Malaysians should accept each other

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Subject: Malaysians should accept each other

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians should accept each other as "one people, one
nation with one dream", says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

No community should make demands at the expense of another, but "what
is good for one community should also be good for every community",
said Najib, who is Barisan Nasional chairman.

This was one way to achieve the Malaysian dream of being "united,
harmonious and prosperous", he added.

Malaysians must not leave this to chance or coincidence or let it
happen by itself.

"Since this is the dream of every Malaysian, we have to take it
seriously in terms of our words, deeds and actions," he said at the
Chinese New Year celebration hosted by Sin Chew and Guang Ming dailies
here yesterday.

"We have to work together by galvanising all Malaysians, and work
towards inculcating that conscience with a deep sense of

Najib said the 1Malaysia concept called for a shift from the basic
paradigm of tolerating each other.

"Accepting each other is the apex of celebrating each other's
diversity. Once we have reached this final destination, we will think
and act as one people, one nation with one dream."

He said the open house events held in conjunction with festivals
should also be "a celebration of the values and mindset of 1Malaysia".

Earlier, Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia president Tan
Sri Pheng Yin Huah said the association wanted to see a united,
harmonious and progressive Malaysia.

Najib said as Malaysians, "we might have different paths and

"For instance, Sin Chew may have a different path from Utusan Malaysia
while other media groups may have others. But we must converge. We
must allow discourse of different opinions but we must not pull
Malaysia down."

Najib also touched on the contributions of past prime ministers,
saying that they believed in power-sharing to make Malaysia united,
harmonious and prosperous.

The first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, believed in power-
sharing and give-and-take.

On his father, second prime minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, who took
over the leadership after the 1969 racial clashes, Najib said: "If he
had taken a wrong turn, the country might have been ruined."

Tun Hussein Onn, meanwhile, worked for the welfare of rural folk, and
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad introduced Vision 2020.

Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had also had a national vision.

"We are here to continue their concepts through 1Malaysia," said

"I would like to see 1Malaysia as a continuation. But we need to
rationalise how we can achieve a truly united Malaysia."

He said the media had a social responsibility to build the nation, and
Malaysians should accept the country's colourful tapestry as a
strength and not as an obstacle.

"Collectively, we will be stronger. This is the spirit of 1Malaysia."

Najib also said as this was the Year of the Tiger, "Malaysians should
have the tiger's vitality and courage".

"The tiger is like the country. If we do not look after it, it will go
down. What we should be doing is leaving behind a legacy for the

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