Digest this Malaysian politicians and citizens

From: "Zainal Hisham"
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 23:51:19 +1100
Local: Tues, Oct 20 2009 8:51 pm
Subject: Digest this Malaysian politicians and citizens


*The writer is a nephew of Dr Mahathir..

Singapore's Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew, who was Singapore 's founding
father, has always been very direct in his comments. This was the man who
outsmarted the communists in Singapore (with the innocent help of Malaya
then and the willing help of the British) and who later outwitted the
British and outpaced Malaysia in all spheres.

Singapore practices corrupt-free meritocracy and Malaysia affirmative
action. The former attracted all the best brains and the latter chased out
all the brains. The Singapore cabinet consists of dedicated and intelligent
technocrats whereas Malaysia has one of the most unwieldy cabinets. Not only
that, brain wise it was below par not even good for the kampong.

With that kind of composition, one that is very brainy, naturally Singapore
, with no natural resources could outstrip Malaysia in every aspect of
development. Malaysia , on the other hand, was too much preoccupied with its
Malayness and the illusory 'Ketuanan Melayu' and was also more interested in
useless mega iconic development rather than real social and economic

Whenever Kuan Yew utters anything that deemed to be a slight on Malaysia ,
voices were raised admonishing him. Malaysia would never dare to face
reality. That Singapore had shown that it could survive was a slap on those
who believed that Singapore would fold up once it left Malaysia . Therefore
it was natural that these doomsayers would try to rationalise their
utterances to be in their favour to combat on whatever Kuan Yew commented.
Its political jealousy.

Singapore achieved its development status without any fanfare. But here in
Malaysia , a development that was deceptive was proclaimed as having
achieved development status. It was trumpeted as an achievement that befits
first world status. This was self delusion. Malaysians are led to believe
into a make believe world, a dream world. The leaders who themselves tend to
believe in their own fabricated world did not realise the people were not
taken in by this kind of illusion.

Lee Kuan Yew believed in calling a spade a spade. I was there in Singapore
when the People's A ction Party won the elections in 1959. He was forthright
in his briefing to party members as to what was expected of them and what
Singapore would face in the future. Ideologically, I did not agree with him.
We in the University of Malaya Socialist Club had a different interpretation
of socialist reconstruction. But he was a pragmatist and wanted to bring
development and welfare to the Singaporeans. Well! He succeeded.

Malaysia was so much embroiled in racial politics and due to the fear of
losing political power, all actions taken by the main party in power was
never targeted towards bringing wealth to all. Wealth was distributed to the
chosen few only. They were the cronies and the backers of the party
leadership to perpetuate their own selfish ends.

Seeing the efficiency and the progress achieved by Singapore caused the
Malaysian leadership to suffer from an inferiority complex.. That Malaysia
should suffer from this complex was of its own making.

In a recent interview, Kuan Yew said that Malaysia could have done better if
only it treated its minority Chinese and Indian population fairly. Instead
they were completely marginalised and many of the best brains left the
country in drove. He added that Singapore was a standing indictment to what
Malaysia could have done differently. He just hit the nail right there on
the head.

Malaysia recently celebrated its 50th year of independence with a bagful of
uncertainties. The racial divide has become more acute. The number of Malay
graduates unemployed is on the increase. And this aspect can be very
explosive.. But sad to see that no positive actions have been taken to
address these social ills.

Various excuses were given by Malaysian leaders why Singapore had far
outstripped Malaysia in all aspects of social and economic advancement.
Singapore was small, they rationalised and therefore easy to manage.
Singapore was not a state but merely an island.

There was one other aspect that Malaysia practises and that is to politicise
all aspects of life. A ll government organs and machinery were 'UMNO-ised'.
This was to ensure that the party will remain in power. Thus there was this
misconception by the instruments of government as to what national interest
is and what UMNO vested interest is.

UMNO vested interest only benefited a few and not the whole nation. But due
to the UMNO-isation of the various instruments of government, the country
under the present administration had equated UMNO vested interest as being
that of national interest. Thus development became an avenue of making money
and not for the benefit of the people. The fight against corruption took a
back seat. Transparency was put on hold. A nd the instruments of government
took it to be of national interest to cater to the vested interest of UMNO.
Enforcement of various enactments and laws was selective... Thus a 'palace'
in Kelang, A Ps cronies and close-one-eye umno MPs could exist without
proper procedure. Corruption infested all govt departments, the worse is the
police and lately even in the judiciary.

Singapore did not politicise its instruments of government. If ever
politicisation took place, it is guided by national interest. To be
efficient and to be the best in the region was of paramount importance. Thus
all the elements like corruption, lackadaisical attitude towards work and
other black elements, which would retard such an aim, were eliminated.
Singapore naturally had placed the right priority in it's pursuit to achieve
what is best for its people. This is the major difference between these two
independent countries.

Malaysia in its various attempts to cover up its failures embarked on
several diversions. It wanted its citizens to be proud that the country had
the tallest twin-tower in the world, although the structure was designed and
built by foreigners. Its now a white-elephant wasting away. It achieved in
sending a man into space at an exorbitant price. For what purpose? These are
what the Malays of old would say "menang sorak" (hollow victories).

It should be realised that administering a country can be likened to
managing a corporate entity. If the management is efficient and dedicated
and know what they are doing, the company will prosper.. The reverse will be
if the management is poor and bad. The company will go bust.

There are five countries around this region. There is Malaysia , and then
Indonesia . To the east there is the Philippines and then there is that
small enclave called the Sultanate of Brunei . A ll these four countries
have abundance of natural resources but none can lay claim to have used all
these resources to benefit the people. Poverty was rampant and independence
had not brought in any significant benefits to the people.

