Malays urged not to marry Westerners

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subject: Malays urged not to marry Westerners
Malays urged not to marry Westerners

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysian Information Minister Rais Yatim said young
Malays, including artists, should think 'thousands of times' before
marrying Westerners as only three in 10 such marriages were

Failed marriages were especially evident when Malays married
Westerners, he said, while those who married other Malaysians who
converted to Islam have stable marriages, he was quoted as saying by
Utusan Malaysia newspaper.

Datuk Seri Rais was responding to a question on speculation that the
marriage of popular Malaysian actress Maya Karin to a British teacher
is on the rocks after just 18 months
From: "Lim PE"
only three in 10 such marriages were successful.

Because western spouses must convert & practise islam, yet
can't get PR, these are very high*pressures on them. Unlike
locals, westerners can return to their countries easily, so can
end their marriages here to escape these * ( caused by govnmnt
). Some of these malays esp women emigrate with their
husbands, then how does govnmnt know of their marriages'
success ?

Sexual satisfaction is very important to a marriage.
Most divorce in Singapore are caused by extra-marital
sex... The wives, with a big cock at home, do not
seek sex outside their marriage. In this sense, what
Simoni said.... is true.

From: baldeagle
However, the Malay girls who marry Ang Moh, thinking
they have gigantic cocks, may have found out the truth.
Hence the divorce.
Ang Moh are like Chinese,... some have big ones and
some have tinny ones.
The size of the cock is like the ears, a big size man
can have small ears, and a small size man can have
long and large ears. This is nature.

Malay girls are stupid to think that Ang Moh make good
husband. They are NOT.

From: Zanzibar
The problem lies with one eating of halal only food and one eating of

And, in addition, it is also the culture which is different of each
other, like one speaking only english and one doesn't understand much
of the english.

In some cases, it is the educational perspectiveness levels of each
others that are not the same.

Thier acquired knowledge gap is vastly apart of each other, and hence
living and working together much harder longer to achieve and attain.

The expectations of these are also different in that attained skills
and levels that are acquired at different communciation versions of
skills and levels in their growing up years in their own country.

The assimilation level of each other is thus not communicated at the
same speed of reasoning skills and the levels of understandings..

Indonesia's Siti Qomariyah And Wahyudi Ponco in sex scandal

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Subject: Indonesia's Siti Qomariyah And Wahyudi Ponco in sex scandal

Leaked naughty photos of Pekalongan regency head Siti
Qomariyah, together with a man who is allegedly to be her deputy,
Wahyudi Ponco, making love in a hotel. The leaked photos of the Regent
and Vice Regent of Pekalongan, Central Java are hotly being circulated
on the Internet from some Facebook account under the name of Qomariah

Watch nu-de photos here:

Malay extremist groups wary of 1Malaysia model

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Subject: Malay extremist groups wary of 1Malaysia model

By G. Manimaran
Bahasa Malaysia Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 28 - Worries about an impending “overly liberal” New
Economic Model has prompted nearly 80 Malay groups to form the Malay
Consultative Council (MPM) to push the government to maintain
affirmative action for the country’s dominant race.

A Malay leader revealed that the MPM wants the Umno-led Barisan
Nasional government to maintain a “guided” New Economic Policy (NEP)
that protects the Malays and Bumiputras, saying the community was
worried about moves to abolish subsidies and other forms of aid.

“We don’t want an economic model that is overly free or overly
liberal... we want a model that can lead the interests of the Malays,”
the leader told The Malaysian Insider on condition of anonymity after
attending the MPM launch in the Sultan Sulaiman Club yesterday.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the MPM is disappointed with
the government for not having comprehensive discussions with Malay
groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) about the New
Economic Model (NEM), to be launched next month in line with Prime
Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia concept and global
economic trends.

There were also several Malay NGO leaders who felt the current
problems are due to a weak government that was meeting the demands of
other races in the economic sector. Najib had freed 27 economic sub-
sectors from mandatory Bumiputra participation last year and also
reduced quotas for Bumiputra equity in initial public share offers.

The MPM felt that Malay political leaders themselves are sidelining
Malay interests, the leader said without identifying these

It is understood that while MPM was formed to defend and protect Malay
rights and Islam, it will initially focus on the economy.

Among the prime movers in MPM are Perkasa, ex-Umno lawmakers council
Mubarak, Peninsula Malay Students Confederation (GPMS), Malay
Professional Thinkers Association and Cuepacs.

The MPM will organise a round-table conference for its members on Mar
7 to discuss the future economic direction of the Malays and an
introduction to the NEM which Najib had promised would lead to higher
income based on innovation and creativity.

“Yesterday’s meeting was focused on protecting Malay interest in the
economy, we don’t want the Malays to continue being sidelined by open
economic policies.

“To ensure that the NEM has affirmative approaches to help the Malays
and Bumiputras because we hear this element is missing in the new
model ... this was the emphasis by the NGOs supporting the MPM,” he

The leader said a majority of NGOs in the MPM had disclosed that
Malays and Bumiputras feel their position was threatened as the
country’s economy is still being controlled by minority groups.

Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali yesterday said MPM’s role is to
protect and be the frontline against quarters that continuously try to
undermine the rights, privileges and economy of the Malays, position
of Islam and Malay Rulers in the country.

He said the MPM will play its role as a pressure group to the
government to ensure it does not stray from the core principles in the
Federal Constitution, particularly Article 153 that protects the

Earlier this month when opening the 1 Malaysia Economic Conference,
the prime minister had asked local industries to accept changes that
are occurring without expecting much protection from the government.

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, is battling to reduce deficits
and steer the economy out of the recession.

He announced last week that the country’s economy grew 4.5 per cent in
the fourth quarter of 2009 with overall growth shrinking 1.7 per cent
against earlier gloomier estimates of 3 per cent.

However, the Najib administration is also battling to keep the economy
afloat as foreign direct investments continue to fall.

International Trade and Industry deputy minister Datuk Mukhriz
Mahathir promised last week that the NEM would make appropriate
concessions for the Bumiputras in line with previous policies,
including the NEP.

He admitted to have received visits from NGOs representing various
industries and sectors who had expressed worry that the NEM would be
too open and reduce opportunities for Bumiputera entrepreneurs and

Mukhriz said that the government would give the appropriate
consideration for all quarters in its policies.

Tyranny of the M’sian bureaucracy

From: Politikus
Subject: Tyranny of the M’sian bureaucracy


During the last few days we have had two clear examples of how
tyrannical and vicious the Malaysian bureaucracy can be, and how
unyielding it is to any reform measures or initiatives. This Mr Hyde
side of the Malaysian bureaucracy is not the usual dark side that the
Malaysian public is familiar with – one associated with inefficiency,
laziness, poor service, abuse of power or corruption.

It is one that is part and parcel of the hidden racially-charged
context of our institutions and it smacks of the ideology of Malay
dominance – or even Malay supremacy – that the civil service has come
to personify. This is the dark side that is generally kept away from
public scrutiny and accountability, not only because it runs against
the grain of what a modern, progressive and representative civil
service is, but also because it is regarded as politically incorrect
to discuss or analyze it.

The first example appeared just two weeks ago when a courageous
whistleblower, Dr Selvaa Vathany, a doctor from the Orang Asli
Affairs Department (JHEOA) Hospital, Gombak made startling claims of
rampant malpractice, misappropriation of resources and other
wrongdoings by the hospital staff and associated agencies of
government dealing with the Orang Asli.

Dr Selvaa is not your ordinary whistleblower. Providing details on
the importance of healthcare and medical assistance for the Orang Asli
– their children are 15 times more likely to die from malnourishment
compared to other children – she revealed that for entire communities
“essentials given out are limited to one to two bottles of cooking
oil, six to eight tins of canned food, two packets of 400g Milo, 15 to
20 small packets of milk powder, 10 to 20 diapers, two bottles of
detergent and 10 to 20 pairs of slippers, per visit. These are
distributed at random …. If the villagers are lucky, distribution
could be as frequent as once in every two to three months”.

She noted that “a tin of infant milk is divided into six small packets
with 15 to 20 packets distributed to a village of between 250 to 500

All of this is strong circumstantial evidence that resources meant for
Orang Asli communities are hijacked, possibly by the very people
entrusted with the responsibility of distributing them to these
vulnerable groups.

In her press conference, she also pointed to an institutional defect
in which individuals without medical training and incapable of
following Health Ministry protocols and standards were made hospital
administrators and were appointed from the Rural and Regional
Development Ministry.

