Chinese have no right to take Malaysia

From: Destin Lee
Subject: Re: Chinese have the right to take Malaysia, .. Chinese who were borned in Malaysia, .. and Chinese who were borned in China are the same Chinese

Who teaches you that, you idiot? Why the Chinese in Malay have the
right to take Malaysia?
They were born in Malaysia so they are Malaysians aka Sino_Malay,
except that they
don't worship a false prophet who can have multiple wives and belittle
their women.
It may be like this, if the Malay of Chinese decent become the
majority, they can vote for whatever
they want. They can change the street the city names and they can
create the laws and stop men from having
more than one wife like in the US. May be taking Malaysia through this
strategy but to take Malaysia by force
no way jose.
In Thailand, the Thai royal family members are Sino-Thais. King
Pumipon's mother was Chinese origin, but she was born in
Thailand. So many Sino-Thais in Thailand and how come Chinese have the
right to take Thailand?
China has no intentions to take any country in SEA but to protect them
as is their big brothers that's all.

From: "ahmed123"
Subject: Did non Malays sign a contract to be treated as serfs of malays?

"If there was no social contract, the terms and conditions of allowing
citizenship to non-Malays would have not taken place. One million outsiders
were given citizenships at the time."
If there was no social contract there would be no Malaysia today.
MM (mahathir) should take a dive in the nearest dirty muddy lake.

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