Taxi Driver Scandal

Three other victims of a rapist cabbie have stepped forward to say that they were molested by the man since January.

The girls, who described the man as a smooth-talker, said he only made them strip and fondled them, but did not rape them.

Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Jalil Hassan, who disclosed this to reporters Saturday, said it was strange that the taxi driver did not rape them as he had raped the first three girls who lodged police reports.

“Yes, it is quite strange, but that is what they claimed in their reports,” he said, adding that police would continue to investigate the case.

He said the three girls who were molested referred to the man as “uncle” and said he was always friendly and would give them free rides home to win their trust.

“However, once he lured the girls to the privacy of his house, the suspect would reveal his true nature to them,” he said.

The three girls, all aged 17 and from the same school, also claimed that they had been molested by the taxi driver multiple times but they did not report him as they were afraid he would publicise their nude pictures.

Police are not ruling out the possibility that there may be more victims despite the evidence of only six girls in video recordings seized from the rapist, all of whom have now come forth to the police.

ACP Abdul Jalil urged anyone who had information on the case to assist in investigations.

“Hopefully, with information provided by the victims, we can close in on the taxi driver’s accomplice,” he said.

On Monday, police arrested the suspect at a taxi stand in Jalan Imbi following police reports by three teenage girls that they had been raped and kept as sex slaves for almost a year.

The taxi driver was reported to have preyed on at least six secondary school girls aged between 15 and 17 by waiting outside their schools for them to get into his taxi.

He would then pretend to have an emergency at home.

Once at his house in Taman Muda, Ampang, he would force the victims into his house and rape them.

The rapist filmed the act and threatened to make the videos public if the girls told anyone about it.

He would later call the girls whenever he wanted sexual favours and used the recordings to threaten them.

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