Najib Plotting To Jail or Kill Mahathir?

The grapevine had it that Najib is seriously contemplating putting Mahathir and Anwar together in the same prison. It seems this is the only alternative left for Najib, in order to maintain his stay in power. If Mahathir can hide any wrongdoings, another Sodomy charge will come in handy once again by Najib's team. It is just a matter of finding and paying someone to sacrifice his ass for Najib.

Mahathir had been launching waves after waves of attack on Najib, accusing him of every mischief under the sun, whilst Najib is denying everything that is linked to him quite successfully so far. But there is a limit to everything, and Mahathir is getting stronger leaning on the support of the FBI and other international investigations into the corrupt practices and other crimes of Najib.

There is no way that Najib can get down from the pinnacle of power now. He, in fact, need to strengthen it further, for any lost of position at the top could mean jail terms for himself. It would have been easier to get someone to assassinate Mahathir, but the old fox is cleverer than Najib in this aspect, being the mastermind that he once was.

The earlier plan was to lure him close to the Red Shirt protesters created by Najib and his cronies, and get the red mob to silence Mahathir once and for all. But the old man was too smart for this kind of cheap tricks used often by Najib. He surrounded himself with yellow shirted followers and near to security officers and abundant of reporters, making it difficult for the Red Shirt gangsters to make that fatal move.

With Mahathir going down the path of Anwar, that is, forming a new party to unite the oppositions against Najib in the next elections, things now get easier for Najib. He is going to repeat his success on Anwar, albeit this time is on his father's good friend, Mahathir.

An opposition without Head, is no opposition, as shown in the recent Sarawak elections and the subsequent 2 by-elections.

Now, we wait for that Najib to throw out his Trump card - Sodomy!

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