How Najib smeared Mahathir using Western Journalists

In December, in his frequent outlet the South China Morning Post, Byrnes, describing himself as a ‘Kuala Lumpur based commentator’ lambasted Mahathir in an article, which reads like an election broadcast for Najib, claiming pointedly that under him the courts have “recovered their independence”

Sarawak Report has evidence that Najib’s communications chief Paul Stadlen hired Byrnes onto his team funded by the Prime Minister’s Office.
The articles emanating from Mr Byrne have continued to doggedly promote the beleaguered Najib.  In an article in the National, which was ‘bounced back’ into Malaysia via the Star he has promoted him as a foreign leader:

In another article entitled “Free Speech is fine, but who wants a vile rant” he defended Najib’s right to uphold the Sedition Act, praising Malaysia for being better than Vietnam:

“In Vietnam, dissident bloggers have been detained, jailed and beaten. In Malaysia, on the other hand, such critics thrive in the country’s online publications”.

PM’s Communications Department’s  new recruit Sholto Byrnes.

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