Most tellingly, she pointed to an extensive cover-up of the scandal
with little or no follow-up to the complaints made to the Prime
Minister’s Department, Rural and Regional Development Ministry, Health
Ministry, Chief Secretary, Public Service Department and Malaysian
Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The only follow-up that has taken place appears to have been the
thuggish and unacceptable response of the team from the Rural and
Regional Development Ministry who “questioned the complaint… made by
the Orang Asli in an unprofessional manner”, and threatened and
attempted to intimidate them.

For her professionalism and integrity in speaking out on behalf of a
marginalized and impoverished community, Dr Selvaa is now being
transferred to Kedah where presumably she will be left to rot and to
rue her courageous challenge of the status quo.

Outsiders controlling the Orang Asli

The second example also relates to the Orang Asli and it concerns the
response of the Orang Asli Affairs Department to the demand for
increased representation at the management level in government
agencies formed to handle Orang Asli affairs.

According to the group raising these concerns, the JHEOA is staffed by
over-80 percent non-Orang Asli, resulting in decisions not favourable
to their needs and the marginalization of Orang Asli voices in
important policies that affect their livelihoods.

This is not the first time that such concerns have been raised. During
the past 50 years we have had a constant stream of written petitions,
memoranda, press statements, expert reports and academic work that
have drawn attention to the way in which the government has violated
the basic rights of the Orang Asli and analyzed how the JHEOA and
associated government agencies have been the main instruments for
control and repression of the community.

In response, the Government has simply ignored them or opted for
delaying tactics.

In this particular instance, in typical foot-dragging response, the
department’s Director-General Mohd Sani Mistram said that the group
should have gone through the “proper channels” to air their grievances
and that it was an “internal matter” between the Orang Asli and the

Both these cases – the punishment meted out to a whistleblower and the
cold shoulder treatment of legitimate Orang Asli grievances –
epitomize how dangerous it is for our democratic system to remain
silent or passive in the face of an increasingly out of touch and
unrepresentative civil service. They are the tip of the iceberg of
many unexposed and undisclosed abuses that needs to be put in the
spotlight of public scrutiny.

At the end of the day, the most effective public scrutiny that can
realistically have an immediate impact on these cases of rogue
individuals and agencies of the civil service that are throttling the
Orang Asli is that coming from Malay intelligentsia and Malay civil

Indeed, some Malay colleagues have shown goodwill in helping the Orang
Asli to correct some of the “historical injustices” that have been
perpetrated on the original inhabitants of the Peninsula. It could
make a difference if Malay leaders are willing to take up the case of
Dr Selvaa and stop her victimization by the Ministry of Rural and
Regional Development.

At the same time, more Malaysians of conscience need to step up to the
plate if the Orang Asli community is to regain their rightful place in
the country.

3 Muslim women caned

From: Masturbating Myself
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 04:09:40 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sun, Feb 28 2010 8:09 pm
Subject: 3 Muslim women caned - they deserve to have such ancient laws for themselves

Today, the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Majlis Agama Islam
Selangor, MAIS) had lodged police reports against The Star and Sisters
in Islam for moronic accusations.

Part of the reports was because of The Star’s Managing Editor, P.
Gunasegaram’s writing in his column Question Time titled Persuasion,
not compulsion.

The Star has since apologised (to whom we do not know, for the people
have never asked for it) and taken down the article.

We are reproducing the article in full here to let readers make up
their mind whether the police reports are justified.

We want readers to decide: did P. Gunasegaram do any wrong?

Because we certainly do not think so. Leave your thoughts in the

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When federal laws unambiguously prohibit whipping or caning of women,
religious laws must not be allowed to do the opposite.

ONE of the small things that I am grateful for is that I cannot be
legally whipped or caned for any offence any more. Yes, there are
criminal penalties which can specify whipping, but not for those over
50, I am told. Sometimes being old(er) is an advantage.

The other reason that I won’t be legally whipped is that I am not a
Muslim and therefore my personal behaviour is not subject to syariah
courts, which can hold me liable for offences such as drinking alcohol
and have me caned.

For me and for millions of Malaysians of all races and religions, Feb
9, 2010, was a sad, black day in the history of our country. On that
day, three women were caned legally for the first time ever in this
country. They, all Muslims, were caned for engaging in illicit sex, an
offence under syariah law, it was announced.

It is shocking that such sentences are being meted out for such
offences. While religious laws may allow for such sentences, it is
possible for judges to mete out lower sentences, especially when such
“offences” are of a very personal nature and harm no one else.

When there are loopholes in religious laws which allow such punishment
out of all proportion to the “crime” committed, and which go against
the sensibilities of most Malaysians, then it is incumbent upon the
Government of the day to use the legislature to do the needful.
Otherwise it abdicates its responsibility.

Illicit sex means sex out of wedlock and if we are all not hypocrites,
we will admit that it happens all the time, among both Muslims and non-
Muslims. To prescribe caning for such an offence is something that
most Malaysians are likely to consider just too much.

It also opens the door for caning for more minor offences in the eyes
of religious officials, such as drinking alcohol. In fact one Muslim
woman, who has refused to appeal her case, is currently awaiting a
caning sentence to be carried out after she was found guilty of
drinking alcohol.

That case attracted international attention and made it to the front
page of two international financial dailies – The Wall Street Journal
and The Financial Times – on the same day last year. The current case,
announced on Wednesday, is already beginning to attract world

With three women already having been caned for illicit sex, the way
has been paved for more caning of women in the future. That will not
endear Malaysia to Malaysians, let alone foreigners who are inevitably
going to equate us with the Taliban. And who can blame them?

And are we going to go further down the slippery road and cane women
for dressing immodestly too, as has been done in some countries?

There are already indications that Malays, especially women, are
migrating and leaving their homeland, not because they don’t have
opportunities here but because as Muslims, their personal freedom is
restricted – and there is danger that it will be curtailed even more.

Yes, it has been said the three women did not suffer any cuts or
bruises following the caning but that is scant consolation to those
who have to undergo such humiliating punishment on top of the
intrusion into their personal affairs.

As if the caning was not bad enough, alarmingly they spent months in
prison. One of them is still serving her jail sentence and will be
released only in June.

All three were found guilty of committing illicit sex by the Federal
Territory Syariah High Court, which issued the caning order between
December last year and last month. Perplexingly, they were not made
public at that point of time. The public had no idea of the caning
before it was done.

Also, it was not clear if the women had exercised their full rights
under syariah law by appealing the court’s decision.

These are behaviours which should not be treated as if they were
criminal offences; but they have been. The offenders have not only
been caned but also jailed, which is rather harsh punishment for
something which did not harm anyone else and was done in privacy and
behind closed doors.

This is clear indication that there are laws in our statute books –
both syariah as well as civil – which are outdated and need to be
revised in keeping with the times and the recognition that individuals
have personal rights.

Personal behaviour between consenting adults that do no physical harm
to them and to others should not be legislated. This is in keeping
with the development of personal rights throughout the world, and
anything that takes away these rights is a step backwards.

Religion is open to interpretation, man interprets it and man can –
and does – make mistakes.

Even if religious rules are flouted, we should have a system which
does not mete out punishment for offences, and focus instead on
rehabilitation and counselling. That will be in keeping with the
universal tenet that there is no compulsion when it comes to religion.

Custodial and punitive sentences by religious courts should be limited
via statutes because personal behaviour of adults is often involved
and there is no hurt or harm to any others arising from such

Religion is about persuasion not compulsion, about faith not
certainty, and that is the way we should keep it. Otherwise, bigotry
is going to get in the way and we won’t be following the tenets of
religion but of those who choose to interpret it the way they want to.

We have all seen what happens when religion – no matter what religion
– is carried to extremes and hijacked by bigots. We don’t want public
flogging, we don’t want arms chopped off, we don’t want people to be
stoned to death, and we don’t want people to be burned at the stake.

We have already moved way past that. Let’s not allow a small number of
religious bigots to take us back into the dark ages. And for that, we
all need to stand up and speak up when our individual rights are
trampled upon.

Managing editor P. Gunasegaram is appalled by the number of sins
committed in the name of God.

Anwar loses appeal to obtain key evidence

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 25, 2010): Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today lost in his final bid to obtain key documents in his sodomy trial after the Federal Court rejected his application to review its earlier decision.

