A Muslim woman, wife of Singaporean, to be caned..for in Malaysia

Sukarno is not a bad looking woman.
for canning .

I like to see her ass.
hope there will be a movie of her ass
from this canning process.

Aug 21, 1:54 pm, baldeagle wrote:

The Muslim wife of a Singaporean is in the news around the world...in
> CNN, Associated Press, Telegraph,...and others ....as the first woman
> to be caned in SE Asia...for drinking beer.

> Apparently, the Foreign ministry of Singapore pretend not to know.
> Beer drinking, a social practice common in the USA, in Europe and in
> more advanced countries in Asia...is against the Muslim Law...the law
> in Malaysia.;.
> In fact, beer drinking is as common as drinking coke, coffee or tea.
> Cannot understand why it is immoral to drink beer in certain primitive
> society....they certainly have weird customs. It is laughable...

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  1. Don't try to spark up an argument pertaining to this issue. No religion in this world promotes wine drinking.

    The Americans and Europeans practising something does not necessarily make it correct. Their culture and lifestyle is not perfect, by all means.

    The canning punishment is a rule set by the book. No one has the right to question its validity.

    If you do not possess enough knowledge in the field, just keep quiet and reserve your comments. In other words - SHUT UP!
    Your primitive mind and stupidity is only magnified more by you calling the Muslim community primitive for not consuming alcohol.

    **Try telling your sister, in front of your mother, that it's OK to fuck around without marriage, with as many men as she wants, because the Americans and Europeans do that. And its OK to record the sessions on tapes for the world to view. In fact she could also make money from it. It's OK because it's common in the US of America and Europe too.