by strong reasoning and proof.

2. With this ban of the six publication, it also means that all 312 cartoons and the whole team of cartoonist are being banned as well.

3. I demand Ministry of Home Affairs to explain the definition of “content will influence public perception against on country’s leadership and government policies. Thus, they not suitable for reading by the public and may jeopardize public order.”

4. I demand Ministry of Home Affairs to identify which cartoon of the 312 cartoons is categorized as “a threat to national security and not suitable for reading by the public”. I am responsible of all my cartoons and willing to face law if I break any of them.

5. From the business perspective, this action by Ministry of Home Affairs had cause considerably large amount of losses to my company. It is estimated amount of loss may climb to RM50,000 to RM80,000 with the returning of the publications from the vendors.

6. I would like to stress that material gains is not my objective. As a cartoonist, it is my social responsibility to expose the truth; the lies and corruption by the BN government. Saidina Ali once said, “Telling the truth to the tyrant leader is the real patriot”.

7. The government can ban my books. They government can ban my magazine. But the government cannot ban my mind. “I WILL NOT STOP DRAWING TILL THE LAST DROP OF MY PEN.”

(Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque)
Kartunis/Editor kartun
03 22724045
Publications are available for purchase online at www.cartoonkafe.com or by calling the hotline at 03-2272 4045.

Malaysia Ban Sport Betting

KUALA LUMPUR: The government has decided not to issue the sports betting licence to Ascott Sports Sdn Bhd.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said the decision was made after taking into consideration the views of various quarters which clearly showed that the majority did not agree to the issuing of the licence.

Najib, who is also Umno president, said the decision was also agreed upon unanimously by members of the Umno supreme council which met last night.

"Since the approval was decided in principle and a survey was carried out, although there were groups who supported as well those who did not support or opposed the decision, it was clear to the government that a majority of the people did not agree that the licence be issued to Ascot Sports.

"As such, I hereby wish to announce that the government has decided that the licence will not be issued," he told reporters after chairing the meeting.

Najib said the licence was issued in 1989 but the company had returned it to the government in 1990 after suffering huge losses.

Since then the company had tried to renew the licence a number of times but only recently the government had approved the issuance of such a licence in principle, based on a number of terms.

Social problems

Najib said the government's aim was to control illegal betting that was said to be in the region of RM10 billion, as well prevent other social problems.

At the same time, the prime minister said the government had also decided that Muslims were totally prohibited from being involved in any sports betting whether buying, working or becoming a member of the board of directors in a betting company.

"This condition was firmly specified by the government," he added.

When asked whether the decision was agreed upon by other Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties, he said they all accepted the decision in the interest of the nation.

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, emphasised that Ascott would not be paid any compensation because the Finance Ministry had the right to revoke any gambling licences issued.

He said Ascott had also been informed of the decision and it understood why the government did not issue the licence.

Brother of Prime Minister Criticizes NEP

Datuk Seri Nazir Abdul Razak, the younger brother of prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has criticized the NEP (New Economic Policy) as proposed by the federal government saying that the policy is unfair to a majority of Malays and that the government should protect the interest of the majority of Malays and not just the selected ones.

He said “I have met a Malay professional overseas who refused to return to Malaysia because he is of the view that successful Malays are not welcomed in the country. This is because the Malays’ success is always linked to NEP. In fact some of them refused to return thinking that the NEP is not for them but only to selected Malay groups, so they are better off working overseas. Certain aspect of the NEP such as scholarships allocation should be retained. Those who have been trying to stop efforts to review the NEP are those who are benefiting from the NEP. That was why some contractors were not happy with open tender but they never ask if they get the job, what would happen to other Malay contractors. Why refuse to compete?”

In an interview with Mingguan Malaysia, he added that “In the long term NEP is about national unity. But today we have deviated from the original intention of the NEP to achieve unity. For certain parties, NEP has become the cause of disunity because the policy has been misused by some people for profit,”

mentality and attitude of the Malays have to change : Maslan

Umno Information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan urged the Malays to change their mindset to be in line with Vision 2020 objectives which consists of progress in business, unity, politics, leadership and education.

