French man wins $1.66 million in RWS casino

By Desmond Ng

SOME guys have all the luck, as singer Rod Stewart would say.

And one such lucky guy managed to overcome the house odds and walked away with a cool $1.66 million from Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).

The French tourist struck the mega jackpot in the casino last Saturday and won the highest amount since the casino opened in February.

We understand that he didn’t want to have his pictures taken by an RWS staff for their records.

When The New Paper contacted RWS, they confirmed that the man had been playing the slot machines in the non-smoking area.

Playing alone

It is understood that he was playing alone atone of the poker slot machines.

He placed a $25 bet and ended up winning the Mega Millions Jackpot, which consists of a number of slot machines connected to a “megamillions jackpot”.

The various slot machines offer different types of games but it does not matter which machine one plays.

The payout can roll up to $3 million, said RWS.

It also said that there was another winner who walked away with close to $440,000 after hitting a different jackpot on March 16.

This particular winner was playing Caribbean Stud Poker on the tables when he hit the jackpot prize.

Mr Tony Compton, 52, who lectures on casino management at the Boston Business School here, said that the chance of winning such a mega jackpot is literally one-in-a-million.

He said: “The chances of winning it (the jackpot) are very small and very random. The bigger the payout, the lesser the chances, which also makes it attractive.

“Everyone wants to put 50 cents to win $1 million.”

Mr Compton used to work as a slot floor attendant in South Africa, where he monitored the operation of slot machines.

When asked if this jackpot win will put a dent on RWS’ bankroll, Mr Compton said it’s difficult to say because he doesn’t know their revenue numbers.

He said: “But from a casino’s point of view, it makes for good publicity because everyone will want to win that $1 million.”

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