But tiny Singapore without any resources at all managed to bring development
to its citizens. It had one of the best public MRT transport systems and
airlines in the world and it is a very clean city state. Their universities,
health care, ports are among the best in the world.

It is impossible to compare what Singapore has achieved to what all these
four countries had so far achieved. It was actually poor management and
corruption, and nothing more. Everything is done for the vested interest of
the few.

Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines and the Sultanate of Brunei need
good management teams. They would not be able to do this on their own steam.
I would advise that they call on Kuan Yew to show them what good governance
is. Why look East to Japan when it is just next door across the causeway.


From: "lee ah kow"
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 14:47:22 +1100
Local: Wed, Oct 28 2009 11:47 am
Subject: Good if this is true


October 22, 2009 ·
In what may yet turn out to be an unprecedented and boldest of acts of
defiance agaisnt tyranny in Malaysia, a Human Rights group is set to reverse
the fortunes of a much persecuted and abused minority community in Malaysia.

Malaysia's Indian Tamils (joined by Indonesian illegal workers) are
finally to be represented by a leading British Queens Counsel (QC) who has
accepted a brief from an Australian law firm to bring charges against
leading Malaysian political figures for various offences committed against
the complainant communities. The venue and jurisdiction Europe, the United

Counsel acting for the group has agreed to take on a brief of prosecution
against the current serving Inspector General of Police (Malaysia), his
immediate predecessor in office, Malaysia's former Minister of Home Affairs
(Syed Hamid Albar) and the current incumbent in that position Hishamuddin
Tun Hussein Onn for crimes against humanity, gross violation of Human Rights
in Malaysia (extra judicial killings) and for torture.

A leaked document to GRK now reveals a background paper outlining a
summary of the history of Indian indentured and slave labour (as defined
under international law) from south India into plantations and other labour
intensive industries run by colonial Britain in Malaya.

Interestingly the document identifies a more brutal regime of the
successors to British colonial rule in Malaysia, the Malaysian government.
It also summarises and carefully documents systemic and systematic
oppression by the state against the complainants since independence. The
document is believed to provide the foundation for the basis of claims by
the group.

The leaked document also includes the list of offences the defendants when
charged, will have to answer to which includes;

(a) individual and gang rape (b) torture (c) extra judicial killings (d)
confiscation of property (personal) (e) kidnapping (f) drownings (g) body
snatching (h) forced conversion and other forms of depravation of liberty
(i) torture and kidnapping of children.

Under the new lethal legal doctrine of Justice and Accountability, a
principle that seeks to End Impunity for sovereign offenders responsible
for having committed or having abetted in the commission of criminal and
Human Rights offences, sovereign immunity is stripped away from them under
the rule and the offender will no longer be able to raise the defence of the
'act of a sovereign'.

The current action (if confirmed) would indicate that "the tail has
finally found the muscle and coordinates to wag the proverbial dog" in
Malaysia where Tamils have historically faced systemic and systematic
persecution and marginalisation at the hands of a race based government.

If the prosecution does go ahead, it may well be the case that the 4
individuals named in the suit may be forced into exile in their own homes
within the limited security of the borders of Malaysia. Such a restriction
would mean that they would be unable to travel freely outside the geographic
boundaries of Malaysia.

Further, if warrants are issued these 4 would be joined in infamy to the
ranks of noteriety of other international pariahs like Ehud Barak Defence
Minister of Israel, Presdient Bashir of Sudan, Slobodan Milesovic, Radan
Karejic and Humberto Mejia of Guantemala all of whom have warrants issued
against them for vile and heinous crimes against humanity.

The warrants if issued by a competent court in the UK is likely to
further do irrepairably damage Malaysia's image as a liberal, cosmopolitan,
developing and industrialised democracy. That veneer of respectability it
craved and jelously sought to guard, built up over decades of hard work and
ambition will peel off from the heat that ensues to reveal a tin pot
dictatorship parading as liberals and democrats.

Nothing unfortunately in such circumstances will in the short term be able
to redeem the tarnished image of the coutnry and its people from the social
and political stigma attached to such warrants.
We will keep our readers posted of any further developments in this matter
once we have confirmed the application has actually been lodged.

Najib's Support Dropped Sharply

(Angus Reid Global Monitor) - Fewer people in Malaysia are expressing support for Najib Razak, according to a poll by the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research. 56 per cent of respondents are satisfied with the prime minister’s performance, down 10 points since July.

The United Malays National Organization (UMNO)—the biggest party in a coalition of 12 political factions known as the National Front (BN)—has formed the government after every election since the Asian country attained its independence from Britain in 1957.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took over as prime minister in October 2003, after the retirement of Mahathir Mohamad, who served for more than 22 years. In the March 2004 election, the National Front secured 198 of the 219 seats in the House of Representatives. Abdullah was sworn in as head of government with the biggest majority in three decades.

In the March 2008 ballot, the National Front won 140 seats in the legislature. The coalition’s share of the vote dropped drastically, from 64.4 per cent in 2004, to 50.27 per cent in 2008. According to Human Rights Watch, the most recent election was "grossly unfair" and marred by irregularities.

In September 2008, Abdullah announced his intention to step down in 2009. Najib—who served as deputy prime minister and finance minister—took over as head of government in April.

On Oct. 18, Najib urged UMNO members to work for the people and shed the party’s image of corruption, declaring, "No need for rocket science, just do what needs to be done for the people."

Polling Data

Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way Najib Razak is performing his job as the prime minister?