The mentality of Malays must change to be more open minded and competitive to seize any opportunities. Ahmad stressed that Malays must obtain knowledge as education is the basis for progress. Besides that, he also urged the Malays to explore the business sector to earn a better income.

Malays should change their mindset to be in tandem with the objective of Vision 2020 which encompasses progress in education, business, unity, politics and leadership.

Umno Information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan said they should also be competitive to be able to seize opportunities and be successful.

"The mentality and attitude of the Malays have to change so that they will be more open minded and competitive," he said when opening the Wangsa Maju Umno divisional meeting here Saturday.

Ahmad, who is Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, emphasised the need for Malays to acquire knowledge being that education was the basis for progress.

"Without knowledge, we cannot change the society," he added.

He also encouraged them to venture into the business sector for better income.

At a media conference later, Ahmad said there was no need for the government to entertain Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz's call for the government to give time before holding a general election to enable the contesting political parties to prepare themselves.

Perkasa and Gertak not supported by Malay Majority: Nazri

KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — If it were not for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, right-wing groups like Perkasa and Gertak would cease to exist, says Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

The minister in the prime minister’s department said the reason for the rise of these Malay rights groups was because the former prime minister had been endorsing their agenda by “speaking out” against the Najib administration.

The low turnout at the Gertak rally, said Nazri, showed Dr Mahathir did not have the support of the Malay majority.

“He is an icon. Groups like Perkasa, Gertak will die out without Dr Mahathir’s presence,” Nazri told The Malaysian Insider in an exclusive interview this week.

The blunt politician pointed out that the small number of followers within these groups indicated that Dr Mahathir had the backing of only a minority of Malays.

“There are many Malays who believe in what Datuk Seri Najib Razak is doing. (Right-wing) groups like these are just fringe elements,” said Nazri when asked to comment on the low turnout at Gertak’s “Melayu Bangkit” rally in Kuala Terengganu four days ago.

Among the leaders who had attended the rally, which attracted just some 1,000 people, was Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said.

Nazri defended Ahmad’s presence at the rally, saying the mentri besar’s attendance was “out of respect” towards the former PM who ruled the country for 22 years.

“Malays are generally respectful of their elders... the only one who did not go (to the rally) was me,” said Nazri in jest.

A half empty hall listening to Dr M.

Perkasa has been vocal in opposing several of Najib’s reform plans, specifically proposals in the New Economic Model (NEM) which touch on opening up the economy and doing away with affirmative action quotas.

Dr Mahathir, who has also been critical of the NEM, has been seen at many Perkasa functions as well as the Gertak rally on Monday, which was originally scheduled for May 13 — a sensitive issue due to race riots on that date in 1969.

At the rally, he praised the government for rectifying what he called mistakes in the New Economic Model through the recently tabled 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP).

Nazri said Dr Mahathir’s actions were only helping the opposition. — file pic
Dr Mahathir said the 10MP had identified problems which were overlooked by the NEM.

“(I think) he is the best prime minister the country has had. My issue with him is that after he stopped becoming prime minister he ‘menyusahkan kita’ (troubles us). Dr Mahathir must remember that the prime minister right now is Najib. He should help us. By doing what he’s doing its only helping the opposition,” said Nazri.

The law minister gave an example from the 1990s when Dr Mahathir was Umno president. He had advised Nazri, who was then Umno Youth deputy chief to not make his objections towards the appointment of Tan Sri Rahim Tambi Chik as Umno Youth chief public.

“Back then Dr Mahathir came up to me, and said that if I had any issues I should settle it within these four walls... he said I could approach him about it (the objections). Well, now he (Dr Mahathir) should heed his own advice,” said the outspoken Umno leader.

The Padang Rengas MP said Dr Mahathir was only “destroying his own legacy” by attacking the current Barisan Nasional government.

“By attacking the government, he is destroying his own legacy. He created all of us... I’m his creation, Najib is his creation. Don’t kill your own creations,” said Nazri.

