Dear Mahathir - pls answer these questions

From: "truth"

Mahathir is a fake Malay.
His father is an Indian Muslim who married a
Malay girl.
So by tradition, he should have been classified at
an Indian. Only a snake like him could have
wriggled his way into umno and then the leadership.

"wakalukong" wrote in message
DR. Mahathir Mohamed is a MALAYSIAN BY BLOOD ,

Dr. Mahathir Mohamed got his Malay blood from his Malay
mother ,
just like the Jewish tradition of jewish recognisation by
maternal descent ,
the French President Sazorky is a Jew because his mother is a
Jew from Spain .

so DR. Mahathir Mohamed is a true MALAYSIAN ,

because Chinese in Malaysia have no MALAY BLOOD .

n Feb 10, 12:18 pm, "osman saad" wrote:

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> Dear Mahathir
> January 29, 2010

> Malaysianinsider reports that you had "defended the social contract, the
> so-called unwritten agreement between the Malays and the non-Malays during
> independence, by affirming that without the agreement, Malaysia would not
> have been formed".
> They quoted you :
> "If there was no social contract, the terms and conditions of allowing
> citizenship to non-Malays would have not taken place. One million
> outsiders
> were given citizenships at the time."

> Now, this quote from you got me curious.
> Let me tell you why.
> I conferred with my aunt, who confirmed that my maternal great
> grandfather,
> Eliathamby, of whom I've written previously in a posting entitled "The
> land
> that my forefathers helped build", would have left Ceylon and arrived in
> what is now West Malaysia, around 1870. He died well before the conclusion
> of that social contract that you spoke of, so my great grandfather would
> not
> have come within those 'one million outsiders' who acquired citizenship at
> the time of independence in 1957.
> My maternal grandfather, Vellupillay T. Williams, never lived to see the
> formation of Malaya so he, too, did not make up the 'one million
> outsiders'.
> Enough of my family tree.

> Let's look at yours.
> I got this from a blog, Malaysiana :
> Perhaps, the most famous Malayalee to land in George Town was Iskandar
> Kutty, a merchant who married a Johor-Riau wife Siti Hawa Iskandar.
> They became the proud parents of Alor Star's top public school Sultan
> Abdul
> Hamid College's founder-principal and Kedah's royal educatorDatuk Mohamad
> Iskandar.
> Mohamad was the school teacher of Tunku Abdul Rahman.
> He and his wife Datin Wan Tempawan Wan Hanafi from the Kedah Bendahara's
> (Prime Minister's) clan, were the proud parents of Tun Dr Mahathir
> Mohamad,
> Malaysia's Father of Modernisation and fourth Prime Minister.
> And this from Malaysia Today :
> Born in December 20, 1925, Dr Mahathir hailed from the state of Kedah, at
> the capital of Alor Star, whose father was a school teacher. His father
> was
> Indian who migrated from Kerala, who married a malay lady and sold banana
> frittersduring the second world war. His early education was through
> vernacular school and at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College in the city.
> My question, then, Doc, firstly, is whether your father was amongst the
> 'one
> million outsiders'?
> And when did you become 'Malay', Doc?
> When did you move from being a son of an Indian who migrated from Kerala
> to
> a Malay?
> Not that I care, but when?
> Speaking of Malay, do you remember your "Malay Dilemma", Doc?
> Do you remember what you said about the problem of inbreeding amongst the
> Malay community, and that whole business of genes?
> Back then, who had heard of this thing called DNA?
> Who had ever imagined that science would one day make it possible for all
> of
> us to trace our genealogy?
> Guess what, Doc?
> It seems, based on all this new DNA scientific knowledge, that there's no
> such thing as a Malay race.
> It would seem that you've gone from being a son of an Indian who migrated
> from Kerala to a 'does not exist'.

> Just like that!
> My cyber buddy, Michael Chick, has written extensively on this matter, in
> a
> three-parter in Malaysiakini. HERE, HERE, and HERE .
> See what Michael writes in his final part : "The people Malaysians call
> 'Malay', are actually only a tiny sub-component of the much larger
> Austronesian group. And all Austronesians are the end-product of extensive
> inter-breeding between the Taiwanese and Dravidic Indians. All this has
> finally been irrefutably proven by independent DNA testings from
> world-class
> faculties".
> I've never been very good at all these sciences, Doc, but if you're any
> better, and you think Michael's cocked-up big time in his conclusions, why
> don't you take him on?
> Damn, I digress.
> So when and how did you become Malay, Doc?
> Because of the definition of 'Malay' in the Federal Constitution, Doc?
> Article 160 (2)?
> That right?
> So, right up until the last moments before Tunku's declaration of
> independence, you were the son of an Indian who migrated from Kerala, and
> moments later

> you were magically transformed into a Malay?
> And is not the definition of Malay in Article 160(2) stated to be for the
> limited purpose where the word 'Malay' appears in the Constitution?
> But really, Doc, I don't give a toss whether you hold yourself out as
> Malay
> or the son of an Indian who migrated from Kerala.

> Whatever turns you on.
> What pisses me off is this Bumi-non Bumi crap.
> November 19th, last year, The Star reported on Najib's balik kampung to
> Makassar in South Sulawesi. You can read the report HERE.

> Courtesy of The Star

> Najib is reported to have said : "I feel like I am returning to my roots,"
> and, when asked to comment on the possibility that some people might view
> the fact that he had roots here in a negative light, Najib said: "I am not
> apologetic about it. This is my family history and I am proud of it."
> According to the report, Najib said he was the direct descendant of Bugis
> royalty who migrated to Pahang in the 18th century.
> Well, at least this Malaysian is not ashamed of his roots!
> Now, you know that aunt I mentioned earlier?
> You know her.
> Aunty Rasammah.

> I googled her name yesterday and this is what is written of her in
> Wikipedia.
> "Rasammah Bhupalan, also known as Rasammah Naomi Navarednam or Mrs F.R.
> Bhupalan is a renowned Malaysian freedom fighter and social activist
> Born in 1927, she has championed causes such as the anti-drug abuse
> movement, women's rights, education and social justice causes.
> Rasammah was one of the earliest women involved in the fight for Malaysian
> (then Malaya) independence. She joined the Rani of Jhansi Regiment, the
> women's wing of the Indian National Army, to fight the British. She served
> in Burma during World War II.
> As founder president of the Women Teacher's Union, she fought for equal
> pay
> for women teachers and tried to bring disparate teachers' unions under an
> umbrella.
> The former school principal was the first Asian representative of the
> World
> Confederation of Organisations of the Teaching Profession for two
> successive
> terms. She was also very active in the National Council of Women's
> Organisation (NCWO) and Pemadam.
> She was a teacher in the Methodist Boys' School, Kuala Lumpur from 1959 to
> 1964 and was the principal of the Methodist Girls School, Kuala Lumpur for
> 13 years from 1970 until she retired in 1982. On 11th November 2007,
> Mrs.Bhupalan was one of the few veteran teachers who were invited to
> attend
> MBSSKL's 110th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. The dinner was specially
> organized to honour all the former and current teachers of the school".
> Quite frankly, I think the write-up in Wikipedia does little justice to
> all
> that Aunty Rasammah has done for this country. But that is another matter.
> More importantly, Doc, why are you, the son of an Indian who migrated from
> Kerala, and Najib, the descendant of Bugis who migrated from Sulawesi,
> bumiputra, whilst Aunty Rasammah is not?

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