Month of 2009 Satisfied Dissatisfied Not sure
Sept. 2009 56% 23% 21%
Jul. 2009 65% 22% 13%
May 2009 45% 16% 39%

Source: Merdeka Center for Opinion Research

KL want to attract foreign talents to Malaysia

What happened to the Prince of the Land (Bumiputras)?
Aren't they supposed to be talented?

And what happened to Malaysian's own foreign talents (the Chinese & Indians)?
By Teo Cheng Wee, Regional Correspondent

One of the plans to attract foreign talent is to simplify the process of granting permanent residence (PR) status to skilled expatriates.

KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA has offered several new incentives in its 2010 budget to attract foreign talent, but the jury is still out as to whether these will work, analysts and industry players say.

The chief concern is implementation.

Many are waiting for the details of the plans, which were only outlined in broad strokes by Prime Minister Najib Razak on Friday.

One of the plans to attract foreign talent is to simplify the process of granting permanent residence (PR) status to skilled expatriates.

Visas will be granted automatically to working expats and dependant family members within 14 days, while PR status will be accorded to foreigners married to Malaysian women.

Another major announcement was to cap the income tax rate at 15 per cent for foreign knowledge workers living and working in the Iskandar Malaysia economic zone in South Johor.

He came to Malaysia for f.uc.ks and to commit murder

From: "lobert"
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 00:33:40 +0800
Local: Sun, Oct 25 2009 12:33 am
Subject: He came to Malaysia for f.uc.ks and to commit murder


Sudanese charged with killing toddler

A jobless Sudanese man was charged in the Kajang magistrate's court Friday with murdering a three-year-old girl in a condominium unit in Cheras on Oct 12.

Mohannad Taha Ismail, 24, is alleged to have killed Aaliyah Ayman Hussin Abdullah, at Tower 9/D3/9 Palazzo Tower, Venice Hill Condominium, Batu 9, Cheras, between 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

No plea was recorded.

Magistrate Faisal alias Amrin Noor Hadi fixed Jan 6 for mention of the case, pending the postmortem and chemist's reports.

Aaliyah Aiman Hussin Abdullah's death last week at a condominium in Cheras was believed to have been due to abuse.

Her 24-year old mother is believed to be the girlfriend of the accused. She was reported to have divorced her first husband two months after marriage.

The woman initially told police that the child died after being abused by a domestic maid. However, checks showed that had not hired any domestic help.

Kajang district police chief Assistant Comm Mohd Sakaruddin Che Mood told Bernama that the Sudanese entered the country using a student visa but did not attend any institute of higher learning.

Iskandar Project (IDR) rocked by CEO’s resignation

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — The country’s showpiece economic corridor, Iskandar Malaysia, has been rocked with the sudden resignation of chief executive officer Harun Johari just months after his appointment.

He also becomes the second CEO to exit the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) since it was set up in November 2006, following the footsteps of Datuk Ikmal Hijaz. Harun’s departure will raise more red flags over a project which has been long on announcements and master plans but painfully short on visible changes on the ground.

It also calls into question Khazanah Nasional’s acumen in picking senior officials to drive this ambitious project.

Beyonce postpone Concert in Malaysia

From: beng1 <5191...@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 14:46:36 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Thurs, Oct 22 2009 5:46 am
Subject: Beyonce postpone Concert in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, (ANI): Beyonce Knowles' concert in Malaysia was
postponed by the singer
herself, revealed Information, Communications and Culture Minister
Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

Datuk said that there was no interference by his ministry on the
matter and that Beyonce, 28, who was scheduled to hold the concert on
October 18, had decided to postpone the concert on her own, reports
New Straits Times Online.

New "Rose Chan" vs Original "Rose Chan"

From: beng1 <5191...@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 07:26:40 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Mon, Oct 19 2009 10:26 pm
Subject: New "Rose Chan" vs Original "Rose Chan"

Kristy Yow, from the town of beauty queens - Ipoh and currently
working in Singapore, is chosen to be the new Rose Chan, at least in
celluloid. She will play the role of one of the greatest, most
incredibly brave and fearless striptease character to have ply her
trade in this country over the second half of the last century. Let's
see how they match up in body to body terms...


Malaysia Government to Guarantee All Bank Deposits

From: Pierre
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 23:10:29 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Tues, Oct 20 2009 2:10 pm
Subject: Re: Malaysia Government to Guarantee All Bank Deposits

The Ringgit's been appreciating against the US Dollar lately, but in
the long term it will probably depreciate against currencies such as
the Singapore Dollar, Aussie Dollar and the Euro. But why should the
government guarantee Ringgit value? Bank Negara may take steps to
prevent a freefall in the value of the Ringgit such as capital
controls for instance but such exercises tend to be costly and counter-
productive in the long-run and should only be done sparingly and only
in a real emergency situation such as when currency speculators
devalued the Ringgit in the 1997 Asian economic crises. The main
question rather is how the Malaysian economy will perform in the era
of post-oil Malaysia seeing as how over half of government revenue is
currently derived from oil. If the Malaysian economy is robust, the
Ringgit will not be weak. And vice-versa.

Abdul Shukur Idrus - the Umno delegate of Selangor

From: "uputih"
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 15:28:16 -0700
Local: Sun, Oct 18 2009 6:28 am
Subject: Re: Abdul Shukur Idrus, the Umno delegate of Selangor

100 Plus 1 percent in agreement with u.

If u examine the credibility of every member in each UMNO cawangan
inclusive of every Ketua Kampong appointed or elected, the common trait
running in every one of them, "masuk UMNO cari duit" (join UMNO to make
money). U will be trampled into the ground if the intention is to serve
beyond self.

