Malaysians are not treated equally

Subject: Re: Malaysians are not treated equally. The non-Malay is denied education, housing, health care, scholarships, job opportunities and wealth creation.

On Feb 2, 11:29 am, OngBak3 wrote:

> BTN, ketuanan Melayu and other racist connotations ….
> Sadly the mirror also reflects other profiles of the truly ugly
> Malaysian.

> We’ve had several millions spent on projects, or quietly siphoned
> away. Despite the NEP, the Malays comprise the majority of the poor.
> The gulf between the rich and poor is bad for everybody. And the gap
> between the rich and poor Malay has grown even wider.

> These ‘fat-cats’ grow more wealthy, yet little, if any money filters
> down to the poor and deprived Malay. These vulgar, ultra-rich Malays
> are not stupid to relinquish their hold on power and prestige. They
> are the ones who champion the BTN, NEP, ketuanan Melayu etcetera. They
> have little regard for the poor man who when applying for welfare aid
> is given a difficult time with umpteen form-fillings, to satisfy a
> ludicrous selection criteria.

> Improve our reflection in the mirror

> Maybe our leaders should look into the Mirror of Erised, the magic
> mirror in Harry Potter, which shows the ‘deepest and most desperate
> desire in the hearts of those who look at it’. Maybe then they will
> see themselves as leaders of a Malaysia, that is a freer and fairer
> society. Only then, we can truly call it ‘1Malaysia’

> - Mariam Mokhtar

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