A place in the Malaysian sun

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Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 13:49:18 +1100
Local: Sun, Nov 1 2009 10:49 am
Subject: Re: A place in the Malaysian sun

I am indeed very surprised. No one seems either to care or want a fairer
system. No one has bothered to comment. It is indeed very strange.

"101lee" <101...@tmnet.net.my> wrote in message

> Is it so difficult to formulate a policy to ensure that every citizen gets
> a chance to have a level playing field without theis divide and rule?
> Division can never be a solution to peace and harmony.
> There is a need to help those requiring help and a need too to limit the
> excesses of those who have plenty. No race, creek or colour or religious
> fervour should be allowed to run rampant in absolute control.
> We have to recognise efforts put in and reward those who excell in their
> efforts. There is no such things as being borned more equal than others.
> Everyone has a right to pursue excellence and be provided opportunities to
> do so. The best must not be stopped from doing so. Fair play and fair
> competition must prevail. Society will progress for the betterment of all
> concerned.

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