Satu Malaysia is more synonymous to "Everyone Corrupt, All Happy"

Chin Cham

"Zainal Hisham" wrote in message

> Abdul Shukur Idrus, the Umno delegate of Selangor in debating the
> president's speech at the party's General Assembly has called on federal
> aids to opposition-ruled states to be reduced and said that such aid
> should instead be channeled directly to the people because the parties in
> the Pakatan Rakyat is benefiting through the socio-economic programmes and
> projects.
> Soon enough if there are a few more representatives like this in my
> opinion a stupid fellow there will be a call to divert all moneys given by
> the government for any projects or required government fundings be instead
> be used to line the pockets of all their relatives and supporters. This
> man does not seem to be aware how government runs. BODOH.

Malaysia ends up as the 66th best country to live in

From: CKSF
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 12:27:21 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sun, Oct 18 2009 3:27 am
Subject: Re: Malaysia ends up as the 66th best country to live in

66 out of 175 countries ain't bad.

On Oct 14, 6:50 pm, "Zainal Hisham"

> Malaysia is a shoddy place to live in because the majority of people there
> are parasites who by virtue of their numbers claim to be boses who do not
> have to work hard.

1Malaysia: Gov't seeks input from public

From: "Zainal Hisham"
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 20:11:28 +1100
Local: Mon, Oct 19 2009 5:11 pm
Subject: 1Malaysia: Gov't seeks input from public

There is only one way to foster National Unity and that is impose ruling for
fairness to all irrespective of colour, creed or religion. Get rid of the
unwritten position of first class, second class and third class citizens.
Address corruption!

The poor need to be helped irrespective of what ever colour, creed or
religion they belong to. The rich must be contained and not allowed to run
rampant. The government has to clean up its act and be more transparent.
Corruption should not be condoned with. Get rid of all corrupt political
leaders past and present.


From: RichAsianKid
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 02:09:04 -0400
Local: Sun, Oct 18 2009 2:09 pm
Subject: Now Muslims Demand Full Sharia Law

Poor Britain..or if you prefer, poor democratic Britain........

Thursday October 15,2009
By Martyn Brown

A RADICAL Muslim group sparked outrage last night as it launched a
massive campaign to impose sharia law on Britain.

The fanatical group Islam4UK has ­announced plans to hold a potentially
­incendiary rally in London later this month.

And it is calling for a complete upheaval of the British legal system,
its officials and ­legislation.

Members have urged Muslims from all over Britain to converge on the
capital on October 31 for a procession to demand the full implementation
of sharia law.

On a website to promote their cause they deride British institutions,
showing a mock-up picture of Nelson’s Column surmounted by a minaret.

Plans for the demonstration have been ­delivered to the Metropolitan
Police and could see up to 5,000 extremists marching to demand the
controversial system.

The procession – dubbed March 4 Shari’ah – will start at the House of
Commons, which the group’s website describes as the “very place where
the lives of millions of people in the UK are changed and it is from
here where unjust wars are launched”.

The group then intends to march to 10 Downing Street and “call for the
removal of the tyrant Gordon Brown from power”.

The march will then converge on Trafalgar Square where protesters expect
it “will gather even more support from tourists and members of the
public, making clear in the heart of London the need for Shari’ah in

The group declared: “We hereby request all Muslims in the United
Kingdom, in Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Glasgow and all other places to
join us and collectively declare that as submitters to Almighty Allah,
we have had enough of democracy and man-made law and the depravity of
the British culture.

“On this day we will call for a complete upheaval of the British ruling
system its members and legislature, and demand the full implementation
of Shari’ah in Britain.”

Tiger Airways is a poor man's airline

From: "AleXX"
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 00:25:46 +0800
Local: Fri, Oct 16 2009 12:25 am
Subject: Tige Airways is a poor man's airline

This airline will squeeze and dig on you at every opportunity they have.

FOLLOWING a flight rescheduling, a passenger has been placed on a return flight barely an hour after he arrives at his destination, and he can't change it unless he forks out a surcharge.

The passenger, who submitted his account to citizen journalism website Stomp, said he had booked flights on Tiger Airways to arrive in Kuching on November 21 and to depart on November 22.

However an airline rescheduling had given him a new flight itinerary, in which he was to arrive at Kuching on Nov 22 at 3.45pm and has to depart at 4.25pm the very same day for the return flight back to Singapore.

To change his flights, the passenger will reportedly have to pay an additional $150, Stomp quoted him as saying on Tuesday.

"I called Tiger Airways and explained that I wished to change to either an earlier departure date or a later arrival date," said the Stomp reader known as Laughing's.

"But I was told the following - no refund as it is not Tiger's policy. Changing of ticket's date will cost an extra of $150 as the ticket price is different now and all seats are 90 per cent filled," he said.

"I explained it is not my intention to change but the staff told me it is the company's policy."

According to Laughing's, he tried to explain to the staff that he would not be able to make the return flight as there was insufficient time to check out and in.

However, he was told he had to adhere to this itinerary as it was one of the terms and conditions agreed upon.

The staff is lack of service training. The management does not have policy for crisis management and has an attitude of "take it or leave it".
by Ashley_Francois, posted on 15 10 2009, 23:05

Stupid Tiger, you're just killing yourself, your brand and your reputation.

but if you insist to commit suicide with your crazy charges (think before you penalise your consumers), then go ahead, but don't pull other budget airlines down.
by patricktanyh, posted on 15 10 2009, 22:51

This an incredible story, unbelievable and totally unacceptable!!! I've never fly with Tiger Airways before and was surprised with its so many bad news lately. Thought of trying it, but I think i will just give it a missed for now. I am comfortable with JetStar and AirAsia.
by Booooomz, posted on 15 10 2009, 22:23

The big airlines purposely give budget airlines a bad name, hoping that they will decide to pay more for their main airline business.