Federal Court judges Datuk Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin, Datuk Wira Ghazali Mohd Yusoff and Datuk Heliliah Mohd Yusof delivered an unanimous decision after hearing submission from Anwar's lawyer, Karpal Singh and Solicitor-General II Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden.

Zulkefli said Anwar's case was unsuitable for review because issues raised by Anwar in the review application were duly considered and dealt with by the previous panel of the Federal Court.

"Issues raised by the appellant (Anwar) were issues duly considered and dealt with, in the judgement (of the Federal Court decision)," said Zulkefli.

Anwar had filed an application to review the Federal Court's decision on Jan 29, 2010, which dismissed his appeal to obtain the key documents.

In 2009, High Court judge Datuk Zabidin Mohd Diah allowed Anwar's application to obtain certain materials and documents in preparation of his defence. Prosecution then appealed to the Court of Appeal, which overturned the High Court decision.

Anwar is charged with sodomising Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, his former personal aide, at Desa Damansara Condominium, Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara, between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

Sodomy II: Anwar appeals judge’s refusal to recuse himself

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has filed an appeal over his failure to recuse the trial judge from further hearing his sodomy case.

Anwar’s lawyer Sankara Nair said he had filed a notice of appeal over the matter at the Court of Appeal registry at 11am on Friday.

The PKR adviser had on Thursday failed to recuse judge Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah from further hearing his sodomy trial.

In rejecting the disqualification application by Anwar. Justice Mohamad Zabidin said he did not find any reasons for him to recuse himself.

He said he would be running away from his responsibility as a judge if he were to recuse himself, adding that a judge who had taken an oath of office should not avoid carrying out the duty which has been entrusted to him.

Anwar, 63, claimed trial to sodomising his former personal aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 25, at the Desa Damansara Condominium in Bukit Damansara between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

On Feb 8, Anwar had applied to recuse the trial judge on grounds his two rulings in relation to the publication of a photograph taken during a visit to the Desa Damansara condominium where the alleged offence occurred and news reports of the trial in a Malay daily showed “an element of bias.”

Paralysed Malay man earned RM13000 monthly

From: OngBak3
Subject: Paralysed Malay man earned RM13000 monthly
Disabled man earns $5,400 monthly

By Arul John

WHEN he was just 4, Mr Mohd Arsyad Mohd Yusuf was struck with muscular
atrophy. Since then, he has been in a wheelchair.

But his disability did not rob him of his desire for self-improvement.
He learned how to use the Internet to make a living.

Today, at 23, Mr Mohd Arsyad makes RM13,000 ($5,400) a month from
designing web pages, selling e-books that he wrote, and giving
motivational talks.

The Kedah native was in Singapore as a guest speaker at a financial
management workshop.

Mr Mohd Arsyad was diagnosed as suffering from spinal muscular atrophy
when he was 4, after he started falling down often at home.

The condition is a genetic disease caused by the loss of nerve cells
in the spinal cord. This affects the part of the nervous system that
controls voluntary muscle movement.

Mr Mohd Arsyad's father, Mr Mohd Yusuf Salim, a retiree in his 50s,
said: "Doctors recommended physiotherapy for him when he was younger,
but there was no cure or medication."

It was hard on the young boy at first.

Said Mr Mohd Arsyad: "When I went to school, my classmates would tease
me because of my disability, and I felt sad and discouraged.

"But my family and relatives encouraged me and said God made me the
way I was for a purpose - so I could help and give hope to others."

The second of three children eventually came to terms with his

After he completed his Malaysian Certificate of Education (the
equivalent of the O levels here) at the age of 17, he took up
religious studies for two years. He then conducted religious classes
at home, earning RM100 ($41) a month.

Private lessons

He also took computer lessons at a private school.

Two years ago, he picked up graphic design skills from the Internet
and learnt how to write and sell e-books.

"I used to e-mail my designs to my friends and they would ask me to
design their web pages," he said.

"At first, I did it for free, but a relative said I could make money
from it."

So he did.

"Soon I was earning about RM13,000 per month. I use the money to help
support my family, and sometimes I give RM1,000 to my parents.

"I also use the money to buy software which I give free to
participants at my talks."

He advertises his business via e-mail, Facebook, blogs and online

In the last two years, he has written and marketed eight e-books -
mostly about self-improvement and money management.

Titles include 14 Keys to Open your Mind's Power and The Fundamentals
of Blogging.

Mr Mohd Arsyad claimed to have sold 660 copies of his e-books in
Malaysia so far.

"I plan to write another six e-books this year, give more motivational
talks and expand my business outside Malaysia, probably starting with

Mr Mohd Arsyad said he puts in about eight hours of work a day.

He said: "I usually start work at 9am and work four hours in the
morning and four hours later in the day.

Mr Mohd Arsyad is not the only person in his family to have to
overcome great odds.

The youngest brother, Mr Mohd Azfar Mohd Yusuf, 22, is paralysed from

The bedridden young man sells handphones on the Internet.

Mr Mohd Arsyad said: "My youngest brother was inspired by my success
and wanted to earn some money too, so also picked up Internet skills.

"I want to inspire others like me to make the best of their lives,
like I have done."

First Malaysian women to be caned says it is good

From: yansimon52
Subject: Re: First Malaysian women to be caned says it is good
On Feb 20, 11:55 am, OngBak3 wrote:

> KUALA LUMPUR — The first Malaysian women to be caned under Islamic law
> for having illicit sex have reportedly said they regretted their
> actions and welcomed the punishment.

> The three women, whose identities were not revealed, gave the first
> account of the caning which took place earlier this month, drawing
> condemnation from human rights activists and applause from some Muslim
> groups.

> "On the day I was caned, I was scared but, at the same time, I knew I
> deserved it and was willing to take the punishment," said one of the
> women, a 25-year-old who went by the name of "Ayu".

> She told the New Straits Times that the punishment -- administered
> while they were fully clothed and by a female prison officer wielding
> a thin rattan cane -- did not hurt.

> "Those out there who are having sex before marriage should really
> consider the consequences and not only think about momentary
> pleasure," she told the daily.

> The three women said they turned themselves in to religious
> authorities after being wracked by guilt over having pre-marital sex.

> "Ayu" has a one-year-old daughter with her boyfriend, who she plans to
> marry, and the other two women also gave birth out of wedlock.

> Human rights campaigners, who were stunned by the caning of the three
> women which had not been foreshadowed by authorities, were sceptical
> over the comments published in several Malaysian newspapers.

> "These three women are just normal people who have been surrounded by
> all kinds of legal mumbo jumbo and pressured into agreeing to be
> caned," one activist told AFP, declining to be named because of the
> sensitivity of the issue.

> Islamic authorities triggered uproar last year when they sentenced
> mother-of-two Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno to six strokes of the cane
> after she was caught drinking beer in a hotel nightclub.

> Her case, which was to have been the first time a woman was caned
> under Islamic law in Malaysia, is still under review after she was
> given a last-minute reprieve amid intense media coverage.

> Malaysia's Bar Council has said it was "shocking" that the caning of
> the three women went ahead while the Kartika case was unresolved.

> Legal commentators have said that the Islamic courts -- which operate
> in parallel to the civil system in Malaysia -- are becoming
> increasingly confident, threatening Malaysia's status as a secular
> nation.

> The Sharia courts have been clamping down on rarely enforced religious
> laws that apply to Muslim Malays who dominate the population --
> including a ban alcohol and sex between unmarried couples.

If she really loves the cane..and saying that's good....she should ask
for more strokes. 3 dose a what doc usually say...

You see...all these 'already no confident woman' surely they will say
that its good to be canned....cos, they were too scared to asy
otherwise....especially with those allah allah ppl around
her....formerly they not use to wear scarf....with this case they got
no choice these woman got to put on scarf...question is why these
woman are so scared?

One must know or realised that....if you are a neutral party with no
ties with any religious, you pay a visit or happen to be
around with a group of allah allah ppl (at a mosque) especially there
are alot of serious allah allah would then find yourself in
a 'tight' situation...a feeling of 'halo don't mess around with us
cos, we are the 'special ppl'..and some more hor among us allah allah
ppl some of us are 'spiritual man' or don't play play with, knowing that you are in this sort of 'threatening' company
you tend to be very careful in your movement and with your words when
talking to them.
Comparing to you..... when you mingle around with a group of taoist
ppl in a toaist temple...I bet are having a total 'free and
relax' don't have that kind of threaten feeling...cos,
in a taoist temple individual taoist follower don't bother what you
are doing or talking cos, they just mind their own biz knowing very
well that in Taoism belief....hurting/commit cruelty/killing ppl is a
big sin and sure go to hell.....and also in their mind ...'no trouble
why find trouble'.

