Indonesian Maid Ban is Good for Malaysia

Only Good Things To Come From Indonesian Maid Ban
Posted by: peace4all

The ban on Indonesian maids will be good for Malaysia. There will be more demand for nurseries and daycare centers. That means more business and employment opportunities for Malaysians. Fewer maids, less outflow of money to Indonesia. Good for grandparents too because they can see their grandchildren more often. Most important, Malaysians will become healthier when they have to do their own housework. Children will be more responsible when they have to share the house chores. That means less time for negative activities. Malaysians have been pampered - do we really need Indonesian maids? Some coffee shops have several maids working as waitresses. Many households where the wife is not working are also employing maids. More time just to watch Astro or maybe play mahjong? Come on, lets show the Indonesian government we don't need their maids. Lets see if they can send the 300,000 maids here to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan or even Saudi Arabia. Don't give in to their demands.

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