So, dun take Tiger Airline and dun take Jetstar (Qantas' budget airline).
by Singaporean@overseas, posted on 15 10 2009, 18:39

I wonder why we are still supporting them as a business?
by wilswong, posted on 15 10 2009, 17:59

Datin Fadila's Nude Home Pictures

From: beng1 <5191...@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 00:56:31 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Tues, Oct 13 2009 3:56 pm
Subject: Datin Fadila's Nude Home Pictures

Wife of an Barisan Nasional MP leaked nude photos.


Bye election won by man guilty of corrupt practice

From: "Abdullah Sani"
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 10:04:51 +1100
Local: Mon, Oct 12 2009 7:04 am
Subject: bye election won by man guilty of corrupt practice

The Malaysian bye election in PD has been won by a man from UMNO who had
damned him as guilty in using money politics in the past.
In Japan a man of this character would have commited hara kiri and never to
be heard again. His descendence will suffer in shame for decades and would
not like to be known as his kin. Malaysia BOLEH

I understand now

From: "Zainal Hisham"
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 18:38:10 +1100
Local: Tues, Oct 13 2009 3:38 pm
Subject: I understand now

I can understand now why Non Malays have hidden in their hearts a genuine
hatred for Malays because of the unfair treatment they had received over the
last twenty plus years under Mahathir. This cannot go on forever and we
Malays should not push our luck too far. It is time to treat everyone
fairly. Ketuanan Melayu is out. Ketuanan Warga Negara is in. In Malaysia
everything looks calm on the surface because the government has been able to
contain the population of the minority non Malays because their leaders have
been easily bribed. I think there is an awakening and if it ignites, no one
irrespective of whatever race is going to be the winner.
Great Britain could not contain the disgrunted minority Irish. How can
Malaysia contain the non Malays except with fair treatment.

No better reasons for non-Malays to hate the Govt of Msia

From: "gabby haslock"
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 17:07:10 +1100
Local: Tues, Oct 13 2009 2:07 pm
Subject: Re: There are no better reasons for non Malays to hate the Government of Malaysia.

Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan are all not aware of this discrimination and unfair
treatment? What a bunch of arseholes
"gabby haslock" wrote in message

> Subject: Chinese Malaysian, living in United States speaks
> up.... A Malaysian diaspora speaks up....

> I am a female Chinese Malaysian, living in the Washington
> DC area in the United States . I have read many of the
> letters that often talk about foreign countries when the
> writers have no real knowledge of actually living in those
> countries.

> Many draw conclusions about what those countries are like
> after hearing it from someone else or by reading and hearing
> about them in the media or after four years in a college
> town in those countries.

> I finished STPM with outstanding results from the
> prestigious St George's Girls School in Penang . Did I
> get a university place from the Malaysian government?
> Nothing. With near perfect scores, I had nothing, while my
> Malay friends were getting offers to go overseas.

> Even those with 2As got into university. I was so
> depressed. I was my parents last hope for getting the family
> out of poverty and at 18, I thought I had failed my parents.
> Today, I understand it was the Malaysian Government that had
> failed me and my family because of its discriminatory
> policies.

> Fortunately, I did not give up and immediately did research
> at the Malaysian American Commission on Education
> Exchange (MACEE) to find a university in the US that would
> accept me and provide all the finances. My family and
> friends thought I was crazy, being the youngest of nine
> children of a very poor carpenter. Anything that required a
> fee was out of our reach.

> Based on merit and my extracurricular activities of
> community service in secondary school, I received full
> tuition scholarship, work study, and grants to cover the
> four years at a highly competitive US university.

> Often, I took 21 credits each semester, 15 credits each
> term while working 20 hours each week and maintaining a 3.5
> CGPA. A couple of semesters, I also received division
> scholarships and worked as a TA (teaching assistant) on top
> of everything else.

> For the work study, I worked as a custodian (yes, cleaning
> toilets), carpet layer, computer lab assistant, grounds
> keeping, librarian, painter, tour guide, etc. If you
> understand the US credit system, you will understand this is
> a heavy load.

> Why did I do it? This is because I learnt as a young child
> from my parents that hard work is an opportunity, to give my
> best in everything, and to take pride in the work I do. I
> walked away with a double major and a minor with honours but
> most of all a great lesson in humility and a great respect
> for those who are forced to labour in so-called `blue
> collar' positions.

> Those of you who think you know all about Australia , US,
> or the West, think again. Unless you have really lived in
> these countries, i.e. paid a mortgage, paid taxes, taken
> part in elections, you do not understand the level of
> commitment and hard work it takes to be successful in these
> countries, not just for immigrants but for people who have
> lived here for generations.

> These people are where they are today because of hard work.
> (Of course, I am not saying everyone in the US is
> hardworking. There is always the lazy lot which lives off of
> someone else's hard work. Fortunately, they are the
> minority.)

> Every single person, anywhere, should have the opportunity
> to succeed if they want to put in the effort and be
> accountable for their own actions..
> In the end, they should be able to reap what they sow.

> It is bearable that opportunities are limited depending on
> how well-off financially one's family is but when higher
> education opportunities are race-based, like it is in
> Malaysia ; it is downright cruel for those who see education
> as the only way out of poverty.