Its a totally different world.......

Funny thing is

Malaysian government has zero credibility in Sodomy case

I am sickened and disgusted with the sodomy case involving Malaysian ex-deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim. It is insulting to the intelligence for the Malaysian government to suggest that the trial is routine and normal.

My question is - do you see many other people being charged for sodomy? The lack of other people being investigated and arrested for sodomy clearly shows that Anwar's trial is actually a 'persecution' and not a 'prosecution'.

The Malaysian government presently has zero credibility. How many people believe that Anwar Ibrahim had sexual intercourse with Mohd Saiful Bukhari? How many people believe that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had sexual intercourse with Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu as alleged by private investigator P Balasubramaniam in his first declaration?

To make matters worse, this private investigator has now mysteriously disappeared. Then there is the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock. The Malaysian forensic pathologist has said it was a suicide but then a renowned Thai forensic pathologist has suggested the possibility of murder.

Anwar Ibrahim, as the leading opposition member, is clearly a threat to the present ruling government in Malaysia. There is strong belief that the opposition will win the next general election and Anwar Ibrahim will be the next prime minister. Thus, the trial of Anwar Ibrahim is actually undemocratic because it will deny him the right to run in a free and fair election.

Anwar Ibrahim has become Malaysia's Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma's jailed pro-democracy leader). There is speculation that the recent arrest and detention of 10 people in Malaysia under the ISA for suspected terrorism is a strategic move by the Malaysian government to stave off criticism by the US, Britain and other Western nations for the arrest and trial of Anwar Ibrahim.

The question is - are those persons arrested under the ISA - who are mainly foreign students from Muslim countries such as Yemen and Nigeria - genuine terrorists planning terrorist acts or are they innocent scapegoats arrested because the Malaysian government wants to prove its servitude and loyalty to the West?

This is a tactic used by many Muslim countries in the world to deflect criticism against their horrendous human rights record. The two most important Muslim allies of the West are Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Saudi Arabia has detained without trial thousands of innocent people including opposition figures using laws similar to Malaysia's ISA Egypt has banned its main opposition party, the Muslim Brotherhood, and arrested thousands of opposition members.

So there is a general consensus amongst leaders of Muslim majority countries such as Malaysia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia that as long as they do the bidding of the West, they will be given a free hand to abuse and torture their own people.

The silence of the West over the Anwar Ibrahim trial is deafening. As long as the Malaysian government plays its cards well and portrays itself as a willing partner in the 'war on terror', it will get away with its crimes.

Genting's Resorts World Casino is now officially opened

From: OngBak3

Subject: Resorts World Casino is now officially opened

SINGAPORE: Singapore opened the first of two casino resorts Sunday,
part of a multi-billion dollar bet to transform itself into a hot
tourist destination and reduce the economy's reliance on

The casino at Resorts World Sentosa welcomed its first punter - a
middle aged Singaporean woman - at the auspicious time of 12:18 pm
(0418 GMT) on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

When pronounced in the Cantonese dialect, 12:18 sounds like

The first bettor was followed by an initial crowd of about 200
enthusiastic gamblers and within hours of the opening, hundreds more
were queuing up outside. Ushers gave out free bottled water and ice
cream in the sweltering tropical heat.

The opening - to be followed within months by a second casino resort
built by Las Vegas Sands in Singapore's business district - is part of
an ambitious plan to transform the city into a key destination for
casino high-rollers, business executives and families.

"I'll probably play jackpot. I'm willing to wager around a hundred
(dollars) in it," said Tiong Tak Si, 60, a retiree from Brunei.

Resorts World Sentosa, which is on Sentosa island, a former British
garrison linked to the main island by bridge, is owned by Malaysian
gaming giant Genting Group.

"We have waited a long time for this. Today's opening of the casino is
a milestone for Resorts World Sentosa, for Genting Group and for
Singapore," said group chairman Lim Kok Thay.

The construction of Resorts World Sentosa, together with the Las Vegas
Sands' casino resort, Marina Bay Sands, is costing more than US$10

They will also offer visitors a range of glitzy hotels, restaurants
and luxury goods shops.

Genting's casino complex includes a Universal Studios movie theme
park, which it opened Sunday for sneak previews ahead of full

Singapore, host to thousands of multinational corporations, is already
a major travel draw because of its reputation for safety, cleanliness
and efficiency, as well as man-made attractions such as top-end
shopping malls.

However, it is a tiny island which lacks the white-sand beaches and
breath-taking scenery found in neighbouring countries like Indonesia
and Malaysia and the government is continually searching for new ideas
to create a buzz about the city-state.

In 2008 it made sporting history when it hosted the world's first
Formula One night race.

It has built the world's biggest observation wheel, the Singapore
flyer, and an arts venue and has given its prime Orchard Road shopping
belt a makeover.

Now it plans a landscaped area called Gardens by the Bay near the
Marina Barrage built in 2008.

The city-state is aiming to get 17 million visitors a year generating
more than US$21 billion by 2015, up from 9.7 million visitors last

Analysts expect the casino resorts to help the city meet those

"There is clearly a push to add to the range and depth of attractions
here and that is important for a place like this," said Robert
McIntosh, an executive director with CBRE Hotels Asia Pacific, a
consultancy firm.

"They (casino resorts) are a massive boost to overall tourism to
Singapore," he told AFP.

CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, an independent brokerage firm, said
Singapore's casinos are expected to generate revenues of US$2.1
billion this year, rising to US$3.5 billion in 2011.

Singapore in 2005 agreed to go ahead with the two casino resorts after
a rare public debate.

Opponents feared gambling would threaten the city's "family values"
and put it at risk of becoming a centre for money-laundering.

But the government has put in safeguards, including imposing a S$100
entrance fee for Singaporeans and permanent residents and banning
anyone declared bankrupt from the casinos outright.

Last month it launched a dedicated police unit to investigate casino-
related crimes.

Malaysia is Getting Very Unstable - PERC

KUALA LUMPUR - Events since New Year's Day have given the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (Perc) the impression that "pressures are building and the entire situation is becoming much more unstable" in Malaysia.

In a report released last month, Perc also asserted that a group of elite minorities were dominating the national agenda to the extent that it was hurting Malaysia's attractiveness to investors.

The consultancy, which also publishes reports on the risk ratings of other Asian countries, said it is "probable" that no other country in the region is suffering from as much bad press as Malaysia.

Among the developments that caught its attention were the theft of military jet engines, detention of terror suspects from a number of African and Middle East countries following warnings that militants were planning attacks on foreigners at resorts in Sabah, renewed ethnic and religious "violence" that included arson at some churches and desecration of mosques, and controversy over the integrity of key institutions like the judicial system in the sodomy trial of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The report noted that the government is blaming the international media for exaggerated reporting and Prime Minister Najib Razak had argued that the focus should not be on the fringe groups that are causing problems but on the majority of Malaysians who are coming together to condemn the recent acts of violence following the "Allah" controversy.

However, Perc maintained that Mr Razak was " wrong in saying that Malaysia is being defined by the way the majority of the population are coming together. It is being defined by the ability of a minority to dominate the political agenda, shaping policy and compromising the reputation of key institutions."

The report said that the elites from the United Malays National Organisation "who have been able to profit disproportionately from the policies of the ruling coalition" deserved the most attention.

"Their commitment to democracy is a major question mark. If they blatantly manipulate the system in order to remain in power, the public backlash could be worse than anything Malaysia has seen in its modern history."

Perc added Mr Najib's strategy is looking "increasingly unworkable" in defusing pressures in the country. "He is trying to be all things to all people, but in the end he might satisfy no one."

Malaysia's risk index as calculated by Perc rose slightly from 5.24 in December to 5.4 in January, out of a possible maximum risk score of 10. But it remained well below the risk index in January last year which stood at 6.42. The Malaysian Insider

Anti-Semitic bigotry by Mahathir Again


A Jan. 21 item in the Jakarta Globe from Indonesia reported a speech by Mahathir Mohamad, the former prime minister of Malaysia, at a conference in support of Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Mahathir was quoted stating that the lack of progress by the Obama administration in ending the war in Afghanistan, or in closing the terrorist detention centre at Guantanamo, was due to the “forces in the United States which prevent the president from doing some things. One of the forces is the Jewish lobby.”

