Sports Betting Donations by Vincent Tan - Not Welcome

Suhaizan Kaiat, the secretary of NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) GMJ (People’s Movement Against Gambling) said that the recent move by Tan Sri Vincent Tan to donate half a billion to charity will not make gambling ‘halal’. The NGO slammed the move by the Berjaya Group tycoon saying that “Vincent Tan's promised 'donation' to his own foundation is a feeble attempt to persuade Malaysians into accepting as halal what they know is haram”

Suhaizan also said “Vincent Tan, don't think that Malaysians can be convinced with your offer of RM525 million in the pretext of charity. Nobody can live a happy life with riches gotten from the gains made from gambling except rich companies like yours. Money gotten from gambling cannot bring about happiness. But what is the meaning of RM525 million when compared to the damage to families, society and the nation that will ensue from the issuance of the sports gambling license? The country would have to bear the costs of the destruction far larger than the donation,”

He added that “GMJ would campaign throughout the country for the government to revoke the sports gambling license it had issued to Berjaya. Since the government seems so desperate for money that it legalised sports gambling, perhaps Tan should donate the proceeds, of the Ascot sale to Berjaya, to the federal government,"

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