Hishammuddin wants public to praise Police for shooting innocent boy

RAUB: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein wants the people to be fair and not have negative perception of the police force.

He said the death of Aminulrasyid Amzah,15, on Monday should not have been extensively discussed by the public and it had created prejudice towards the police.

"An independent panel to monitor police investigation will be formed. We symphatise with what happened and want justice to take its course," he said when opening the annual general meeting of Umno branches in Cameron Highlands division in Sungai Koyan today.

Hishamuddin urged all quarters to wait for the outcome of the investigation and to stop speculating or politicising the issue.

He criticised some quarters for never for once issued statements that sided with the police.

"People are angry when a member of public is shot but the same can't be said when police are shot. They have no sympathy at all. Is there a difference between the life of the public and policemen?

On the shooting of a Kelantan palace guard, Hishammuddin said police were still investigating the case.

"I have yet to receive a report. Police view the incident seriously," the minister said.

He declined comment when asked whether the shooting case was linked to the palace crisis in Kelantan.

Ramli Mohamad,50, was shot by unidentified assailants while riding his motorcycle at Kampung Sungai Nyior, Palekbang, Tumpat, at 12.25am yesterday.

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