He said Jews “had always been a problem in European countries. They had to be confined to ghettos and periodically massacred. But still they remained, they thrived and they held whole governments to ransom.”

Moreover, he continued, “Even after their massacre by the Nazis of Germany, they survived to continue to be a source of even greater problems for the world.”

These despicable words are not from the tongue of any common run-of-the-mill bigot. Mahathir was the elected head of government from 1981 to 2003 of one the more economically successful Muslim-majority countries.

The former prime minister’s remarks were not some carelessly expressed random thoughts. In October 2003, Mahathir was the chairman of the Tenth Islamic Summit Conference as Malaysia hosted the more than 50-member Organization of Islamic Countries. His opening address to the assembled Muslim leaders was punctuated with bigoted references to Jews and Israel.

Mahathir said, for instance, “The Europeans killed six million Jews out of 12 million. But today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.” He received, the press reported, a standing ovation from Muslim leaders and none disowned his anti-Semitic views.

Such hate-filled public statements against Jews and Israel by Mahathir, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, or the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, al-Qaida and member states of the Arab League, are indicative of how deep-seated and widespread is anti-Semitism across the Muslim world.

Since political-religious leaders promote this bigotry, the space for any Muslim opposition — and not merely against Jews — is restricted with the threat of mob violence ever present against those who dare denounce such bigotry.

Muslim anti-Semitism represents to a large extent the “Arabization” of Islam, particularly the majority Sunni Islam, in modern times. In other words, non-Arab Muslims — they constitute four-fifths of the world’s Muslim population — willingly defer in understanding and practising their faith tradition to the cultural and political prejudices of Arabs, especially to Wahhabi sectarianism of the Saudis. Mahathir’s recent anti-Semitic remarks were made about the same time Geert Wilders was taken to court in Holland for his anti-Islamic views.

While Muslims demand Wilders be punished for anti-Muslim bigotry, their silence — especially those Muslims enjoying the benefits of freedom and democracy in the West — over Mahathir’s anti-Semitism shows how greatly responsible they are in desecrating Islam by the filth of their own bigotry.

It is quite proper to note the rise in post-Holocaust anti-Semitism is directly related to the widespread bigotry against Jews and Israel among Muslims. It is also a measure of why the Muslim world’s political culture is so terribly retarded relative to that of the non-Muslim world.

Anwar Sodomy Case - Hard to Believe

Anwar sodomy charges 'hard to believe'

By Mark Colvin

More than 50 Australian Federal MPs have signed a letter to the Malaysian Government protesting against the trial of the former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar, 62, allegedly sodomised 24-year-old Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, in 2008.

He was previously convicted of sodomy in 1998 and served six years in jail. The conviction was later overturned.

The letter describes the new charges against Anwar as hard to believe for many friendly observers of Malaysia.

The man who organised the letter, Melbourne Labor MP Michael Danby, says supporters of the incumbent government are manipulating the legal system to drive Malaysia's best known leader out of national politics.

Barry Wain, a writer in residence at Singapore's Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, says the Anwar trial is widely regarded as a political trial.

"It's sufficient to say that right from the beginning. When he was accused of sodomy the second time around 18 months ago, the public opinion polls showed that almost nobody in Malaysia believed the charges," he said. "The international community does not believe the charges."

The first conviction was overturned after the inspector general of police was found guilty of assaulting Anwar.

Mr Wain says there were other factors at play as well.

"The special branch was found to have kidnapped and intimidated and tortured witnesses who were then required to testify against Anwar," he said.

"One has to understand that political mobilisation in Malaysia takes place on racial lines. Everything is on ethnic lines.

"It's a very dangerous game and it's already led to extremism, and again Anwar's trial can be seen as extreme.

"One would have hoped that Prime Minister Najib Razak might have moved to make sure that the trial didn't take place if he was trying to, as he says he is, operating under a slogan of One Malaysia and trying to bring about ethnic harmony."

Mr Wain says the problems with the Anwar charges, and with much of Malaysia, can be traced back to Dr Mahathir Mohamad's long rule as prime minister.

He says Dr Mahathir broke down the separation between the state, the government and the judiciary.

"The broad area that he did most damage was in institutions. He really cut the institutions adrift in Malaysia," Mr Wain said.

"The judiciary was independent. It was fairly conservative but it worked, and the police force was OK, and other elements in the bureaucracy worked.

"But after 50 years of the party being in power, the bureaucracy and the heads of those bureaucratic institutions have become extensions of the ruling party.

"Dr Mahathir himself definitely interfered with the judiciary. He sought to subjugate the judiciary to get the political outcome he wanted and that opened a way for monetary corruption into the judiciary."

'Financial scandals'

Mr Wain says although Dr Mahathir achieved a lot, he essentially lost Malaysia a lot of money.

"I just took four financial scandals and my estimate was that 50 billion ringgit probably in direct losses in those," he said.

"That would have been $US20 billion at the exchange rate at the time and I think you can double that with the losses that you get through opportunity costs and other things other than the direct amounts."

Mr Wain says that is known to the older generations, particularly politicians, but it was not widely publicised.

"Most of these financial scandals go back to the '80s, so half the population either wasn't born or was in primary school," he said.

"It figured in some of the elections back there in the mid '80s ... and almost defeated [Dr Mahathir].

"The main accusation [was] that Dr Mahathir had taken the ruling party into business and been involved in some of these scams, such as trying to rig the international tin price."

Fugitive blogger's son tortured by Malaysian Police?

Raja Petra claims his son was being tortured by the authorities.
PUTRAJAYA, Feb 12 — Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has denied that fugitive blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin’s son, Raja Azman, was tortured while being held under remand at the Sungai Buloh prison.

He said the Prisons Department had made a police report on the matter and that police had commenced investigations.

“We will reveal the full details when the probe is completed,” he told reporters here today.

He said this when asked to comment on claims by Raja Petra that the Malaysian authorities were targeting Raja Azman to punish him (Raja Petra).

Raja Petra, who absconded from a sedition trial he was facing, claimed that his son had resorted to slashing his wrists and swallowing razor blades because he could not stand the physical and mental torture he was being subjected to at the prison.

The present whereabouts of Raja Petra, the editor of the Malaysia-Today portal, are unknown.

Raja Azman, 34, who was being remanded at the prison on suspicion of theft, has been reported to have been hospitalised at the Sungai Buloh Hospital on Tuesday after he was believed to have swallowed a razor blade.

Yesterday, Prisons Secretariat Unit head Abd Rahman Taib had said that Raja Azman had been hospitalised for self-inflicted injuries.

He said Raja Azman had admitted to swallowing a sharp object and also sustained minor injuries on his wrist.

He said there had been no signs of torture, abuse, pressure or force inflicted on Raja Azman and that besides lodging a police report, the Prisons Department had also set up an investigation board over the matter. — Bernama

More Injustice and Court Manipulation by Malaysian Govt

From: "Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad"

Subject: The voters will decide if Federal Court can ignore the Constitution

The Federal Court had unanimously declared that the Sultan or Head of
State has the absolute right to declare the majority of confidence in
a secret meeting devoid of any witnesses from all parties concerned,
contrary to the constitutional requirement that it be determined via a
vote of confidence at Assemblies.

Let us see if the majority of voters agree to this practise. After
all, the fate of Malaysia is up to the voters.

I shudder at the thoughts of all the recent Federal Court Judgements.

Anwar's fate is in jeorpardy but BN is confident of convicting him.

Malaysians should know that Anwar is not the issue. There are many
other leaders who are willing to fight for justice. Nizar is an
excellent example. In fact Nizar is an ever better candidate than
Anwar. A technically competent Professional Engineer who can speak
Mandarin and Tamil, as well as Malay and English fluently. He is much
better qualified to lead Malaysia into a Technologically Advanced Era
than even Anwar.

I admire Nizar and Anwar for fighting for justice in a peaceful way,
despite knowing in advance all the possible judgements that the
Federal Court will make. We have to fight it all the way to the
Federal Court to show to the voters and the world, how our judgments
and sense of justice really is.

Imagine in the case of Saiful vs Anwar.

A much younger person can be forced to commit anal sex with a much
older person, who is still suffering from back pain. I wonder if
Anwar's penis can still be made hard enough to penetrate the anus of a
much younger man who is not experienced in anal sex.

The anus is not used to be penetrated. It must be massaged a few times
before it can be easily penetrated.

If you read accounts and precautions during anal sex, the partners
must clean their bowels first before engaging in anal sex because
faeces will remain.

