Anwar Ibrahim: Imprison me or not BN will be removed

'Pakatan will prevail - with or without me'
Athi Shankar
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim fired a stern warning to his detractors that the people would vote BN out of Putrajaya in the next polls, whether he is in jail or not.

I think this scenario is quite true, that regime change and reform is unstoppable by imprisoning the leaders of movement. It had been proven in the downing of Polish Communist Regime, that when Lech Walesa together with about 1600 other union leaders were imprisoned the political situation in Poland turned irreversibly against the communist regime. During that period of crucial change Lech Walesa & all of his key movement leaders were all already imprisoned by Polish Communist Regime and were not at all in control of situation outside the prisons. However the crucial shift of power still took place.

This showed that imprisonment of the movement leadership can not stop the reform, and what have to change still will change, what have to be gone will still be gone.

Strikes spread like wild fire across Poland and the Communist Regime were unable to control it at all even when key union leaders such as Lech Walesa were already put behind bars for over a year. In the end the Polish Communist Regime gave up and released their political prisoners, within 3 days after Walesa was released he managed to call of all the strikes and he soon became the new president.

This is something that BN & famiLEE LEEgime have to painfully learn. When your powers are gone, they are gone, imprisoning your successors isn't going to make any difference.

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