Mahathir Now Insults Malay Singaporeans

In Singapore, we don't kowtow

I READ with concern Tuesday's report, 'Malaysian Malays might kowtow to others if...', in which former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad claims that even though Malay Singaporeans enjoy the benefits of a more developed country, they have to 'terbongkok-bongkok' (kowtow) to others.

Tun Dr Mahathir could have been more sensitive towards the feelings of Singapore Malays.

As a Malay Singaporean living and working peacefully with fellow Singaporeans of all races, I cannot agree with what he said.

Singapore's leaders worked hard for many years to achieve racial harmony, tolerance and understanding among Singaporeans. Today, we live and work together as one family; and we have reaped the rewards of being one of the safest and most developed nations in the world.

While Dr Mahathir's opinion on Malay Singaporeans enjoying the benefits of a developed country is spot-on, we have never kowtowed to others. Singaporeans of all races, including Malays, engage in healthy debate and discussions with our Government. The decisions made by the Government, after hearing feedback from its people, are respected as we trust it is in the best interests of all Singaporeans.

Through community support and hard work, Malay students in Singapore have bettered their results in various national examinations. Such achievements are celebrated by all Singaporeans.

With better education, Malay Singaporeans have achieved a better lifestyle for their families compared with a large percentage of Malays in Malaysia. We worked hard to be where we are today and in no way kowtow to anyone to gain success. Meritocracy remains the benchmark of our society. While this works in Singapore, it may not work in Malaysia.

Having many relatives, friends and business associates of all races in Malaysia requires me to travel frequently across the Causeway. Over the years, I have seen and learnt that for the minority to succeed in Malaysia, they need to kowtow to others.

The irony is that many ordinary Malaysian Malays who have no connections, or fail to share their potential success with the 'right' people, will never have it easy to succeed. Perhaps, favouritism, cronyism and bribery are problems Dr Mahathir may want to address in his country.

As for me, a Malay Singaporean, I would like to say thank you to my Singapore leaders. You have made Singapore the best place to live peacefully in for me and my family.

Mustaffa Othman


'Like others, Malay Singaporeans work hard for the benefits in a meritocratic system.'

MR AHMAD ABU BAKAR: 'I strongly object to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's remarks. Like others, Malay Singaporeans work hard for the benefits in a meritocratic system. They are not born with a crutch of ethnic rights, quotas and 'unfair' opportunities. When Singapore Malays graduate from universities as doctors, engineers and scientists, they can hold their heads as high as the others, because they have done so by their own hard work and merit.'

'The Malays in Singapore stand shoulder to shoulder with other Singaporeans.'

MR NIAZ MOHAMED: 'The prosperity of Singapore is proof enough of its internal stability achieved through excellent inter-racial and inter-religious harmony. A non-Muslim can visit any mosque in Singapore where he will not only be welcomed with hospitality, but also given a guided tour. Similarly, any person may visit any house of worship if he is modestly attired and receive the same hospitality. The Malays in Singapore have made great strides in all areas and stand shoulder to shoulder with other Singaporeans.'

'Singaporeans of all ethnic backgrounds have come a long way since 1965.'

MR JEFFREY LAW: 'Most people will dismiss Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's remarks as merely political rhetoric. Singaporeans of all ethnic backgrounds have come a long way since 1965, having embraced the system of meritocracy in all aspects: education, employment and social standing. Most important, our ability to be a developed country within such a short time is due to the concerted effort and sacrifices of all Singaporeans - Chinese, Malays, Indians and others.'

mahathir jus trying to create dispute anong our ppl.
we may be a rojak country.
but our guns are always unitedly pointed outwards

Mahathir is just very jealous of Singaporeans.
He has created a whole generation of Malaysians who cannot speak English and will continue to rely on the govt for handouts.
Their English vocab is one two three, yes boss, no boss, I love you.

Najib's grand plan or bullshit

Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia
From: "Dollah Asman"
Subject: Najib's grand plan or bullshit

So, Datuk Seri Najib, if you truly and sincerely want to transform the
country into a great nation of excellence and prosperity, then your first
task is to restore the people's confidence and let them know that they have
a real equal stake in this land they are born, breed and brought up.

