Christy Yow - first Malaysian N.u.d.e Cover Girl

Still remember Christy Yow who appeared in The Star some time ago? Guess what? It seems that the hot weather is making her really sweaty and she just can't take it anymore. So she decided to go completely naked...for a magazine. Yep! Christy Yow has posed nude for a magazine in Singapore, thus making her the 1st official Malaysian Nude Cover Girl! She is the actress who played our legendary striptease Rose Chan in her latest movie "Mei Gui Xiang" 玫瑰香 (The Charming Rose). She has also acted in several movies in Singapore. Strangely I don't she is really that famous. Perhaps only with some males.

From: "Grandprix"
Subject: Re: Malaysian actress pose nude for Singapore magazine
How can Singapore allow pornography? I thought FHM is bad enough.

"OngBak3" wrote in message
> Actress Christy Yow posed nude for S'pore magazine

> Actress Christy Yow has posed nude for a magazine in Singapore.


> Yow, who played the legendary striptease Rose Chan in her new movie
> Mei Gui Xiang (The charming Rose) and acted in several Singapore
> Chinese dramas, has become the first Malaysian nude cover girl.

> She appears on the cover of the first issue of a movie magazine called
> F*** (Film, Fame & Frank) that hit the streets last week.

> Click here to find out more!
> "The cover looks amazing! I certainly look amazing - awesome," she
> said.

> Well-known for her 36C breasts, the 23-year-old Ipoh lass had wanted
> to look sexy and a little "mysterious" in the photographs.

> "Someone just asked if I always have to look so sexy in all my photos
> and will I not be afraid to be typecast? I guess not! I wanna do
> things that I still can manage now," she wrote in her blog.

> Yow told Lianhe Wanbao that she trusted the crew for their
> professionalism.

> She said only the photographer, hair stylist, make-up artist and her
> manager were in the studio during the photo shooting session.

> "Although all of them are men, they are those whom I trust very much
> and work closely with," she said.

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