Ghostly Hotel in Penang

Haunted Hotel in Penang
Posted by: otyew

During the trip with the G's at the Tg Dawai sangkar, I'm not sure what ticked us to tell our own stories on...ahem ahem but I do have a fair share of experience.

This happens few years back when I was having a business trip with my colleague in Penang. We were staying at this hotel for 2-3 days and most of the time we worked from morning until the late evening, tired most of the time. Then on the second night, I was asleep earlier than my colleague and I had a 'dream', a really strange dream. In my dream, I saw a boy.....naked btw, took the newspaper on the sidetable and put it at the end of my colleague's bed. I saw him and before I woke up, he smiled at me. When I woke up, the newspaper was there on my bed's sidetable and guess what? Everything I saw on my dream is exactly the same as the conditions of the hotel room.

It was so real that I did not forget this until now. And after a year or two, I had received an email forwarded from my friends about this hotel and attached here is the photos of it.....freaky? So is the hotel really haunted or....??

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