You need to take a firm uncompromising stand against the racist characters
and, at the same time, start cracking the whip on the little Napoleans who
have been bullying the little people under your care.

Ultimately, your vision can either be a Grand Plan or a Grand Illusion,
depending on your commitment and courage to take the brave and bold measures
to eliminate the weed from the wheat,

Luna Maya – Cut Tari – Nazril Ariel Scandal



Luna Maya – Cut Tari – Nazril Ariel Sex Scandal

Indonesian police has reported that Indonesian stars – Luna Maya and Cut Tari were reportedly involved in the sex videos that got out on the internet. Though it has not been released who was involved in uploading the videos on the internet, the culprit would be charged only in case it was found that the person distributed the video on the internet intentionally which we think is the case.

The police has tracked the IP Address of the culprit who had uploaded the videos on the internet and he will soon be apprehended by the police. The police also confirmed that the video was uploaded by someone in Indonesia and that it was not uploaded from an internet cafe.


Female Masseurs earn RM25k per month

A female masseur who offers extra services to customers can earn up to RM1,200 per day. It was revealed by four foreign nationals who work in a reflexology centre in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) when they were detained by the authorities in a raid conducted recently.

The female masseurs offer 'Body to Body' massage to customers charging RM150 per session. Following a public tip-off, police conducted a raid around 11 pm recently at the premise. Kuala Lumpur police secret society, gambling and vice division (D7) chief Deputy Superintendent Razali Abu Samah said the officers arrested three Thai nationals and a Chinese national during the raid.

It is believed that the masseurs offer dress-less massage services. They would also offer extra services such oral service with an additional rate of RM100 per session. Masseurs in the reflexology centre can only entertain around 10 customers per day.
written by carvalho francis. , 12 June, 2010













Malaysian GST will start from 4% to 10% eventually

Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin, the Deputy Minister of Finance said that the government will not be changing the proposed plan of 4% as the rate for GST (Goods and Services Tax) and denied claims that it might be raised to 10%. He said “The government believes that although the GST has been set at four per cent, it will have a neutral impact on inflation and on the overall government revenue. Tax collection can also increase through efficient GST collection and higher tax collection compliance level”

Speaking to the Dewan Rakyat, he added that “What’s important is to ensure the information on tax collection mechanism and GST implementation trickle down to the people from all strata of society. The GST’s main objective was to restructure the country’s taxation system to be more comprehensive, efficient, transparent and business-friendly. There are lots of advantages to address the weaknesses in the present taxation system. This is because the GST paid by traders for business inputs like raw materials, telephone bills and office equipment can be claimed as credit from the government,” He also said “This is because many countries have implemented the GST even though their per capita income was much lower than Malaysia. Venezuela, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Sudan have already enforced GST. This clearly showed the per capita income level is not the yardstick to implement GST,”

Weapons Missing in the Police Force

Datuk Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, the Home Minister reported to the Dewan Rakyat that the Royal Malaysian Police Force had since 2001 recorded losing 62 firearms. This is made up of 36 semi-automatic pistols, 51 revolvers and 2 sub-machine guns. He said this in his written reply to Tian Chua, the Member of Parliament of Batu where he added that of the total, only 28 have been recovered. Those that are recovered are 24 revolvers and 4 semi-automatic pistols while the rest were never found.

He added that “Logistic equipment under the police inventory consisted seven categories: watercraft, radio equipment, firearms and ammunition, vehicles, aircraft, technical assistance equipment and information technology systems. From the above categories, two categories which frequently face problems are vehicles and firearms,”
written by the man from the liquid world , 10 June, 2010



written by GoldenMan , 10 June, 2010
Mongolian missing.
What happen to TBH.... Missing.
Engine on Jet...missing.
Commission on purchase of submarine...missing
PKFTZ money...missing
AP money... missing
Now...guns missing.

