It's time Malaysia changes for the good

Only Time can change evil to good, the next few elections will decide, not some unknown man-made belief called God.

From: "Gordon"
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 08:25:34 +1000
Local: Sat, Jun 13 2009 6:25 am
Subject: Re: It's time Malaysia changes for the good

It has been said that the evil that man do live after, the good is often
interred within their bones. So far all these evil deeds have served these
people well. Their comforts and well being have not been affected. Satan
rule the day and there is heaven on earth for them. Absolute power is bliss

It's time Malaysia changes for the good
Krismurthi | May 29, 09 4:41pm

I am a Malaysian by birth but have settled here in the UK for more
than 25 years now. It's my home and I feel I have been blessed by God
to be here in the UK.

Back in Malaysia, there is no freedom of speech and anything and
everything is threatened with arrest and detention (which does not
happen here in the UK as you would for yourselves have seen in the
recent demonstrations outside Parliament house by the Tamils in the UK
against persecution by the Sri Lankan Government).

I am a very high-ranking officer now with the British government and
am glad to say I am observing the Malaysian politics everyday.
Sometimes, I am too embarrassed to explain the truth to my British
colleagues who constantly condemn the Malaysian government. The world
is watching.

Najib Abdul Razak is now in power. He was overseas educated, similar
to his brother both whom were educated here in the UK whilst I was
studying here too. Why obtain a British education but don't improve
yourselves for the betterment of the country?

I suppose they just studied here but failed to customise themselves
with the good British values especially for politics - this in terms
of practising equal rights for all races.

Just ask yourselves, how much of a ‘brain drain' has taken place in
Malaysia with all our Malaysian geniuses scientists, researchers,
surgeons and bankers all residing overseas.

Why? Because Malaysia stinks of double standards and an unbalanced and
biased education system. It's time Malaysia changes for the good.
Everything should be based on merit and with this the country would be
much respected by all foreign investors and Malaysia will thrive.

Stop the New Economic Policy and all the bumiputera will be able stand
on their feet be as competitive like the Chinese and Indians.

Let bygones be bygones. The new government has to make a drastic
change for if not, Malaysia will sink.

Doesn't Najib think highly about Malaysia? Why educate and let your
children live overseas? Aren't you ashamed that your children would
now be able to teach you some good English manners in terms of human
rights and values?

A man who is not confident of himself uses the ISA to his benefit. For
that matte, there is Hishamuddin Hussein, another overseas educated
person. It is so shameful on you to have spent your years studying
overseas but have failed to pick up good values when you returned

For the alleged wrongdoing about the PM in a murder case, if there is
some element of truth, we'll there is something called karma. Each of
us will pay for what we have done during our lifetime.

Similarly, for Samy Vellu, it's time for him to go now. The Indians
have lost trust in you so let some new leaders take over.You made
millions for yourself but this won't be forgiven.

There is something called respect and dignity so don't lose them Samy
because it's difficult to buy them back with money.

I write the above as a Malaysian in Britain who awaits to see changes
in Malaysia either during this lifetime (hopefully) or at the very
least, during my sons' lifetimes.

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