Racist Mahathir making a fool out of himself

'How ironic it is for Mahathir to talk about helping poor Malays, when his second son, Mokhzani, is a billionaire and ranked number 20 in the list of richest Malaysians.'

Multi racial: Well, if you want to know who are the racists in Malaysia, you don't have to go far as they are all in Perkasa and most of them are Umno members.

I'm very disappointed with former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who should have put more effort to unite the country instead of dividing it. With his support, Mahathir is now the champion of racism in Malaysia.

Urban Malaysian: What a tragedy! A retired prime minister lending his name and presence to a gathering of racist Malaysians. Is he missing the lack of attention as a retiree so much that he has to walk in the mud to get the required attention?

Ida Bakar: It is a bit like the story of the emperor's new clothes: Mahathir is the emperor, full of vanity as the wira (hero) for the Malays. The goons at Perkasa are like the weavers offering the outfit of fighters for Malay rights and privileges.

But we, the average Malaysians, know that it is all empty talk as it is devoid of policy, planning and vision.

Hashim: How ironic it is for Mahathir to talk about helping poor Malays, when his second son, Mokhzani, is a billionaire and is ranked number 20 in Malaysian Business' list of richest Malaysians. Mokhzani has a net value estimated at slightly over a billion ringgit (RM1.08 billion) through his vehicle Kenchana Petroleum.

Another son, Mirzan, is a member of the board in Philippines beer company San Miguel.

KSM: The impression that Malay rights are threatened is being propagated by Umno cronies who want more handouts so that they can hijack them for their own bank accounts.

Eugene: Let us forever remember those people who supported and attended the ceremony as we now know who the racists are. Even the Selangor sultan is wise to stay away from such an incendiary and racist ceremony.

Changeagent: Imagine the public outcry and international condemnation if former US presidents George W Bush or Bill Clinton had chosen to attend and officiate a KKK white-supremacist meeting.

Now, imagine the public scorn and international shame that Mahathir had brought to Malaysia when he attended and officiated Perkasa's Malay-supremacist meeting. Najib can truly say goodbye to his 1Malaysia aspirations.

Gen2: It looks like the government has sub-contracted the keris-kissing to this group of primitives still living with their tribal mentality while the world is changing around them.

It is shameful that several heads of government agencies attended this Perkasa meeting. They should realise that they represent their agencies. These agencies are there to serve all Malaysians not a group of people who want to keep Malaysia forever in the company of third-grade countries with third-grade mentalities.

Zubir: The emergence of Perkasa in Malaysia, which was approved by the Registrar of Societies (ROS) is very worrying. ROS in the first place should not approve any race-based association or NGO if they really support 1Malaysia.

Law Chin Teong: These are the very guys who have been pawning Malay interests while shouting 'Hidup Melayu!' What a pity that ordinary Malays continue to regard them as their protectors.

Yuvan: By associating with this highly dubious group Perkasa, Mahathir has effectively sealed the fate of BN at the next general elections. Despite his racist stance and all the negative perception about him, whatever little bit of respect and regard that the non-Malays had for him, merely as an elder statesman, I believe has completely gone.

It is also shocking and extremely disappointing that Mahathir's son, Mukhriz, who is a deputy minister in the government administration, has attended a function organised by a group that seems to have made it very clear that they are extreme hardliners and have absolutely no regard and no recognition for non-Malay existence in Malaysia.

Can Mukhriz now say anything in support of '1Malaysia' that his boss (the prime minister) is trying hard to promote and win back the respect of the Chinese and Indians in this country?

RubyStar: Mahathir is a real menace to this country. After 22 years of mismanaging the country he is again doing what he is best at doing - stirring up racial sentiments and damaging the infrastructure of the country.

Luckily there are a lot of GLC heads of corporations who refused to be drawn into this circle of bigots who thinks that the world owes them a living. This is a borderless world now. If you are great at running a business then you can have 100 percent of the total spoils.

Perkasa is only leaching on others, doing Ali Baba business, getting free lunches, handouts and robbing those diligent businessmen who build up their business only to be told it has to be shared. Mahathir, you have done enough damage to this country.

Don't Play God: Najib, there goes your 1Malaysia slogan. Perhaps now you can revise your policy and call it 5Malaysia. Or perhaps, your 1Malaysia plan was just another sloganeering hoax to pull wool over the rakyat's (especially the non-Malays) eyes.

Pendatang: Perkasa should join BN and appoint Mahathir their chief. Umno is not doing a good job in protecting the Malays hence Perkasa can take over, and Mahathir can rule once more.

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