Chinese Malaysians asking for too much?

By Zaini Hassan

WHAT else do Chinese Malaysians want? Let us put aside the reasons why they do not support the current government in Kuala Lumpur. Let us study first what else they want.

For that, we have to go back to history. The Chinese came to Malaya to seek opportunities. They had lived a hard life in mainland China for hundreds of years. Like the whites who migrated to the American continent because it was the land of opportunity, the Chinese migrated to Malaya to make their fortunes in this bountiful land.

The strategy of their forebears has borne fruit. The Chinese have attained what they wanted. They now live in the lap of luxury in this land of opportunity called Malaysia.

In fact, it is not only in Malaysia that they have attained what they wanted. They have even gained full control of Singapore.

Singapore is not their original country. The Singapore Chinese and the Malaysian Chinese were originally boat people. The difference is that those who landed in Singapore managed to gain full control of Singapore, but those who landed in Malaysia did not manage to control Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the Chinese live in peace with the Malays, the indigenous people and the Indians. In comparison, in Singapore, the Chinese control politics and the Government. In Malaysia, the Malays still control politics and the government.

The systems of both governments are the same, but it is vice versa: The Malays dominate in Malaysia while the Chinese dominate across the Causeway.

In contrast, the Malays in Singapore and the Chinese in Malaysia are very different. The Malays in Singapore lead ordinary lives while the Chinese in Malaysia lead lives that are 'more than ordinary'.

In fact, former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad once stated that if all the Chinese-owned buildings in Kuala Lumpur were lifted from the map, only the buildings in Kampung Baru, a Malay area, would remain in the city.

All the other buildings are owned by Chinese Malaysians. The well-known shopping centres in Malaysia are owned by the Chinese.

The Chinese Malaysians are fantastic. They control all the cities and major towns in peninsular Malaysia, as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

They produce the largest number of, and the most successful, professionals. The school system of the Chinese Malaysians is the best among similar school systems in the world.

The Chinese account for most of the students studying in the best private colleges in Malaysia. The Malays can gain admission into only government-owned colleges of ordinary reputation.

With regard to corporate and private organisations, it is the Chinese who dominate. The Malays number just a few; most of them are low-level employees.

In fact, knowing Mandarin is a pre-requisite for applying for jobs in these organisations.

Finally, an annual survey by the Malaysian Business magazine has found that eight of the 10 richest people in Malaysia are Chinese. The following is the list of the 10 richest people in Malaysia:

# Mr Robert Kuok Hock Nien

# Mr Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan

# Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng

# Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow

# Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay

# Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan

# Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary

# Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua

# Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King

# Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun

This is the reality in Malaysia, my beloved country. Is the current government, which has been in power for 52 years, cruel and totalitarian? What else do the Chinese Malaysians want?

I think I know, and I think you know too.


  1. Scandalous RM600 passport - root cause of Chinese/Indian discontent with BN

    A developing country with the most expensive passport in the world!

    That is Malaysia. And the reasons is never fully explained by the govt. But to the Chinese and Indians, it is obvious that this is targeted at them. Chinese and Indians need to travel for survival, as their opportunities in Malaysia are restricted by the biased and racist govt policies, and also they are the ones with the many relatives in their root countries or nearby countries.

    Do you want to spend RM600 to "buy" a passport just to make a once in a lifetime trip to nearby Singapore or Thailand to attend the wedding dinner of a cousin or attend funeral of a siblings? For funeral, you will not be likely to attend given the short notice and the long duration by the Immigration to issue an expensive passport. But you will always remember the reason for not being able to attend - the
    RM300 passport imposed by Barisan Nasional.

    Many, especially the poor, who couldn't afford the RM600 will always remember those lost moments that they could have had with their loved ones, thanks to the BN. They will tell the world and their next generation about it, and voice their missing moments with their loved ones in the ballot box.

    For those already having a passport, rich or poor, they will be painfully reminded of the corruption and the discrimination they had to suffer under the BN, every few years, when they renew their passports. The actual cost of making a passport is less than RM10. So the RM600 ringgit passport has the word "corruption" written all over it. It is also a stark reminder of the anti-Chinese and anti-Malay mentality that is hidden behind the faces of UMNO members.

    I was told Singaporeans paid only S$15 processing fee to get their passport with a 10-year duration. And we all know how prosperous Singapore is, without having to tax their citizens on some necessities like a passport. They are happy to have their own citizens going abroad and bringing home huge amount of money to stimulate the

    Many would think that making a passport is a small and insignificant procedure, and those rich Indians and Chinese should have no problem paying up. They forgot, only 15% of the Chinese/Indians are considered rich, and the other 85% had only the ballot box to let out their frustrations. And let out their frustrations they did, as shown in the results of the last General Election.

    The low IQ ministers we had in Malaysia, will never understand why they are losing votes. After all, they have built many shopping malls, mosques, bridges and highways. To BN, these Chinese and Indians were unfaithful and disloyal. They will never realise that most people, especially the poorer folks, don't go to such places and use such facilities. But they will need a passport to get out of the country to earn a living elsewhere.