Sports Betting Donations by Vincent Tan - Not Welcome

Suhaizan Kaiat, the secretary of NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) GMJ (People’s Movement Against Gambling) said that the recent move by Tan Sri Vincent Tan to donate half a billion to charity will not make gambling ‘halal’. The NGO slammed the move by the Berjaya Group tycoon saying that “Vincent Tan's promised 'donation' to his own foundation is a feeble attempt to persuade Malaysians into accepting as halal what they know is haram”

Suhaizan also said “Vincent Tan, don't think that Malaysians can be convinced with your offer of RM525 million in the pretext of charity. Nobody can live a happy life with riches gotten from the gains made from gambling except rich companies like yours. Money gotten from gambling cannot bring about happiness. But what is the meaning of RM525 million when compared to the damage to families, society and the nation that will ensue from the issuance of the sports gambling license? The country would have to bear the costs of the destruction far larger than the donation,”

He added that “GMJ would campaign throughout the country for the government to revoke the sports gambling license it had issued to Berjaya. Since the government seems so desperate for money that it legalised sports gambling, perhaps Tan should donate the proceeds, of the Ascot sale to Berjaya, to the federal government,"

The Real Story of May 13 (1969) - UMNO Youth is the real Culprit


The following statement is a factual account of the above-mentioned event given to me by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman (first Prime Minister of Malaysia) during an interview at his residence in Penang in 1972. I requested to discuss the above incident and was surprised when the appointment was given within three days.

His Secretary, a Chinese gentleman, allotted me one hour and advised me not to go into too much detail as this would tire the Tunku unnecessarily. In fact, the interview lasted three and a half hours. Because of the very surprising details provided to me, I think it would be best to report in a first-hand manner based on my notes written immediately after the interview.

“It was clear to me as well as the police that in the highly charged political atmosphere after the police were forced to kill a Chinese political party worker on May 4th, 1969, something was bound to happen to threaten law and order because of the resentment towards the Government by the KL Chinese on the eve of the general election. This was confirmed at this man’s funeral on the 9th May when the government faced the most hostile crowd it had ever seen.

Therefore, when the opposition parties applied for a police permit for a procession to celebrate their success in the results of the general election, I was adamant against it because the police were convinced that this would lead to trouble. I informed Tun Razak about this and he seemed to agree.

Now, without my knowledge and actually “behind my back”, there were certain political leaders in high positions who were working to force me to step down as a PM. I don’t want to go into details but if they had come to me and said so I would gladly have retired gracefully.

Unfortunately, they were apparently scheming and trying to decide on the best way to force me to resign. The occasion came when the question of the police permit was to be approved.

Tun Razak and Harun Idris, the MB of the state of Selangor, now felt that permission should be given, knowing fully well that there was a likelihood of trouble. I suppose they felt that when this happened they could then demand my resignation.

To this day I find it very hard to believe that Razak, whom I had known for so many years, would agree to work against me in this way. Actually he was in my house, as I was preparing to return to Kedah, and I overhead him speaking to Harun over the phone saying that he would be willing to approve the permit when I left. I really could not believe what I was hearing and preferred to think it was about some other permit. In any case, as the Deputy Prime Minister, in my absence from KL, he would be the Acting PM and would override my objection.

Accordingly, when I was in my home in Kedah, I heard over the radio that the permit had been approved.

It seems as though the expected trouble was anticipated and planned for by Harun and his UMNO Youth. After the humiliating insults hurled by the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, and after the seeming loss of Malay political power to them, they were clearly ready for some retaliatory action.

After meeting in large numbers at Harun’s official residence in Jalan Raja Muda near Kampong Bahru, and hearing inflammatory speeches by Harun and other leaders, they prepared themselves by tying ribbon strips on their foreheads and set out to kill Chinese. The first hapless victims were two of them in a van opposite Harun’s house who were innocently watching the large gathering. Little did they know that they would be killed on the spot.

The rest is history. I am sorry but I must end this discussion now because it really pains me as the Father of Merdeka to have to relive those terrible moments. I have often wondered why God made me live long enough to have witnessed my beloved Malays and Chinese citizens killing each other.”

