The Danger of having High Speed Train

Rapid KL has come out to defend one of its train captains after a photo showing him allegedly sleeping on the job went viral on social media. Can you imagine what will happen to the HSR from KL to Singapore if we have drivers like this?
Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana) Group Communications and Strategic Marketing head Lim Jin Aun told Bernama that the train driver was just resting by placing his head on the driving panel, and not sleeping as claimed by the media.
“We were informed that he took a short rest while waiting for the train, which was operating on semi-auto, to arrive at a station. The allegation in the article is not true.
“Nevertheless, it is still an offence because train captains are required to be on stand-by at all times during the journey,” he was quoted as saying.
Lim added that disciplinary action had been taken against the train captain.
“A warning letter had been issued to him and he has been suspended from work for a week since yesterday.
“He has also been ordered to go for counselling and attend courses on technical guidance and self-development,” he was further quoted as saying.
On July 3, Facebook user Philip Pak Ming Wong posted a photo showing the train captain sleeping at the control panel.

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