    What these UMNO good-for-nothing need to learn is to built bridges with the people, and they will go a long way, by charging their own countrymen a fair and reasonable price for processing a passport instead of using it as a tool to show their displeasure with the non-Bumiputras.

    A passport is no different from an IC or a Birth Cert. Everyone must have one, and only one. And we pay huge tax to the govt every year, because of these identifications. By right, it should be given free like our BC.

    So as a Malaysian, always remember when you are queuing up for hours renewing or making a passport, never vote for a corrupted, abusive, time wasting and blood sucking BN into power.

  2. Kindly go below to see the PAS given information:

  3. Posted by: lsek

    This world is not fair. Some are born beautiful, while others lacking. Some are gifted with intelligence, while others struggle to stay abreast in class and everything else.

    However, not all are lost, the only key factor in achieving success is through determination, and perseverance, while upholding our morality and belief.

    Alas, a doctor-turn-politician once said that, "certain race is disadvantaged due to their genes". He argued that it's difficult for these people to compete with other races, due to this genetic setback. However, this doctor failed to realize miserably that genetics played little role in deciding SUCCESS nor FAILURE. This is because, there are other factors such as the environmental factor, as well as character/behavior of the person (or choices) that played equal role in determining a person's achievement. Success and failure are really our choice, and these choices controlled our gene expression. The mechanism has a name for it, called EPIGENETICS. So, being LAZY and NAUGHTY is not merely a GENETIC defect. It is more accurately, how we decide to become.

    A twin who shares 100% identical genetic material DON'T SHARE the same characteristics and achievements. Why? The answer is EPIGENETICS.

    So, to blame gene for failure is really a-personal-choice-to-be-STUPID.

    To be successful in BUSINESS is not imbued in a gene either. No single race is born to be RICH and SUCCESSFUL (unless your father is rich). It is dependent on hardwork, as well as business acumen in grabbing opportunity, as well as opening opportunity for yourself. Many risk and failures had not been documented, BUT once a SUCCESS is achieved, people tend to resent these people (which reflected their own failure, I guess). Why is it so? Human nature?

    In Malaysia, are we lacking equal opportunity to succeed? Why are there argument and harping of these issues by politicians without highlighting the most important issue at hand... which is to answer this, "ARE WE LACKING EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED"?

    Is it possible to even implement a QUOTA SYSTEM on human character, attitude and bahaviour? Well, I'm mentioning this because they are the real cause for SUCCESS in business. I can't imaging the government making a statement, "we will implement quota on hardworking, as well as, resourcefulness of certain people so that the other lazy bums will catch up".

    No offense, but I think that's not the solution. My recommendation is:
    (1) Ask, if there is equal opportunity in Malaysia. If there is lacking, how to correct it? Are there selective approval of business registration, training, as well as bank loan?
    (2) Equal opportunity above, don't include MARKET SHARE of the business (and also the resourcefulness or innovativeness of a business). That depends on individual characteristics, e.g. if we are lazy and uncommitted, DREAM ON-lah!
    (3) LEARN from mistakeS, start FAIR-DEAL cooperation/collaboration with other people and STOP the blaming game.
    (4) Don't impose a pre-requisite for DUMMY directors just to grab a SHARE from other people's hardwork. You have to earn it! Government intervention don't help a bit. Such silly thing can only happen in Malaysia. Try implement it oversea and you get bashed up for good.
    (5) Not all Malaysians can be a BOSS. If all are BOSSES/Taukeys, then, no one will work on the machinery and soon, you will have to clean up your own crap.
    (6) Listen to the people. They are never wrong. Don't appoint stupid politicians or racist dudes to speak for the people. Listen to us for crying out loud. We are the majority, aren't we??? Statistically speaking, we should be RIGHT considering our numbers and collective intelligence.

  4. Well just look at the MCA, lots of in-fighting and internal
    politicking. For what one may ask ? To promote and serve the interests
    of their own community ? A big joke right !? They are merely jostling
    for power coz once they are in power, they can advance their own
    wealth and interests. If the Chinese have been more united, they
    wouldn’t be bashed around like that all the time. What’s more, and
    very sadly, some of these Chinese even joined their Malay ‘fellow
    citizens’ in bashing S’pore whenever there’s a spate between M’sia and
    S’pore. So, no need to sympathize with them. Let them continue to live
    under the illusion that the Malays really look upon them as ‘fellow
    citizens’. If ever a war breaks out between the 2 countries, there’s
    bound to be ‘ethnic cleansing’ in M’sia and u know, I know who the
    targets and victims are going to be. The Malaysian soldiers will go
    into an orgy of plundering, looting, burning, destroying what the
    Chinese own,and raping, killing and torturing the Chinese. When
    Singapore Armed Forces goes into M’sia, they are not going to
    distinguish Malay or Chinese, it’s S’poreans against Malaysians. So
    next time when your racist government or authorities try to stir shit
    with S’pore again, do consider carefully before deciding which side to
    take !