The Most Blatant and Daring Corruption Ever Committed by a Government in World History

The truths are slowly being dragged out into the open, as PM Najib continue to hide his crimes behind his position as Prime Minister. Making use of the stupidity of the majority of the rural voters to stay in power, and the use of force and even murders to ensure he remain where he is, it also means a slow and painful death of his tenure as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

More interestingly, it means all the shits that he had done, will be widely and deeply published all over the world in greater and greater details, and will be so well documented in history, that today, the world already have no doubt that Najib is the most openly corrupted government leader ever existed in the history of mankind, surpassing President Marcos of the Philippines many times over.

These detailed announcement by the FBI to take actions against 1MDB is going to be the most daring counter act against Najib, and it has to be coming from the US, as the actions need to be from a superpower, since Najib is using the whole country of Malaysia's resources to protect himself.

The corruptions mentioned here not just involve stealing of money, but also murders, forceful removal of oppositions by manipulating of laws, cover-up of lies, and cover-up of other cover-ups.

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