Malays are racist - the rest are Not...

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KUALA LUMPUR: Dr Mohd Khir Toyo is wondering why a Malay is swiftly
condemned as a racist while the rest are spared when they champion the
interests of their own race.

The former Selangor menteri besar also questioned MCA and Gerakan's
decision to pin the blame on Malay pressure group Perkasa for the loss
of Chinese support in the Hulu Selangor by-election.

He pointed out that just like the Chinese education movement Dong Jia
Zhong, Perkasa does not have any links with Barisan Nasional or Umno.

“Does this mean that Malay voters would not support a BN candidate
from MCA because of MCA and Gerakan's ties with this organisation
(Dong Jia Zhong)?” he asked.

According to him, MCA and Gerakan should have explained to the Chinese
voters in Hulu Selangor that Perkasa is a non-governmental
organisation which is not affliated to BN.

“Do MCA and Gerakan want to be parties that would balance the need of
the Chinese community with that of the other races by going to the
ground and providing rational explanations.

“Or are they only interested in gaining the support of the Chinese
community by being a champion of that race's interests just like DAP?”
he added in a blog posting.

The Umno leader also failed to understand why his attack on DAP had
led senior leaders in MCA and Gerakan to brand him a racist.

Khir was also perplexed as to how his statement - that the lack of
Chinese support for BN is a sign for the prime minister to review
certain policies - could be construed as racism.

The Sungai Buaya Umno division head had urged Prime Minister Najib Tun
Razak to re-look the '1Malaysia' concept and the New Economic Model.

“BN must find ways to pull in the votes. If existing polices are not
supported, then they must be reviewed. Is this being racist?” he

Chinese youths easily 'incited' by DAP

In an obvious referrence to Perkasa boss Ibrahim Ali, the former MB
said he had never asked for the Chinese voters to be punished.

“Nobody can be angry at them for not supporting BN. That is their
right,” he added.

Following the April 25 by-election, Ibrahim urged the government to
withhold its election promises for the Chinese community, since an
overwhelming majority voted for the opposition.

Khir explained that he had merely stated his view that the Chinese
support for PKR candidate Zaid Ibrahum was an attempt to strengthen
the Chinese-dominated DAP in Selangor.

“If MCA and Gerakan have a different viewpoint, they should disclose
it. What is odd is that my attack on DAP saw MCA and Gerakan (leaders)
getting riled up,” he said.

Khir said it is MCA and Gerakan's task to explain the BN concept of
power sharing among the various races to the younger generation of

“But is this being done today?” he asked. “How many Chinese youths
actually understand and appreciate this concept?

“I find that most of them are seperated from the historical roots with
regard to the formation of this country and are now easily 'incited'
by DAP,” he added.

Khir's comments come on the heels of Najib's advise to Umno leaders to
play a more significant role in roping in the non-Malay votes,
especially Chinese support.

Confirming this with a news portal today, Khir, who attended the Umno
retreat over the weekend, said the prime minister does not want BN
leaders to confine themselves along racial lines.

The prime minister, said Khir, even suggested that Umno leaders attend
Chinese functions instead of leaving the task to their Chinese
counterparts in BN.

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