Msian Insurance Agents have sex with clients

From: OngBak3

Subject: Msian Insurance Agents have sex with clients

SOME insurance companies in Johor are recruiting woman agents to have
sex with potential customers, Guang Ming Daily reported.

The companies also arranged for the agents to party with the would-be
clients at nightclubs and karaoke outlets.

Sources told the newspaper that the female agents were recruited among
divorcees, single mothers or those helping their boyfriends repay

'These are women who will do anything for money,' the sources said,
adding that the agents went after middle-aged small entrepreneurs who
were not highly educated.

Agents who failed to 'hit' their targets would be punished by having
to 'showcase' themselves in adult diapers or lingerie.

They were also forced to pay fines of between RM1,000 (S$425) and
RM3,000 to their company. -- THE STAR


Let's all go buy our insurance coverage in Malaysia !!!!
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

I wonder if they will come sell insurance in SG...

Recruits our Geylang / Kovan talents to sell insurance???

Agent: 先生, 要买保险吗?买了上我就没烦恼了。。。

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