Death for Altantuya's murderers

From: "oikia"
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 00:03:39 +1000
Local: Thurs, Jul 9 2009 10:03 pm
Subject: Death for Altantuya's murderers

Murderers are those that kill with a motive. If they kill without a motive,
they cannot be murderers. They can be mentally off their rockers or just
plainly mad. At most they should be confined to a mental institution. Now
can we get these people to plainly tell why they killed?
Incidently how did the Judge arrive at a guilty verdict for murder without a
motive? How did the proscecutor charge the accused for murder without
establishing a motive?

Strange country with a strange Judiciary that fails to adhere to the simple
tenets of LAW. It is more like the LAW of the JUNGLE


  1. It's good to see people are not allowing Najib & Rosmah to sweep everything under their thick pile carpet of denials!

  2. I won't be surprise if these death sentences are planned by Najib to silence the only witnesses to the malicious crime. After they are hanged nobody will be able to point the finger at him any more.