Abdul Shukur Idrus - the Umno delegate of Selangor

From: "uputih"
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 15:28:16 -0700
Local: Sun, Oct 18 2009 6:28 am
Subject: Re: Abdul Shukur Idrus, the Umno delegate of Selangor

100 Plus 1 percent in agreement with u.

If u examine the credibility of every member in each UMNO cawangan
inclusive of every Ketua Kampong appointed or elected, the common trait
running in every one of them, "masuk UMNO cari duit" (join UMNO to make
money). U will be trampled into the ground if the intention is to serve
beyond self.

Satu Malaysia is more synonymous to "Everyone Corrupt, All Happy"

Chin Cham

"Zainal Hisham" wrote in message

> Abdul Shukur Idrus, the Umno delegate of Selangor in debating the
> president's speech at the party's General Assembly has called on federal
> aids to opposition-ruled states to be reduced and said that such aid
> should instead be channeled directly to the people because the parties in
> the Pakatan Rakyat is benefiting through the socio-economic programmes and
> projects.
> Soon enough if there are a few more representatives like this in my
> opinion a stupid fellow there will be a call to divert all moneys given by
> the government for any projects or required government fundings be instead
> be used to line the pockets of all their relatives and supporters. This
> man does not seem to be aware how government runs. BODOH.

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