Singapore Police Rescued Kelantan Princess?

Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 21:59:46 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Mon, Jun 1 2009 12:59 pm
Subject: Singapore Police Rescued Kelantan Princess?

(Wahpiang eh!...I think, ah, Msian police success at apprehending Mas
Selamat must have really rankled S'pore police.

So much so, could our mata-mata staged this rescue of model-turned-
Kelantan prince's sex slave in order to regain their guttered pride?

With the Kelantan royal family sure to be pissed off, and Najib's
involvement in the scandal, will this sparked another round of
diplomatic quarrel between KL-S'pore? Will Najib retaliate by
restarting the crooked bridge? Stay tuned.....)

‘I Was Drugged and Abused’
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Monday, 01 June 2009 11:28

(Jakarta Globe) Safe again on Indonesian soil, teenage model Manohara
Odelia Pinot outlined a horrific story of sexual abuse, confinement
and torture at the hands of her Malaysian prince husband after
returning to Jakarta on Sunday, following a dramatic weekend escape
from him in Singapore.

The picturesque 17-year-old said that Singapore police helped her
leave her husband Tengku Temenggong Muhammad Fakhry, the crown prince
of Malaysia’s Kelantan State, at a hotel there. They were in the city
state with Fakhry’s father, Sultan Ismail Petra Shah II, who is
undergoing medical treatment.

“I am still traumatized by all that happened and it has left an impact
on me,” she told a press conference after flying back to Jakarta with
her mother Daisy Fajarina, sister Dewi Sri Asih and a staff member of
the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore.

The plight of Manohara and her fairy-tale marriage that turned into a
nightmare began with disturbing news reports in April that she had
apparently been kidnapped by Fakhry and his family while in Saudi
Arabia in February and taken by private jet back to Malaysia. The
media coverage included complaints Manohara made to her mother last
year of sexual abuse, and became an international incident after the
Malaysian government and Kelantan royal family refused to respond to

During a mid-day press conference, and later in an interview with TV
One, Manohara confirmed the stories of abuse.
“Sexual abuse and sexual harassment were like a daily routine for me,
and he did that every time I did not want to have sexual intercourse,”
she said. “I could never think a normal man could do such things.”

Manohara was only 16 at the time of her wedding and her American
father, Reiner Pinot Noack, was said to have disapproved of the
marriage. The seemingly blissful life of a Malaysian princess soon
became a living hell, Manohara said, as she was constantly guarded and
spent most of her time in her bedroom in the palace. “Every time I
went out for events, they forced me to smile and would torture me if I
did not do what they said,” she said.

Manohara said she tried to escape, but was caught by royal family
staff and injected with drugs that made her vomit blood. “I was
injected twice,” she said.

When confirming a reporter’s question about whether her husband had
cut her nipples, she was reluctant to give details. “Yes it is true.
Some parts of my body were cut by a razor,” Manohara said.

She said she was in Singapore as Fakhry’s father had suffered a heart
attack and needed treatment. While staying at the Royal Plaza Hotel,
Manohara secretly called the Singapore police on Saturday night
requesting help.

Police responded and confronted the royal family, telling them they
couldn’t prevent Manohara from leaving, according to Teuku Faizasyah,
spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta. He said
police then called the US and Indonesian embassies for assistance.

“After Manohara was secured by the Singaporean police, our embassy
staff in Singapore processed all her documents at the hotel within
only four hours from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. on Sunday so she could go back
to Indonesia immediately,” Teuku said.

Manohara confirmed that the police had helped her escape.

“The police told Fakhry that he would be held in jail if he did not
let me go. No one could force me against my will in Singapore and I
knew I had a chance to escape here,” she said, adding that she wanted
a divorce and would file a police report against her estranged

Manohara also claimed that Indonesian Ambassador for Malaysia Da'i
Bachtiar had previously lied about her condition.

“They made it worse by telling lies, saying that I was fine while I
was suffering in Kelantan,” she said, adding that no media in Malaysia
had reported on her plight.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied allegations that its embassy in
Malaysia had lied.

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