CPI shows Malaysia is more corrupted than before

Corrupt Perception Index (CPI)
Posted by: rahumat

Malaysia slipped from 47 out of 180 to 56th amongst the countries survey. Something Malaysians should not be proud off. But appears like no one is taking this seriously. Year in year our our Auditor Generals come with discrepancies in the government accounts. There will be a big hue and cry for a whilst and it will die off as fast as it was brought to light. This year suddently our PM came up with plans. But what are plans when we know from history there are just something well known that the issue will be swept below the carpet soon. This year even the TI-M or Transparency International seem to be taking a back seat. Its president Datuk Paul Low said ".. has acknowledged Malaysia efforts to deal with coruption, although the CPI this year has declined"... The Star Wedneday 18th Nov 2009.

Looks like we Malaysians live with the fact that "its OK to be currupted" or probably 56 is not so bad anyway. In a recent survey done by the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research, the people in Malaysia ranked 7th in order of importance, cited economic situtation as the 1st. There was a recent article in the papers where survey amounst university students show that 30 % tolerate corruption. So the people are not serious about corruption, the government is not serious. Apparently only some political parties bring up the issues. Even then in some states it appear like some nit picking on small issues when the PKFZ appear to be a "not so serious issue". I think we should all wake up before the whole nations goes to the dogs. Political reform itself is not good enough. The government should be sincere.

We should emulate some nations who have transparent procurement and cotract system which are available in the internet. Our leaders must be bold to take action against wrong doers. If our PM makes a statement on the Auditor Generals report that we may not charge all in the court......" What type of departmental action would they do; transfer a officers who "stole" millions of ringgit worth of drugs in police custody; or do nothing when an officer was responsible for land mismanagement. If appears that "we sympathise with them, we do not want them to lose their pension, etc". So every government servant knows that unless he is charged in court, he can retire peacefully even if he has amassed millions of ringgit belonging to the rakyat. The answer to fight corruption is simple; heads must role; mismanagement must be eradicated; we should start the clean up right from the top. Several nations have done this successfully.

Any department head who cannot fulfill the KPI should be terminated not transfered.. There must be departmental regulations to deal with corruption; not wait to charge in court. Even in court, the inefficiency of the investigators have literally "thrown many cases out of the windows". Its simple - get a good lawyer - find a loop hole and you emerge as a hero. When are we going to stop this. What are we waiting for? If we want to reduce street crimes by 20%, we should also have a KPI to reduce our CPI too.


  1. As the PM as said before, its is one of our culture. Lets us make this culture into our Malaysia Books of Records. Its another KPI for us to achive, if we are not able to achieve 2020, but the culture is in our blood.

  2. That's the MALAY way of life.Get your ringgits out when you wants things done.No money no talk.