Uzbeks earning RM100k monthly as prostitutes in KL

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Subject: Uzbeks earning RM100,000 monthly as prostitutes

If it is that profitable, i am sure KL streets are full of street
Uzbeks earning RM100,000 monthly as prostitutes

KUALA LUMPUR: Women from other countries are making big bucks in the prostitution trade here but the cops are keeping track of them.

Criminal Investiga-tions Department Director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said police considered the fight against prostitution a serious matter and would never let up in their effort to eradicate it.

An article in Utusan Malaysia yesterday reported that Uzbekis-tan women involved in the flesh trade were earning between RM1,000 to RM1,500 per session.

The women who enter the country on student and tourist visas are said to earn an estimated RM100,000 a month by entertaining at least five clients a day and work five days a week.

They are said to enter the country using a three-month social visit and after earning more than RM300,000, they would leave the country and head for another.

Comm Mohd Bakri said the police have been holding regular meetings with the Immigration Department and have urged them to be more stringent in allowing foreign women to enter the country.

“We have been meeting and discussing with them (Immi-gration Department) regularly and have asked them to ensure that only genuine visitors like tourists, students and workers are allowed into the country.

“The police will continue to monitor and arrest foreign wo-men involved in prostitution including those who organise such illegal activities,’’ he said.

Comm Mohd Bakri also revealed that this year alone 7,810 foreign women from 21 countries who were allegedly involved in the flesh trade were arrested.

He said since 2005 and up to Sept 30 this year police arrested 456 pimps, out of whom 191 have been charged in court and another 265 detained under Preventive Laws.

It is learnt that among those arrested were 211 Uzbekistan women.

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