As for the account from Saiful that he didn't pass motion for 2 days
after anal sex, it is just unbelieveable but he and his team is well
prepared but this is more for the voters and citizens of Malaysia, not
for the judges. I wonder why he didn't go to Hospital immedaitely. Why
should he wait for 2 days before reporting his sexual assault case?

As for Anwar offering him scholarship, surely he can get it from the
government also. If Anwar really enjoy Saiful Anwar's sex acts to the
point of forcing it to him, why offer him scholarship in the first
place? Scholarship means studying at a university, which is certainly
further away from Anwar's office.

If Anwar can force Saiful to have unlawful and disgusting sex with
Saiful, why should Anwar had to resort to giving Scholarship in order
to entice Saiful to remain with Anwar at a room next to him?

Related Articles
Bertarung di `mahkamah rakyat’, kata Nizar
Najib: ‘Tidak patut bangkit lagi kesahihan kerajaan Perak’
Two things we learned from the Perak fiasco — The Malaysian Insider
Anwar mahu kes Nizar dibawa ke ‘mahkamah rakyat’
Menulis semula perlembagaan — Zukri Aksah
Zambry bersyukur, tak akan terpengaruh mainan politik Pakatan
MB Perak: PAS sudah duga keputusan
Despite court ruling, battle for Perak lies ahead
Accept court’s verdict and move on, Najib tells PR
By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 9 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told Pakatan
Rakyat (PR) to accept today’s Federal Court ruling that upheld his
Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition as the legitimate Perak government.

Najib said the verdict which found in favour of Datuk Seri Zambry Abd
Kadir was decided by the country’s top court and that its decision is
legally supreme.

“Though those [who] lost may have a differing view of the judgment, we
have to accept the decision of the country’s highest court,” he told a
press conference here.

“The issue and saga of who is the rightful MB of Perak has been
decided and I hope they (PR) accept this decision and not question the
legitimacy of the Perak BN government,” he said, adding that he is
happy with the decision.

He said now is the time for Perak folk to concentrate on the state’s
development and refrain from partaking in “political activities
disrespectful of the decision.”

“Now is the time so I hope the voters will give Zambry a chance to
prove himself by bringing development and move Perak forward.

“Let us not go here and there demonstrating. This is the time to
concentrate on the economy,” said the prime minister.

He then continued by saying that the next general election will be the
best way to see if Perak voters are behind PR or BN.

The Court of Appeal ruled last May 22 that ousted Perak PR MB Datuk
Seri Nizar Jamaluddin had lost the confidence of the majority of the
Perak assemblymen when three PR lawmakers turned “pro-BN” independent
in early February 2009.

The apex court today concurred with the appellate court’s ruling that
Nizar must resign after failing to get the Perak Sultan to dissolve
the state assembly and pave the way for fresh elections.

But Nizar said today that the decision will set a dangerous precedent
as “it can lead to an absolute monarchy” where the Rulers “can now
dismiss the prime minister or the mentri besar at any time.”

“If this decision goes on and becomes the law of the day, it will lead
to an absolute monarchy,” Nizar said.

PR have accused Najib, who was the deputy prime minister at the time,
of being the mastermind of the Perak BN “coup”.

Until today, the prime minister has vehemently denied the accusation.

Fugitive blogger's son tortured by Malaysian Police?

Raja Petra claims his son was being tortured by the authorities.
PUTRAJAYA, Feb 12 — Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has denied that fugitive blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin’s son, Raja Azman, was tortured while being held under remand at the Sungai Buloh prison.

He said the Prisons Department had made a police report on the matter and that police had commenced investigations.

“We will reveal the full details when the probe is completed,” he told reporters here today.

He said this when asked to comment on claims by Raja Petra that the Malaysian authorities were targeting Raja Azman to punish him (Raja Petra).

Raja Petra, who absconded from a sedition trial he was facing, claimed that his son had resorted to slashing his wrists and swallowing razor blades because he could not stand the physical and mental torture he was being subjected to at the prison.

The present whereabouts of Raja Petra, the editor of the Malaysia-Today portal, are unknown.

Raja Azman, 34, who was being remanded at the prison on suspicion of theft, has been reported to have been hospitalised at the Sungai Buloh Hospital on Tuesday after he was believed to have swallowed a razor blade.

Yesterday, Prisons Secretariat Unit head Abd Rahman Taib had said that Raja Azman had been hospitalised for self-inflicted injuries.

He said Raja Azman had admitted to swallowing a sharp object and also sustained minor injuries on his wrist.

He said there had been no signs of torture, abuse, pressure or force inflicted on Raja Azman and that besides lodging a police report, the Prisons Department had also set up an investigation board over the matter. — Bernama

Dear Mahathir - pls answer these questions

From: "truth"

Mahathir is a fake Malay.
His father is an Indian Muslim who married a
Malay girl.
So by tradition, he should have been classified at
an Indian. Only a snake like him could have
wriggled his way into umno and then the leadership.

"wakalukong" wrote in message
DR. Mahathir Mohamed is a MALAYSIAN BY BLOOD ,

Dr. Mahathir Mohamed got his Malay blood from his Malay
mother ,
just like the Jewish tradition of jewish recognisation by
maternal descent ,
the French President Sazorky is a Jew because his mother is a
Jew from Spain .

so DR. Mahathir Mohamed is a true MALAYSIAN ,

because Chinese in Malaysia have no MALAY BLOOD .

n Feb 10, 12:18 pm, "osman saad" wrote:

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- Show quoted text -
> Dear Mahathir
> January 29, 2010

> Malaysianinsider reports that you had "defended the social contract, the
> so-called unwritten agreement between the Malays and the non-Malays during
> independence, by affirming that without the agreement, Malaysia would not
> have been formed".
> They quoted you :
> "If there was no social contract, the terms and conditions of allowing
> citizenship to non-Malays would have not taken place. One million
> outsiders
> were given citizenships at the time."

> Now, this quote from you got me curious.
> Let me tell you why.
> I conferred with my aunt, who confirmed that my maternal great
> grandfather,
> Eliathamby, of whom I've written previously in a posting entitled "The
> land
> that my forefathers helped build", would have left Ceylon and arrived in
> what is now West Malaysia, around 1870. He died well before the conclusion
> of that social contract that you spoke of, so my great grandfather would
> not
> have come within those 'one million outsiders' who acquired citizenship at
> the time of independence in 1957.
> My maternal grandfather, Vellupillay T. Williams, never lived to see the
> formation of Malaya so he, too, did not make up the 'one million
> outsiders'.
> Enough of my family tree.

> Let's look at yours.
> I got this from a blog, Malaysiana :
> Perhaps, the most famous Malayalee to land in George Town was Iskandar
> Kutty, a merchant who married a Johor-Riau wife Siti Hawa Iskandar.
> They became the proud parents of Alor Star's top public school Sultan
> Abdul
> Hamid College's founder-principal and Kedah's royal educatorDatuk Mohamad
> Iskandar.
> Mohamad was the school teacher of Tunku Abdul Rahman.
> He and his wife Datin Wan Tempawan Wan Hanafi from the Kedah Bendahara's
> (Prime Minister's) clan, were the proud parents of Tun Dr Mahathir
> Mohamad,
> Malaysia's Father of Modernisation and fourth Prime Minister.
> And this from Malaysia Today :
> Born in December 20, 1925, Dr Mahathir hailed from the state of Kedah, at
> the capital of Alor Star, whose father was a school teacher. His father
> was
> Indian who migrated from Kerala, who married a malay lady and sold banana
> frittersduring the second world war. His early education was through
> vernacular school and at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College in the city.
> My question, then, Doc, firstly, is whether your father was amongst the
> 'one
> million outsiders'?
> And when did you become 'Malay', Doc?
> When did you move from being a son of an Indian who migrated from Kerala
> to
> a Malay?
> Not that I care, but when?
> Speaking of Malay, do you remember your "Malay Dilemma", Doc?
> Do you remember what you said about the problem of inbreeding amongst the
> Malay community, and that whole business of genes?
> Back then, who had heard of this thing called DNA?
> Who had ever imagined that science would one day make it possible for all
> of
> us to trace our genealogy?
> Guess what, Doc?
> It seems, based on all this new DNA scientific knowledge, that there's no
> such thing as a Malay race.
> It would seem that you've gone from being a son of an Indian who migrated
> from Kerala to a 'does not exist'.

