Khoo Kay Peng speaks out..

Can Najib Walk his Talk?
So far, the judgment is NO.

Again the saying pertaining to this,

Your actions is so loud (not walking your talk) that
I cannot hear what you are saying (all your speeches are for nothing)

NEM, NEP, Perkasa & Malay First, Malaysian Second:
Time is Running Out for PM Najib

PM Najib is forced to go back to the Barisan old
script when he was asked to react on his deputy statement that he was "Malay
1st, Malaysian 2nd".

Najib defended his deputy, "Being a Malay doesn't
mean that you are against 1Malaysia or you don't think like a Malaysian."
"Similarly, if you are a Malaysian Chinese, it doesn't mean that you don't
think like a Malaysian or subscribe to the concept of 1Malaysia," he said.

Najib's knee-jerk reaction on Muhyiddin's statement
unmasks his own understanding about nation building and the 1Malaysia

The lack of national affinity and shared destiny is
the main obstacle for 1Malaysia. It is sad to note that the 1Malaysia
founder himself does not share the vision of nationhood and citizenship. If
Najib does not trust his own nation building agenda, he should not have
misused the name, Malaysia.

1Malaysia is not consistent with Ethnicity 1st,
Nationality 2nd.

We cannot blame Muhyiddin for his lack of national
identity because nation building was not featured in the Barisan rule over
the last 5 decades. Barisan is an antithesis to 1Malaysia and nation
building. The most important element in a nation building project is to
outlaw racial discrimination. Barisan is the epitome of racism and racially
based politics.

Najib cannot remain coy and silent on the demands,
attacks and allegations made against the Chinese community, in particularly,
by Perkasa.

Interestingly, a politician such as Ibrahim Ali
needed racism to resurrect his career. Of course he is enjoying the media
limelight at the moment. At the Aljazeera interview, he lambasted "If these
people say that they are second-class citizens, don't talk s**t! Don't talk
s**t! I repeat three times, don't talk s**t!"

"We, the Malays have forgiven them a lot, we have
sacrificed a lot of our interests," he added.

I would like Ibrahim to clarify what interests?

It appears that Muhyiddin is now clamouring to ride
on Perkasa's wave by declaring that he is "Malay 1st" and "Malaysian 2nd".

Regardless of the publicity stunt and damage
control, Najib knows that his defence of Muhyiddin and his statement is
going to tear his concept to pieces.

His administration is dragging its feet on the NEM
details and mechanism. It makes us wonder if there is any meat at all in

Time is running out for him. Another talk but no
walk is going to put him on the same pedestal as Abdullah Badawi.

Najib should state his stand on Perkasa and Ibrahim
Ali's disrespect for non-Malay citizens. They (Najib, Muhyiddin and Ibrahim)
should remember that their salaries and perks are paid by Malaysians of all
races. Not by the Malays only.

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