> If you want to say discrimination is here in the US , yes,
> of course it is. Can you name a country where it doesn't
> happen? But let me tell you one thing - if you go looking
> for it, you will find it. But in Malaysia , you don't
> have to go look for it because it seeks you out, slaps you
> in your face every which way you turn, and is sanctioned by
> law!

> Here in the US , my children have the same opportunity to
> go to school and learn just like their black, white, and
> immigrant friends. At school, they eat the same food, play
> the same games, are taught the same classes and when they
> are 18, they will still have the same opportunities.

> Why would I want to bring my children back to Malaysia ?
> So they can suffer the state-sanctioned discrimination as
> the non-malays have for over 30 years?

> The injustice the non-Malay have to suffer in frightening
> silence is the most damaging problem one has to face
> throughout one's life. You just have to look at the
> mighty govt structures which completely favours only one
> race, the Umno Malay. The Chinese and Indians are treated no
> better than the illegal Indonesians. Racism and corruption
> are openly practised by the Malay politicians everywhere,
> Courts, schools/Uni, police, govt offices,
> contracts, GLC, NEP, ISA, local govt. Its so powerful and
> intimidating that you walk with fear and keep your mouth
> shut on anything and everything political. Religion is taboo
> unless you talk good about Islam.

> As for being a slave in the foreign country, I am a happy
> 'slave' earning a good income as an IT project
> manager. I work five days a week; can talk bad about the
> president when I want to; argue about politics, race and
> religion openly; gather with more than 50 friends and family
> when I want (no permit needed) and I don't worry about
> the police pulling me over because they say I ran the light
> when I didn't.

> Have we seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet (Annuar
> Ibrahim)? Or is it the head light of an oncoming Umno
> train ? Lets hope its the former for the sake of all fair
> minded Malaysians. The dream of a Malaysian 'race'
> in the future is nowhere in sight with the present BN govt.
> Where is Negara-Ku???

Chua Soi Lek wins MCA EGM vote

From: "Thomas Jeffry"
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 21:06:42 +1100
Local: Sat, Oct 10 2009 6:06 pm
Subject: Re: Chua Soi Lek wins MCA EGM vote

Will Ong Tee Kiat still have to leave despite Chua having not won with more
then two third majority?

"Pierre" wrote in message

> this just in, Chua Soi Lek won the MCA EGM vote. Looks like Ong Tee
> Keat's going to have to retire after all.

Suspended Chua Soi Lek back as member of MCA
Sat, Oct 10, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10, 2009 (AFP) - The leadership crisis in Malaysia's top ethnic Chinese party deepened Saturday with a no-confidence vote against its president and a show of support for his suspended rival.

At a special meeting the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), a member of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, also overturned the party's decision last month to suspend Chua Soi Lek over a sex-video scandal.

Chua, 62, who was forced to quit as health minister last year after being recorded having sex with an unidentified woman in a hotel room, was the deputy president of the MCA, the second-largest party in Barisan Nasional.

<A HREF="http://ads.asia1.com.sg/event.ng/Type=click&FlightID=22645&AdID=26850&TargetID=3730&Segments=1,81,238,564,1000,1779,1780,2000,2174,2355,2410,2428,2431,2731,2809,2829,2866,2873,2881,2887,2912,2915,2960&Targets=2065,1720,3730,3299,3446,3525&Values=30,50,60,80,93,101,110,130,150,186,196,209,266,942,990,1487,2253,2762,2807,2839,2865,2908,2920,4074,4087,4118,4120,4335,4342,5599,5611,5915,5975,5980&RawValues=DOCUMENTURI%2C/js.ng/site=tasiaonenews&sec=asiaonea1news&pagepos=1&size=300X250&Redirect=http:%2f%2fclk.atdmt.com/SJK/go/179336278/direct/01/" target="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://adimage.asia1.com.sg/2009/sia/a14900/oct08/sia_a14900_2009Oct08_300x250_4PP.jpg" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 BORDER=0></A>
Party president Ong Tee Keat refused to confirm whether he will quit following the no-confidence vote, which the 2,300 delegates adopted by a slim, 14-vote margin. The motion to overturn Chua's suspension was passed with a margin of 109 votes.

"We will cross that bridge when it comes," Ong told reporters. "We respect the decision made by the delegates... We will call for meetings to discuss the future of the party and what's next."

Chua could not be reached for comment.

The MCA's move comes as the Barisan Nasional attempts to regain support from minority Chinese and Indians, who swung away from the coalition in national elections last year.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said Friday he wanted a strong MCA that can help the ruling coalition regain the support of the Chinese community.

In the wake of the sex scandal, Chua last year resigned as the party's number three but was voted back in by party members to the number two post.

That set off a running battle with Ong, who Chua said felt threatened by his support within the party. In recent months the sex scandal was revived with new questions over the legality of the acts depicted in the tape.

Malaysia is Falling Apart

nawawi kechik
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More options Oct 9, 9:01 am
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia
From: "nawawi kechik"
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 12:01:01 +1100
Local: Fri, Oct 9 2009 9:01 am
Subject: Wake up my people. Nobody owes us a living
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In this day and age only fairness can survive time. Don't let our
politicians fool us. The non Malays if pushed to a corner may just cannot
help but retailiate and as a result of the turmoil this country will not be
fit to live in for anybody! A small group of non malays eminating Bin
Ladin's tactics will morethan this country can cope with. Wise up my fellow
country men before it becomes too lateMALAYSIAN MALAY

by Dr Syed Alwi of Singapore

quoted-printable Content-Length: 5485

Dear Editor,

As you know, I am an avid watcher of Malaysian affairs. I
confess that lately, Malaysia appears to be failing. Not a
day passes by without more events that clearly highlight Malaysia 's
race-religion fault-line. If things keep going this way, I fear for Malaysia
's future.

