Ketuanan Melayu

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Subject: Ketuanan Melayu

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a.. When one reads about an organisation led by an insecure, attention
seeking leader, who revels in obfuscating remarks to "defend Islam, the
special rights of Malays and bumiputeras", it does seem that the lunatics
have taken over the asylum.
by temenggong - an hour ago

"..a brutal effort to exorcise it from the Malay psyche." Definitely, but
unfortunately it is not forthcoming. One way out is for the nation to
transform into a welfare society but this is only practical if malay birth
rates coming down. This, is the brutal reality.

by Maggie Lim - 2 hours ago
You are not the only one but as usual, the good ones are usually silent.
They do not want any problems or be singled out by these extremists. It is
the same with all races unfortunately.

by tomkurus - 3 hours ago
Well said..if only all malays were like you! Why cant we live as
malaysians and eradicate poverty across all racial lines? This so called
ketuanan melayu and defeders of malay rights are a whole load of crap! What
rights are they fighting for when they have everything? How would Perkasa
like it if the orang asli's did the same to them? We are all pendatangs at
one time or the other so I really don't know why is this still the issue
with the malays. I will vote for you anytime Mariam. Keep up the good work
and educate the ignorant malays.

by Arif Shazman - 3 hours ago
you are definitely not alone. There is a growing discontent amongst
Malays,we are aware of the ignorance and paranoia within our race.The
Ketuanan Melayu movement is being championed by public,political figures but
these are mere faces to something that has existed for a very long
time,within many different levels of society. Najib and his 1Malaysia team
need to confront the issue head-on,make themselves the unifying theme.This
means a total cleansing of the government,a new way of doings,proof through
actions-then only will people come together for something positive,for now
we'll be divided in insecurity and the absence of a strong government.
Incredible article by the way,this kind of attitude will lead us into the

by Imran Shah - 3 hours ago
Imran; I feel saddened that whilst I work my tail off to put my 4 kids
through school and tertiary education all on my own accord, I have relatives
who keep on producing children with no idea or fear as to how will they get
an education with most of them on meager earning capacities. So when will
the also " government must help" attitude ever disappear. the government
cannot keep on supporting this continous bloating of our bumi population
that's always wanting assistance.

by Raikonen - 4 hours ago
Yes, you probably are alone...

by collin abraham - 4 hours ago
This is arguably one of the most defining comments on this topic. Indeed,
I might add that it has brilliantly achieved the objectives that many of us
have been trying to put across for some time Can I take this opportunity to
urge the writer to kindly support the "revolutionary reforms" suggested that
the leading politicians seem to have ignored at their peril?

by Loyal Malaysian - 5 hours ago
I will not be surprised if this brave writer shall be the next one called
to give a statement to the UMNOputras security wing. Bravo!! Very well
stated!!I can only hope this stand catches the attention of the
UMNOputras[Perkasa belongs to that same genre]and they come to realise the
racist card no longer is the ultimate power card!!

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  1. So we have a mamak whose father born in Madras, trying to be a Malay. Ha ha ho.