> Just like that!
> My cyber buddy, Michael Chick, has written extensively on this matter, in
> a
> three-parter in Malaysiakini. HERE, HERE, and HERE .
> See what Michael writes in his final part : "The people Malaysians call
> 'Malay', are actually only a tiny sub-component of the much larger
> Austronesian group. And all Austronesians are the end-product of extensive
> inter-breeding between the Taiwanese and Dravidic Indians. All this has
> finally been irrefutably proven by independent DNA testings from
> world-class
> faculties".
> I've never been very good at all these sciences, Doc, but if you're any
> better, and you think Michael's cocked-up big time in his conclusions, why
> don't you take him on?
> Damn, I digress.
> So when and how did you become Malay, Doc?
> Because of the definition of 'Malay' in the Federal Constitution, Doc?
> Article 160 (2)?
> That right?
> So, right up until the last moments before Tunku's declaration of
> independence, you were the son of an Indian who migrated from Kerala, and
> moments later

> you were magically transformed into a Malay?
> And is not the definition of Malay in Article 160(2) stated to be for the
> limited purpose where the word 'Malay' appears in the Constitution?
> But really, Doc, I don't give a toss whether you hold yourself out as
> Malay
> or the son of an Indian who migrated from Kerala.

> Whatever turns you on.
> What pisses me off is this Bumi-non Bumi crap.
> November 19th, last year, The Star reported on Najib's balik kampung to
> Makassar in South Sulawesi. You can read the report HERE.

> Courtesy of The Star

> Najib is reported to have said : "I feel like I am returning to my roots,"
> and, when asked to comment on the possibility that some people might view
> the fact that he had roots here in a negative light, Najib said: "I am not
> apologetic about it. This is my family history and I am proud of it."
> According to the report, Najib said he was the direct descendant of Bugis
> royalty who migrated to Pahang in the 18th century.
> Well, at least this Malaysian is not ashamed of his roots!
> Now, you know that aunt I mentioned earlier?
> You know her.
> Aunty Rasammah.

> I googled her name yesterday and this is what is written of her in
> Wikipedia.
> "Rasammah Bhupalan, also known as Rasammah Naomi Navarednam or Mrs F.R.
> Bhupalan is a renowned Malaysian freedom fighter and social activist
> Born in 1927, she has championed causes such as the anti-drug abuse
> movement, women's rights, education and social justice causes.
> Rasammah was one of the earliest women involved in the fight for Malaysian
> (then Malaya) independence. She joined the Rani of Jhansi Regiment, the
> women's wing of the Indian National Army, to fight the British. She served
> in Burma during World War II.
> As founder president of the Women Teacher's Union, she fought for equal
> pay
> for women teachers and tried to bring disparate teachers' unions under an
> umbrella.
> The former school principal was the first Asian representative of the
> World
> Confederation of Organisations of the Teaching Profession for two
> successive
> terms. She was also very active in the National Council of Women's
> Organisation (NCWO) and Pemadam.
> She was a teacher in the Methodist Boys' School, Kuala Lumpur from 1959 to
> 1964 and was the principal of the Methodist Girls School, Kuala Lumpur for
> 13 years from 1970 until she retired in 1982. On 11th November 2007,
> Mrs.Bhupalan was one of the few veteran teachers who were invited to
> attend
> MBSSKL's 110th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. The dinner was specially
> organized to honour all the former and current teachers of the school".
> Quite frankly, I think the write-up in Wikipedia does little justice to
> all
> that Aunty Rasammah has done for this country. But that is another matter.
> More importantly, Doc, why are you, the son of an Indian who migrated from
> Kerala, and Najib, the descendant of Bugis who migrated from Sulawesi,
> bumiputra, whilst Aunty Rasammah is not?

Malaysia is losing global esteem because of sodomy

Australia lawmakers urge Malaysia to drop Anwar sodomy case

SYDNEY- More than 50 Australian lawmakers have lodged a formal protest urging Malaysia to drop opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial and warning it will hurt the country's image, an official said Friday.

The group, which includes MPs and senators from both major parties, called for the case against Anwar to be abandoned in the interests of building "confidence in the impartial rule of law in Malaysia".

"Many friendly observers of Malaysia find it difficult to believe that a leading opposition voice could be charged with sodomy a second time, and so soon after his party made major gains in national elections," the protest letter says.

"It should be made known to the Malaysian government, that in our opinion, global esteem for Malaysia will be affected by these charges against Mr. Anwar."

"We hope that Malaysia's authorities will not pursue these charges."

Michael Danby, member of the governing centre-left Labor party and chairman of Australia's foreign affairs parliamentary subcommittee, said he handed the letter to Malaysian High Commissioner Salman Bin L Ahmad in Canberra Thursday.

"A lot of people know Anwar Ibrahim, a lot of people have been to Malaysia, and a lot of Australian parliamentarians think it's a shame that this is happening for the second time to the leader of the opposition in what is a developing democracy," Danby told AFP.

"We (feel we) should stand up and support a fellow democrat."

Former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull and Bob Brown, leader of the Greens party were among the signatories, as well as independent Senator Nick Xenophon and two minor members of the Labor Party frontbench.

Danby said the Malaysian high commissioner was well aware that there was a "wide spectrum of opinion in Australia" and the letter was not intended to inflame diplomatic relations.

"We hope it shows people in Malaysia and the opposition that we care," Danby said.

Anwar, who faces 20 years imprisonment if convicted of illicit sexual relations with a young former aide, has condemned the allegations against him as a political conspiracy to sideline the opposition.

He has accused High Court judge Mohamad Zabidin Diah of refusing to rein in "biased" media coverage of the much-delayed trial, which began last week.

Anwar was arrested in 1998 on sodomy and corruption charges but made a stunning comeback after being freed from prison in 2004.

His sexual misconduct charge was overturned after six years behind bars.

Christy Yow - first Malaysian N.u.d.e Cover Girl

Still remember Christy Yow who appeared in The Star some time ago? Guess what? It seems that the hot weather is making her really sweaty and she just can't take it anymore. So she decided to go completely naked...for a magazine. Yep! Christy Yow has posed nude for a magazine in Singapore, thus making her the 1st official Malaysian Nude Cover Girl! She is the actress who played our legendary striptease Rose Chan in her latest movie "Mei Gui Xiang" 玫瑰香 (The Charming Rose). She has also acted in several movies in Singapore. Strangely I don't she is really that famous. Perhaps only with some males.

From: "Grandprix"
Subject: Re: Malaysian actress pose nude for Singapore magazine
How can Singapore allow pornography? I thought FHM is bad enough.

"OngBak3" wrote in message
> Actress Christy Yow posed nude for S'pore magazine

> Actress Christy Yow has posed nude for a magazine in Singapore.


> Yow, who played the legendary striptease Rose Chan in her new movie
> Mei Gui Xiang (The charming Rose) and acted in several Singapore
> Chinese dramas, has become the first Malaysian nude cover girl.

> She appears on the cover of the first issue of a movie magazine called
> F*** (Film, Fame & Frank) that hit the streets last week.

> Click here to find out more!
> "The cover looks amazing! I certainly look amazing - awesome," she
> said.

> Well-known for her 36C breasts, the 23-year-old Ipoh lass had wanted
> to look sexy and a little "mysterious" in the photographs.

> "Someone just asked if I always have to look so sexy in all my photos
> and will I not be afraid to be typecast? I guess not! I wanna do
> things that I still can manage now," she wrote in her blog.

> Yow told Lianhe Wanbao that she trusted the crew for their
> professionalism.

> She said only the photographer, hair stylist, make-up artist and her
> manager were in the studio during the photo shooting session.

> "Although all of them are men, they are those whom I trust very much
> and work closely with," she said.

Genting given Casino Licence by Singapore Govt

SINGAPORE: Genting finally got the casino licence it has been waiting for, thus becoming the first casino operator in that country beating The Sand, who were awarded the IR project at Marina 6 months ahead of Genting.

In a brief statement posted on its website, the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore said the licence was granted on Saturday.

Previously, Resorts World had said it's ready to start operating Singapore's first legal casino as soon as the government issued the gambling licence.

The other integrated resort by Marina Bay Sands is set to open in April after encountering construction delays.

So far, about 3,500 people with serious criminal records have been barred from the two casinos when they open.

In a statement on Friday night, the police said notices called the Commissioner of Police Exclusion Orders will be served on those with a history of crimes related to drugs, illegal moneylending, prostitution and secret societies, among other things.

