Paralysed Malay man earned RM13000 monthly

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Subject: Paralysed Malay man earned RM13000 monthly
Disabled man earns $5,400 monthly

By Arul John

WHEN he was just 4, Mr Mohd Arsyad Mohd Yusuf was struck with muscular
atrophy. Since then, he has been in a wheelchair.

But his disability did not rob him of his desire for self-improvement.
He learned how to use the Internet to make a living.

Today, at 23, Mr Mohd Arsyad makes RM13,000 ($5,400) a month from
designing web pages, selling e-books that he wrote, and giving
motivational talks.

The Kedah native was in Singapore as a guest speaker at a financial
management workshop.

Mr Mohd Arsyad was diagnosed as suffering from spinal muscular atrophy
when he was 4, after he started falling down often at home.

The condition is a genetic disease caused by the loss of nerve cells
in the spinal cord. This affects the part of the nervous system that
controls voluntary muscle movement.

Mr Mohd Arsyad's father, Mr Mohd Yusuf Salim, a retiree in his 50s,
said: "Doctors recommended physiotherapy for him when he was younger,
but there was no cure or medication."

It was hard on the young boy at first.

Said Mr Mohd Arsyad: "When I went to school, my classmates would tease
me because of my disability, and I felt sad and discouraged.

"But my family and relatives encouraged me and said God made me the
way I was for a purpose - so I could help and give hope to others."

The second of three children eventually came to terms with his

After he completed his Malaysian Certificate of Education (the
equivalent of the O levels here) at the age of 17, he took up
religious studies for two years. He then conducted religious classes
at home, earning RM100 ($41) a month.

Private lessons

He also took computer lessons at a private school.

Two years ago, he picked up graphic design skills from the Internet
and learnt how to write and sell e-books.

"I used to e-mail my designs to my friends and they would ask me to
design their web pages," he said.

"At first, I did it for free, but a relative said I could make money
from it."

So he did.

"Soon I was earning about RM13,000 per month. I use the money to help
support my family, and sometimes I give RM1,000 to my parents.

"I also use the money to buy software which I give free to
participants at my talks."

He advertises his business via e-mail, Facebook, blogs and online

In the last two years, he has written and marketed eight e-books -
mostly about self-improvement and money management.

Titles include 14 Keys to Open your Mind's Power and The Fundamentals
of Blogging.

Mr Mohd Arsyad claimed to have sold 660 copies of his e-books in
Malaysia so far.

"I plan to write another six e-books this year, give more motivational
talks and expand my business outside Malaysia, probably starting with

Mr Mohd Arsyad said he puts in about eight hours of work a day.

He said: "I usually start work at 9am and work four hours in the
morning and four hours later in the day.

Mr Mohd Arsyad is not the only person in his family to have to
overcome great odds.

The youngest brother, Mr Mohd Azfar Mohd Yusuf, 22, is paralysed from

The bedridden young man sells handphones on the Internet.

Mr Mohd Arsyad said: "My youngest brother was inspired by my success
and wanted to earn some money too, so also picked up Internet skills.

"I want to inspire others like me to make the best of their lives,
like I have done."

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