This was a conspiracy at the highest level and nothing short of a power struggle, with the ‘Young Turks’ then forming the pressure group. To achieve their ends, they very cleverly used race to make the Malays rise and push the Tengku aside.

Today, they are doing it again. This is dangerous politics. It may backfire and, instead, it may make the Malays rise against the non-Malays, like what happened in 1969 -- a fire raging out of control with no fire extinguisher in sight.

We must never allow our country to be turned into a racial battlefield again. Let politics be issues concerning policies, civil rights, good governance and justice. Let us not allow anyone to bring race and religion into our politics lest we suffer the fate of many countries around us where mass murders of entire families are made in the name of ‘bangsa’ and ‘agama’.

-Raja Petra Kamarudin

Taxi Driver Scandal

Three other victims of a rapist cabbie have stepped forward to say that they were molested by the man since January.

The girls, who described the man as a smooth-talker, said he only made them strip and fondled them, but did not rape them.

Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Jalil Hassan, who disclosed this to reporters Saturday, said it was strange that the taxi driver did not rape them as he had raped the first three girls who lodged police reports.

“Yes, it is quite strange, but that is what they claimed in their reports,” he said, adding that police would continue to investigate the case.

He said the three girls who were molested referred to the man as “uncle” and said he was always friendly and would give them free rides home to win their trust.

“However, once he lured the girls to the privacy of his house, the suspect would reveal his true nature to them,” he said.

The three girls, all aged 17 and from the same school, also claimed that they had been molested by the taxi driver multiple times but they did not report him as they were afraid he would publicise their nude pictures.

Police are not ruling out the possibility that there may be more victims despite the evidence of only six girls in video recordings seized from the rapist, all of whom have now come forth to the police.

ACP Abdul Jalil urged anyone who had information on the case to assist in investigations.

“Hopefully, with information provided by the victims, we can close in on the taxi driver’s accomplice,” he said.

On Monday, police arrested the suspect at a taxi stand in Jalan Imbi following police reports by three teenage girls that they had been raped and kept as sex slaves for almost a year.

The taxi driver was reported to have preyed on at least six secondary school girls aged between 15 and 17 by waiting outside their schools for them to get into his taxi.

He would then pretend to have an emergency at home.

Once at his house in Taman Muda, Ampang, he would force the victims into his house and rape them.

The rapist filmed the act and threatened to make the videos public if the girls told anyone about it.

He would later call the girls whenever he wanted sexual favours and used the recordings to threaten them.

Malaysian Govt Self-Shaming Continues...

KUALA LUMPUR : A doctor who examined the young man accusing Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy testified Thursday there was evidence of sexual penetration even though he found no injuries.

Anwar, a former deputy premier who was sacked and jailed on separate sex and corruption counts a decade ago, has insisted the charges have been concocted in a conspiracy to end his political career.

On Thursday prosecutors at his trial took aim at the defence's argument that medical reports showed no evidence of anal sex -- an illegal act in conservative Muslim-majority Malaysia.

Mohamad Razali Ibrahim, a doctor at Kuala Lumpur Hospital who examined 25-year-old Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan after he complained he had been sodomised in 2008, said semen was detected on swabs he took from his body.

"With all the reports before me now, I would say there is evidence of penetration even without clinical injuries. With the presence of semen I would say there is anal penetration," he told the court.

The hearing adjourned for the day but defence counsel Sankara Nair said outside the court that the semen could have been introduced artificially.

"The semen could be anybody's, they have not established whose semen it is," he told reporters.

Nair said that Anwar had an alibi and would argue that during the time of the alleged incident, at an upmarket Kuala Lumpur condominium, he was in fact at a meeting at another apartment in the building.

"The alibi is our defence. He (Anwar) was at the opposite condo with several people including the owner," he said.

Anwar has said he is the victim of a plot to prevent him from taking power, after the opposition made huge strides in 2008 elections, stunning the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition which has been in power for half a century.

The trial began in February but has been punctuated by lengthy delays. At the end of the week it will go into a hiatus until mid-July.

