Malaysian education when compared to Australian

From: "Gordon"
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 08:21:23 +1000
Local: Sun, Jun 14 2009 6:21 am
Subject: Re: Do not waste your money or time on a third rate education in Australia

Malaysian education when compared to Australian is gutter class.

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Chinese in Malaysia are continuing to send
Chinese children to get Resident status in Australia .

> Do not waste your money or time on a third rate education in
> Australia. The universities there are not known for anything other
> than being a money making scam.

> The locals who pass out of such institutions are qualified for a life
> of crime and little else. The govt. there pretends no such racism
> exists even while it rakes in exorbiant tuition fees for a worthless
> education.

> This is the treatment you can expect :

> ------------
> 22-year-old Indian student attacked in Australia
> 12 Jun 2009, 0906 hrs IST, PTI

> MELBOURNE: In yet another racial attack on Indians in Australia, a 22-
> year-old student was allegedly assaulted by a teenager in Adelaide
> after making "rude" comments about his turban.

> Police said the student suffered a broken nose in the assault in
> Adelaide's busy market area of Rundle Mall yesterday and that they
> have arrested a 17-year-old youth in this connection.

> itimes: Share your experience in Australia

> They said the attacker has been bailed to appear in the Adelaide Youth
> Court.

> The attack comes after Indian students in Melbourne and Sydney have
> held series of rallies over violent attacks and repeated calls for an
> inquiry into racial attacks against them.

> Local media quoted the victim, who requested anonymity, as saying that
> the attacker started a confrontation by making "rude comments" about
> his turban.

> In another incident, Pakistani student Yasir Raja, 26, believes his
> Holden Commodore was torched because of its "Raja" number plate.

> Raja said friends living in the Enfield area had increased security
> around their homes in fear of racist attacks.

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