Malays urged not to marry Westerners

From: OngBak3
subject: Malays urged not to marry Westerners
Malays urged not to marry Westerners

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysian Information Minister Rais Yatim said young
Malays, including artists, should think 'thousands of times' before
marrying Westerners as only three in 10 such marriages were

Failed marriages were especially evident when Malays married
Westerners, he said, while those who married other Malaysians who
converted to Islam have stable marriages, he was quoted as saying by
Utusan Malaysia newspaper.

Datuk Seri Rais was responding to a question on speculation that the
marriage of popular Malaysian actress Maya Karin to a British teacher
is on the rocks after just 18 months
From: "Lim PE"
only three in 10 such marriages were successful.

Because western spouses must convert & practise islam, yet
can't get PR, these are very high*pressures on them. Unlike
locals, westerners can return to their countries easily, so can
end their marriages here to escape these * ( caused by govnmnt
). Some of these malays esp women emigrate with their
husbands, then how does govnmnt know of their marriages'
success ?

Sexual satisfaction is very important to a marriage.
Most divorce in Singapore are caused by extra-marital
sex... The wives, with a big cock at home, do not
seek sex outside their marriage. In this sense, what
Simoni said.... is true.

From: baldeagle
However, the Malay girls who marry Ang Moh, thinking
they have gigantic cocks, may have found out the truth.
Hence the divorce.
Ang Moh are like Chinese,... some have big ones and
some have tinny ones.
The size of the cock is like the ears, a big size man
can have small ears, and a small size man can have
long and large ears. This is nature.

Malay girls are stupid to think that Ang Moh make good
husband. They are NOT.

From: Zanzibar
The problem lies with one eating of halal only food and one eating of

And, in addition, it is also the culture which is different of each
other, like one speaking only english and one doesn't understand much
of the english.

In some cases, it is the educational perspectiveness levels of each
others that are not the same.

Thier acquired knowledge gap is vastly apart of each other, and hence
living and working together much harder longer to achieve and attain.

The expectations of these are also different in that attained skills
and levels that are acquired at different communciation versions of
skills and levels in their growing up years in their own country.

The assimilation level of each other is thus not communicated at the
same speed of reasoning skills and the levels of understandings..

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