Today, schools in Singapore celebrate Racial Harmony Day. I
can visibly see the joy in the children's faces as they wear their ethnic
costumes and have fun together at school. But in Malaysia - even the right
to choose a religion has become a sensitive, national issue. No doubt, there
are many in Malaysia who hate my liberal views on Islam, family included.
But I will say what I must say openly. I have come to the conclusion that
Malaysia cannot progress any further without first addressing fundamental
questions regarding its identity and soul.

I remember the days when we can laugh at Lat's cartoons on
everyday Malaysian life. But sadly, the Islamic tide has polarised
Malaysians. Some people ask why I should bother about Malaysian affairs
I am a Singaporean. May I remind Malaysians that it was Tan
Siew Sin who once said that Singapore and Malaysia are Siamese Twins. Should
Malaysia go down - it would hurt the region tremendously. Especially
Singapore .

Where do you think Malay apostates would head for if Lina
Joy loses her case? Singapore of course! I find the Malaysian Malay to be
very under-exposed. For them, it's all Islam and the NEP and everything
under the sun would sort itself out. I am sorry to say this - but Islam and
the NEP may be the cause of the undoing of the Malaysian Malay.

There is nothing wrong with religion or affirmative action.
But, like everything else in life, they must be taken in moderation and with
a pinch of salt. A little doubt is good. Unfortunately in Malaysia ,
emotions over Islam have overcome reason. What we see today is the result of
the NEP and Islamisation policies of the past thirty years or so.

No one owes Malaysian Malays a living. Let me assure
you that should Malaysia fail - the Malaysian Malay will
suffer enormously. And rightly so. After all - they have been pampered with
all sorts of goodies over the years. They cannot now expect more goodies.
Perhaps the day of reckoning for them, is near. Whatever it is, Malaysia had
better wake up to the realities around her. The globalised world of the 21st
century has no NEP to offer the Malaysian Malay. And humans cannot live by
religion alone.

Dr Syed Alwi

Malaysia Boleh - sending expired food to Padang

From: "nawawi kechik"
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 09:45:34 +1100
Local: Thurs, Oct 8 2009 6:45 am
Subject: Re: Malaysia Boleh... !!!!!!!!

What a disgrace. Some crooks have got their fingers in the show. Never heard
of the food products which had expiry dates well over become fresh again
with a new sticker indicating new expiry dates. Indeed malaysia is a joke in
the international circle.

"AleXX" wrote in message

> Sending expired foods to help Padang's quake victims? :)

The economy must be improving - Gold hit record price

From: Lee Des
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 08:34:53 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Wed, Oct 7 2009 11:34 pm
Subject: Re: The economy must be improving

Well, this I get to see it. How can the economy be improved when your
favorite people keep protesting?

On Oct 7, 9:01 am, Good Soldier Schweik

> Local gold prices supported by strong baht

> As gold prices are about to hit a new record in Asian trading,
> domestic gold price could have exceeded Bt17,000 per 1 baht in Thai
> metric standard, but for the appreciation of Thai currency against US
> dollar, said Gold Traders Association President Jitti Tangsithpakdi.

> Jitti said that on Wednesday, the domestic gold price is raised
> Bt250-Bt300 per the 1-baht metric standard which is equivalent to 15.2
> grammes. Gold shops are selling gold ornament at Bt16,750 per 15.2
> grammes.

> The price of gold struck an all-time high Tuesday in New York as the
> dollar fell on a news report of a plan by Gulf states to stop using
> the greenback for oil trading. Gold hit 1,045.00 dollars per ounce in
> late trades. The buoyancy continued today as gold is being traded near
> record.

> According to Jitti, due to the price increase, gold shops have been
> rather quiet.

> cheers,

> Schweik

Malays are pendatangs

From: "nawawi kechik"
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 13:39:00 +1100
Subject: Malays are pendatangs

OLD STORY already but still relevant!

This came from the anthropological team from one of
the Aussie universities. As far as I know, it is genuine, considering where
it came from.

Have a read and see what you think.

The Truth Revealed (with evidence)!

In June 1998, the government of Malaysia had hired a
team of experts from all over the world to be gathered here in Malaysia for
a research project to compliment the history studies that we undertook in
our secondary school.

The objective of the research is simply:

1. To find proof and evidence that show the
Malays were the origins of Malaysia and they were the first race and
religion that landed their feet in Malaysia .

2. To further strengthen their claims, first they
need to find the graveyard of the Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and
others.. to show the existence of their pioneers.

3. The Batu Bersurat in Terengganu, reveals that
the islamic religion has landed in Malaysia for more than a hundred years
ago which further strengthen their claims!

BEWARE & OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Go and ask your brother,
sister, niece, nephew etc. Since the year 1999 (if i'm not mistaken) or year
2000, do they study about HANG TUAH anymore?

Why is that popular subject GONE? Missing in action?
or evidence reveals something else that caused the government to stop the
syllabus and HIDE the TRUTH?

Here are the Evidences of the findings by the team
of scientists, archaeologist, historian and other technical staff from the
United States , United Kingdom , Germany , Canada , Yemen & Russia .

The evidence are:

1) They finally found the graveyard of Hang
Tuah, Hang Jebat and others, their skeletons had been analized and samples
of DNA taken with the results showing: Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and
mates were NOT MALAY! They were CHINESE origins (islamic) from China !

Why were they here in Malacca? If you go
back in history, you would know that they were on a mission to protect the
UNGRATEFUL MALAY Sultanate from the frequent attacks by the Kingdom of SIAM
( Thailand ).

