First Malaysian women to be caned says it is good

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> KUALA LUMPUR — The first Malaysian women to be caned under Islamic law
> for having illicit sex have reportedly said they regretted their
> actions and welcomed the punishment.

> The three women, whose identities were not revealed, gave the first
> account of the caning which took place earlier this month, drawing
> condemnation from human rights activists and applause from some Muslim
> groups.

> "On the day I was caned, I was scared but, at the same time, I knew I
> deserved it and was willing to take the punishment," said one of the
> women, a 25-year-old who went by the name of "Ayu".

> She told the New Straits Times that the punishment -- administered
> while they were fully clothed and by a female prison officer wielding
> a thin rattan cane -- did not hurt.

> "Those out there who are having sex before marriage should really
> consider the consequences and not only think about momentary
> pleasure," she told the daily.

> The three women said they turned themselves in to religious
> authorities after being wracked by guilt over having pre-marital sex.

> "Ayu" has a one-year-old daughter with her boyfriend, who she plans to
> marry, and the other two women also gave birth out of wedlock.

> Human rights campaigners, who were stunned by the caning of the three
> women which had not been foreshadowed by authorities, were sceptical
> over the comments published in several Malaysian newspapers.

> "These three women are just normal people who have been surrounded by
> all kinds of legal mumbo jumbo and pressured into agreeing to be
> caned," one activist told AFP, declining to be named because of the
> sensitivity of the issue.

> Islamic authorities triggered uproar last year when they sentenced
> mother-of-two Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno to six strokes of the cane
> after she was caught drinking beer in a hotel nightclub.

> Her case, which was to have been the first time a woman was caned
> under Islamic law in Malaysia, is still under review after she was
> given a last-minute reprieve amid intense media coverage.

> Malaysia's Bar Council has said it was "shocking" that the caning of
> the three women went ahead while the Kartika case was unresolved.

> Legal commentators have said that the Islamic courts -- which operate
> in parallel to the civil system in Malaysia -- are becoming
> increasingly confident, threatening Malaysia's status as a secular
> nation.

> The Sharia courts have been clamping down on rarely enforced religious
> laws that apply to Muslim Malays who dominate the population --
> including a ban alcohol and sex between unmarried couples.

If she really loves the cane..and saying that's good....she should ask
for more strokes. 3 dose a what doc usually say...

You see...all these 'already no confident woman' surely they will say
that its good to be canned....cos, they were too scared to asy
otherwise....especially with those allah allah ppl around
her....formerly they not use to wear scarf....with this case they got
no choice these woman got to put on scarf...question is why these
woman are so scared?

One must know or realised that....if you are a neutral party with no
ties with any religious, you pay a visit or happen to be
around with a group of allah allah ppl (at a mosque) especially there
are alot of serious allah allah would then find yourself in
a 'tight' situation...a feeling of 'halo don't mess around with us
cos, we are the 'special ppl'..and some more hor among us allah allah
ppl some of us are 'spiritual man' or don't play play with, knowing that you are in this sort of 'threatening' company
you tend to be very careful in your movement and with your words when
talking to them.
Comparing to you..... when you mingle around with a group of taoist
ppl in a toaist temple...I bet are having a total 'free and
relax' don't have that kind of threaten feeling...cos,
in a taoist temple individual taoist follower don't bother what you
are doing or talking cos, they just mind their own biz knowing very
well that in Taoism belief....hurting/commit cruelty/killing ppl is a
big sin and sure go to hell.....and also in their mind ...'no trouble
why find trouble'.

Its a totally different world.......

Funny thing is

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