Malaysia Govt begged me to come back

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Subject: Fucking arse hole corrupted beyond belief.

Subject:- One of the best story ...!!!

Posted by the guy named Sii Hoi Chan, he lives
in Kenyalang,

I was 18 in 1997, I came home half complete my
high school in England because my father was bankrupted. He was a
contractor, bankrupted because the licensee, Taib's uncle defaulted on
paying royalty to the Government. Pocketed all the money my father gave.

Together with 6 of my friends we went to Komat
in Sama Jaya to look for jobs as they only required MCE. To help out the
family. The HR lady was an Iban, on our turn she refused to give us
application forms, demanded our qualifications. Without even understanding
us, we were turned away. On further enquiry from us, she said, the 250 posts
were all filled. It was 10.25am and the application counter just opened at
9.30am. Asked the guard to show us out. Komat repeated publication for the
posts for another week. We went back again and again were rejected. This
time she asked us to look for jobs in China .

My uncle promptly help the six of us to look
for jobs from his contacts.. Ironically, we all ended up in Shenzhen China ,
working in a micro circuit board plant. We were trained by the American to
be testers as we know English. We did well, did so well that within 4 years,
we developed a special test using Argon emission from induced current.
Testing the board even more thoroughly and 40+ times the efficiency we were

After a few months of trial, the company
decided to subcontract all their circuit board testing to us using the new
testing system and they got the test done at a fraction of their cost doing
it manually.

Within 3 years, we are testing all the circuit
board of all the companies in Shenzhen then.


We spread to include contract in a lot of
companies of China , US, Germany and Finland .

We now employed 7600 people and 1600 from
Sarawak . Bumiputra or non-bumiputra who made the grade we after.

Why I am writting this...???
Today my company had been operating in Penang
for 6 months. We are employing 200 staffs. I was interviewing the senior
staffs for the job. One of the person that came in for the interview was
this Iban lady from Komat 10+ years ago. The lady who turned me away, the
lady who told me I am not eligible for the job, the lady who told me the
posts were filled when yet to select the first applicant of 250 and the lady
who asked me to go to China to look for a job.

I had the satisfaction to tell her all these
if I wanted to. Instead I listened to all her talked about how great she had
done in her former employment and now she was out on a huge VSS. How well
she will do for me with her experience and how much she like to work for
Chinese boss. she said she is the daughter of an influential Bumiputra man
and her husband doing well in business. I let her raved on with her
diatribe. Finally, when she realized she the one doing all the talking and I
was not even asking questions, she stopped.

I finally said, I know her. She was shocked,
for now I was properly suited up and not in T-shirt and jean the first time
we met.

I simply said, I like to thank her for asking
me to go back to China to look for work. I did, I made it and what she is
seeing today and the brochure I placed in front of her is in fact the
SUCCESS from disgust and disappointment of being a Malaysian Chinese.

She was murmuring to herself. I told her, she
will get a job from me but not as the senior HR, not as the assistant HR but
as an assistant to the assistant HR. She was shocked, happy and almost cry.
Then she confessed that her husband was bankrupted and her 3 children had to
be in the care of her sister.

I told her, she meant nothing to me, her race
meant nothing to me, what she had done also meant nothing to me; the insult,
the frustration the anguish of a young man trying to help his father. She
like anyone, she get her job done or out like anybody. I told her, I do not
care for YBs, Bumi policies or business opportunities in Malaysia . I do not
need Malaysia .


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