So Hang Tuah was not a Malay hero! They were
the protectors of the useless and ungrateful Parameswara (who was from
INDONESIA ) who landed in Malacca and claimed that the land belonged to him!

Hang Tuah and friends were all from China ,
they were being assigned to the Malacca Sultanate because Parameswara
requested the Ming Dynasty Emperor for protection! Hence, the rich
historical heritage of the Babas & Nyonyas were being closely linked to the
Seven Voyages to the Western Ocean by Admiral Zheng He who incidentally was
a Chinese Muslim himself!

That's why the Hang Tuah series of history
is MISSING from the Malaysian SEJARAH today! Note : Remember Princess Hang Li Poh ? - All
surname 'HANG'

2) The researchers hired by the government found
the oldest tombstones (graveyard) in Kelantan in year 2000. Suprisingly, the
tombstones were at least 900 years old! Older than the so-called Batu
Bersurat. And the interesting thing was that they all belonged to the
Being landed first in Malacca doesn't mean Malay is
the first in Malaysia because during that time, the road was too long or
undeveloped for them to reach or see the other side of the coast where the
Chinese had landed much earlier. If you want the hard evidence of what the
truth of the Research reveals, please write to The Federal Association of
Archaeology & Research of Michigan , USA .

This is a good reason to remind the Bumiputras NOT
to ask the Chinese or Indians to go back to their Motherlands because the
evidence had shown that Malays were NOT the original people of Malaysia !
The Truth Revealed (with evidence) and anthropologists have yet to ascertain
if there was indeed a Malay race!

T'is pretty hard to face the fact that we malays are
a bunch of arseholes comprising many who are pariahs, half breeds and
outcasts. Have we the right to be KETUANAN Malaysia even what Malaysia has
achieved today been the major result of all other races' hard work.

Uzbeks earning RM100k monthly as prostitutes in KL

From: bear
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 03:37:35 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Tues, Oct 6 2009 6:37 pm
Subject: Uzbeks earning RM100,000 monthly as prostitutes

If it is that profitable, i am sure KL streets are full of street

Uzbeks earning RM100,000 monthly as prostitutes

KUALA LUMPUR: Women from other countries are making big bucks in the prostitution trade here but the cops are keeping track of them.

Criminal Investiga-tions Department Director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said police considered the fight against prostitution a serious matter and would never let up in their effort to eradicate it.

An article in Utusan Malaysia yesterday reported that Uzbekis-tan women involved in the flesh trade were earning between RM1,000 to RM1,500 per session.

The women who enter the country on student and tourist visas are said to earn an estimated RM100,000 a month by entertaining at least five clients a day and work five days a week.

They are said to enter the country using a three-month social visit and after earning more than RM300,000, they would leave the country and head for another.

Comm Mohd Bakri said the police have been holding regular meetings with the Immigration Department and have urged them to be more stringent in allowing foreign women to enter the country.

“We have been meeting and discussing with them (Immi-gration Department) regularly and have asked them to ensure that only genuine visitors like tourists, students and workers are allowed into the country.

“The police will continue to monitor and arrest foreign wo-men involved in prostitution including those who organise such illegal activities,’’ he said.

Comm Mohd Bakri also revealed that this year alone 7,810 foreign women from 21 countries who were allegedly involved in the flesh trade were arrested.

He said since 2005 and up to Sept 30 this year police arrested 456 pimps, out of whom 191 have been charged in court and another 265 detained under Preventive Laws.

It is learnt that among those arrested were 211 Uzbekistan women.

Teo Beng Hock's demise

From: "oi kia"
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 23:12:29 +1000
Local: Sat, Oct 3 2009 9:12 pm
Subject: Re: Teo Beng Hock's demise

"uputih" wrote in message

> The mystery DNA issue is getting more weird. The expalanation given looks
> very absurd, unless the autopsy was conducted by a butcher rather than a
> doctor.
> Allah when he has time will help to sort out this problem. Teoh's parents
> will have a vision from Allah who will adequately compensate them from
> raising this matter again and for complying with the will of Allah their
> lives will improve by leaps and bounds. allah will shower them with lots
> of bounty.
> What is seriously needed here is a whistle blower.

No whistle blower is required. Allah has willed it so. Anyone tempted to
whistle blow will face the wrath of Allah

> In order for the truth to come out, the Ghost of Altantuya must appear.

> Allah has spoken to Altantuya's father to withdraw the case and he has
> complied and we will not hear of this matter from him anymore. The
> Mongolian Government has also been told to shut up.
> Uputih.

Kugan's death: One cop to be charged

From: "oi kia"
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 20:08:16 +1000
Local: Fri, Oct 2 2009 6:08 pm
Subject: Kugan's death: One cop to be charged, and not for murder

I am of the opinion the proscecutor is right not to charge the cop for
murder. He at most must be charged for manslaughter or battery and assault.
Obviously that cop is not the only one who did the battering. I am sure many
of them were also involved. The officer in charge of the station should also
be charged for being complicit in allowing this battering to go on. How many
cops were involved in the interogation? All those involved I am quite sure
must have been at least guilty of slapping or even punching him. The cop
charged should be made to account for all the injury on the body.The
possibility of him alone being responsible for all the injury is beyond
imagination. I am quite sure the cop charged was not alone with Kugan during
the interogation period. All other cops present at the interogation are
guilty of being assessory to the crime.

Malaysia Boleh. The cop charged may just take the rap and serve a short
spell in prison after which he will retire in comfort somewhere else in the
world never to be seen again to enjoy his reward. He has no choice because
he is in perpetual danger if he continues to live in the country.