It's the latest in a series of steps taken by the authorities to keep criminal elements out of the casinos opening soon. - CNA/vm

Singapore actress in sexscandal video

From: yansimon52
Subject: Re: Nadia Fazlini - Singapore actress in sex scandal video

On Feb 4, 6:32 pm, OngBak3 wrote:

> Nadia Fazlini - Singapore actress in sexscandal video

> Our New Year Wishes came through, the first scandal of the year. Watch
> the pictures from the New Paper below...



After all these hoo haa.......surely her parent will come to know and
kena reprimanded by parent.....tooo shameful la. After that Nadia
willl seek solace by turning to Allah....putting on a scarf
now......if possible go to cleanse herself. THESE SORT OF
Its called 'interval time' for fucking......Then 2 yrs down the
road......when she is in the heat......she start all over
again....this time more professional la....can suck ice cream 2 at one

PM’s aide Nasir Safar to resign over alleged racial remarks

The special officer to the Prime Minister who allegedly made unbecoming racial remarks during a 1Malaysia seminar in Malacca will tender his resignation over the incident.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s office yesterday said the remarks allegedly made by Datuk Nasir Safar at the Rapat 1Malaysia seminar held at the MITC did not in any way reflect the views of the Prime Minister.

Nasir: Supposedly made some unbecoming statements during an event in Malacca.
“Datuk Nasir never intended to make any derogatory remarks. He spoke at length on the contributions made by all races in developing the country.

“Nevertheless, Datuk Nasir apologises for any offence caused,” it added.

It said in light of the incident, Nasir would tender his resignation.

Nasir, who is the former Pulai Sebatang state assemblyman , caused a furor at the two-day seminar when he allegedly made some remarks about the Indian and Chinese immigrants to Malaysia.

The statements were supposedly made when he was making references to the demands made by the Indian and Chinese communities with regard to certain government education policies.

Several MIC and MCA delegates stormed out of the hall.

The organiser of the seminar, Information, Communications and Culture Ministry’s Special Affairs Department director-general Datuk Fuad Hassan, had to apologise over the incident.

“It is uncalled for, irrespective whether the statements were made in passing or were a slip of the tongue. As organiser of the seminar, I apologise,” he said.

Meanwhile, MIC information chief P. Kamalanathan said it was commendable that Nasir had taken responsibility for his “callous and hurtful statements”.

However, he urged the authorities to take the strongest action possible against him.

MIC Youth secretary C. Shivarraaj lodged a police report against Nasir at the Sentul police station last night.

12 police reports lodged against PM’s aide Nasir Safar

A total of 12 police reports have been lodged against Datuk Nasir Safar, special officer to the Prime Minister, for allegedly uttering racist remarks.

Federal Criminal Investigations Department director Commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said the police reports were lodged throughout the country and police have begun investigations.

Meanwhile, the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the case was being investigated under the Sedition Act.

He said that it did not matter how many police reports were lodged nationwide, police would still only conduct one investigation.

“Since the words were uttered in Malacca, the police there would be responsible for conducting the investigations,” he said.

Nasir made the remarks during a 1Malaysia seminar at the Malacca International Trade Centre.

The statements were supposedly made when he was making references to the demands made by the Indian and Chinese communities with regard to certain government education policies.

Several MIC and MCA delegates in attendance during the seminar stormed out of the hall in protest.

Chinese have no right to take Malaysia

From: Destin Lee
Subject: Re: Chinese have the right to take Malaysia, .. Chinese who were borned in Malaysia, .. and Chinese who were borned in China are the same Chinese

Who teaches you that, you idiot? Why the Chinese in Malay have the
right to take Malaysia?
They were born in Malaysia so they are Malaysians aka Sino_Malay,
except that they
don't worship a false prophet who can have multiple wives and belittle
their women.
It may be like this, if the Malay of Chinese decent become the
majority, they can vote for whatever
they want. They can change the street the city names and they can
create the laws and stop men from having
more than one wife like in the US. May be taking Malaysia through this
strategy but to take Malaysia by force
no way jose.
In Thailand, the Thai royal family members are Sino-Thais. King
Pumipon's mother was Chinese origin, but she was born in
Thailand. So many Sino-Thais in Thailand and how come Chinese have the
right to take Thailand?
China has no intentions to take any country in SEA but to protect them
as is their big brothers that's all.

From: "ahmed123"
Subject: Did non Malays sign a contract to be treated as serfs of malays?

"If there was no social contract, the terms and conditions of allowing
citizenship to non-Malays would have not taken place. One million outsiders
were given citizenships at the time."
If there was no social contract there would be no Malaysia today.
MM (mahathir) should take a dive in the nearest dirty muddy lake.

Woman: Cop kept me as his sex slave

From: "jeffry samsuddin"

Melayu cannot control his dick. malukan bangsa kita! He should be stoned to
death under sharia law.

"prophet Muhammud the Child Fucker" wrote in

Malay police squeezes her balls ?

Feb 1, 8:26 pm, OngBak3 wrote:
> A WOMAN thought she could turn to a policeman for help as she was
> going through a rocky marriage but instead she became a sex slave to
> him for 10 years, reported Berita Harian.

> In the course of the relationship, the Nibong Tebal woman who
> befriended the 47-year-old policeman was forced to go through nine
> abortions.

> “Each day I was hit and choked. I was only given bread with kaya and
> plain water,” said the 40-year-old mother of an 18-year-old girl.

> Her ordeal finally ended when her adoptive sister took her to the
> Bukit Mertajam Hospital for treatment after a severe beating.

> On Jan 16, she lodged a police report based on a doctor’s advice.

> Relating her experience, the woman said they met when she was on her
> way to work at a beauty centre in Bukit Jambul.

> “I told him I was married but he insisted we become friends. I
> accepted it as he was brave enough to take me away from my husband,”
> she said.

8000 idiots got swindled

From: OngBak3

Subject: 8,000 fall for get-rich scam

They invested in firm that claimed to be a junket operator and offered
500% returns

GEORGE TOWN - ABOUT 8,000 people across Malaysia have fallen prey to a
get-rich-quick scam that promised returns of as much as 500 per cent
on their investments.

They suffered losses of millions of ringgit after investing in a
company which convinced them that it was a profit-making junket

Junket operators are middlemen who, for a fee, bring in high rollers
from all over the world to casinos' VIP tables. The company claimed it
was also paid commissions each time the high rollers bought chips to

Up to 30 per cent of the commissions was to be shared among the
investors, according to two victims who claimed they were cheated of
about RM4.5 million (S$1.8 million) by the company.

Former manufacturing manager R. Prakash, 46, who lost about RM3
million, said that in the beginning the company paid investors the
returns as promised. This prompted him to increase his investment
amount and persuade his friends to join the scheme, he said at a press
conference at the Consumers Association of Penang office here last

'Everything seemed genuine and I even went on 10 free trips to Macau
from the time I joined in December 2008 to September last year.
Everything was complimentary, from the food to the lodging,' he said.
'I also received gifts such as Rolex watches, diamond rings and
bracelets as inducements to make me invest even more,' he said.

Malaysians are not treated equally

Subject: Re: Malaysians are not treated equally. The non-Malay is denied education, housing, health care, scholarships, job opportunities and wealth creation.

On Feb 2, 11:29 am, OngBak3 wrote:

> BTN, ketuanan Melayu and other racist connotations ….
> Sadly the mirror also reflects other profiles of the truly ugly
> Malaysian.

> We’ve had several millions spent on projects, or quietly siphoned
> away. Despite the NEP, the Malays comprise the majority of the poor.
> The gulf between the rich and poor is bad for everybody. And the gap
> between the rich and poor Malay has grown even wider.

> These ‘fat-cats’ grow more wealthy, yet little, if any money filters
> down to the poor and deprived Malay. These vulgar, ultra-rich Malays
> are not stupid to relinquish their hold on power and prestige. They
> are the ones who champion the BTN, NEP, ketuanan Melayu etcetera. They
> have little regard for the poor man who when applying for welfare aid
> is given a difficult time with umpteen form-fillings, to satisfy a
> ludicrous selection criteria.

> Improve our reflection in the mirror

> Maybe our leaders should look into the Mirror of Erised, the magic
> mirror in Harry Potter, which shows the ‘deepest and most desperate
> desire in the hearts of those who look at it’. Maybe then they will
> see themselves as leaders of a Malaysia, that is a freer and fairer
> society. Only then, we can truly call it ‘1Malaysia’

> - Mariam Mokhtar