Racist Perkasa ties: 'Have the guts to quit Umno'

GEORGE TOWN: A human rights leader today challenged Barisan Nasional component parties to leave the federal ruling coalition over Umno’s unholy political alliance with the Malay supremacist NGO, Perkasa.

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) supremo P Waythamoorthy said it would be politically correct if the other 12 BN component parties take Umno to task for its shameful link with the racist Perkasa.

He said BN allies should question Umno, including Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, for supporting Perkasa while forsaking the multi-racial interests of the coalition.

He said the BN partners should issue an ultimatum to Umno to either sever its unholy ties with Perkasa or watch the partners walk away.

“BN allies should exercise their equal rights within the coalition. They should stop Umno’s racist agenda once and for all.

"They should have the guts to abandon Umno,” the London-based Waythamoorthy told FMT today.

He said since it was formed in the aftermath of 2008 general election, Perkasa has championed a racist Malay supremacy agenda to the detriment of non-Malay/ Muslim citizens of the country.

He said that Perkasa leaders have been trumpeting about their agenda without fear of draconian laws, such as the Internal Security Act and Sedition Act, because they were backed by Umno.

He recalled that previously Umno Youth would act as the pressure group by propagating the Malay agenda to tame other BN component parties.

Umno ploy

However, since the electoral debacle in 2008, he accused Umno leadership of franchising its own racist agenda to Perkasa to camouflage the federal ruling party’s real intention.

“Perkasa and its racist Malay agenda are simply another of Umno’s privatisation project in the country.

“It’s merely to maintain Umno’s racist policy to marginalise others and safeguard the interests of one particular community.

“There is no other ruling party in any democratic society in this world as racist as Umno.

“It’s now masking itself with Perkasa,” said Waythamoorthy.

Besides Umno, the other component members are MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, and Borneo-based parties -- Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP), Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS), United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko), Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Sarawak People's Party (PRS).

Waythamoorthy alleged that Perkasa’s opposition to the New Economic Model (NEM) was merely an Umno ploy to maintain its Malay supremacist agenda in the country.

“It’s to regain the Malay electoral ground,” he said.

He added that BN allies were duty-bound to check on Umno’s wrongdoings in the coalition rule.

He said the allies should not allow Umno, with only 79 or 35.6% of the parliamentary seats, to dominate the country with a racist agenda.

He also said the component parties owed it to the people to stop Umno.

“It’s time for BN allies to give Umno the 'abandon Perkasa or we leave' ultimatum,” said Waythamoorthy.

Penang a China Doll Sex Haven

Sex syndicates in Penang are offering China dolls via the multimedia message service (MMS) to their customers in a move to evade constant raids by the authorities.

Sex syndicates in Penang are offering China dolls via the multimedia message service (MMS) to their customers.In a move to evade constant raids by the authorities.

It is learnt that the messages contain images of scantily clad China doll, their ages, sex services provided, working hours and the contact numbers of the pimps. The pictures are believed to have been taken in photo studios.

However, the multimedia messages are only sent to selected or regular customers.

Once a deal is struck between a potential customer and the pimp, the woman would be sent to a hotel to meet the customer. Customers are charged at least RM200 per session.

Sources said the syndicates have resorted to using the MMS because they had been losing their China dolls in raids carried out on budget hotels and entertainment outlets.

"They have spent thousands of ringgit to bring them here. This latest method will at least enable them to recover their investments," said the sources.

A check with the police and the state Immigration Department showed at least six anti-vice raids were carried out over the past two months on hotels in Anson Road and Macalister Road, and entertainment and karaoke outlets in Pulau Tikus.

Even gay joints were not spared. A reader who received several of such MMSes said he was shocked when he saw the contents and the pictures.

"I dread what would happen if such MMSes are sent to teenagers and students," said the man who declined to be named.

Penang deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah advised those who received such MMSes to lodge police reports.

"The senders can be charged with distributing obscene materials under Section 292 of the Penal Code, he said.

A Penang Commercial Crime Department spokesman said the MMSes were being investigated.

"We are now tracing the senders of these messages," he said.