Andy Lau's father-in-law died in Malaysia

Last wish of Carol Chu's dad - to see her wed Lau

THE last wish of Carol Chu's father was to see his daughter finally settling down with Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau, China Press reported.

The elder Chu had expressed sadness many times that his daughter had to contend with "hiding behind the lenses" as the unofficial Mrs Lau but he could not do anything as it was her choice.

There was talk that Lau had bought property in Malaysia in Carol's name in a bid to lessen the family's disappointment.

The couple had planned to marry in April but the wedding was called off at the last minute and postponed indefinitely after it was leaked to the media.

The elder Chu, 73, died on Tuesday after a five-hour surgery to remove a blood clot.

It is not known if the superstar would attend the funeral, the paper said.

A RM100,000 funeral would be held for Chu and the cost, including for the purchase of a coffin, was borne by Lau and the Chu siblings.

The daily also reported that Lau and Carol had returned to Malaysia to visit Chu before his death.

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