Kugan's death: One cop to be charged

From: "oi kia"
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 20:08:16 +1000
Local: Fri, Oct 2 2009 6:08 pm
Subject: Kugan's death: One cop to be charged, and not for murder

I am of the opinion the proscecutor is right not to charge the cop for
murder. He at most must be charged for manslaughter or battery and assault.
Obviously that cop is not the only one who did the battering. I am sure many
of them were also involved. The officer in charge of the station should also
be charged for being complicit in allowing this battering to go on. How many
cops were involved in the interogation? All those involved I am quite sure
must have been at least guilty of slapping or even punching him. The cop
charged should be made to account for all the injury on the body.The
possibility of him alone being responsible for all the injury is beyond
imagination. I am quite sure the cop charged was not alone with Kugan during
the interogation period. All other cops present at the interogation are
guilty of being assessory to the crime.

Malaysia Boleh. The cop charged may just take the rap and serve a short
spell in prison after which he will retire in comfort somewhere else in the
world never to be seen again to enjoy his reward. He has no choice because
he is in perpetual danger if he continues to live in the country.

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