Malaysian Bus Service - getting worse

Bus Company : Ekspres Sutera

Plate No : 7877

Destination : KL - Ipoh

Date : 14/11/09

Departure time : 2pm (from KL)

The driver is smoking in the bus along the way. Inside the bus there's no ventilation, therefore the passengers inhale the smoke which is very heavy.

Thank you for highlighting your experience onboard express buses. Now at least I am not the only guy exposing wrongdoings in this blog.

I hope more will come forward and post a long list of worngdoings.

Together let's highlight issues of public transportation and put more pressure to the people in charge to bring change.
By wrongdoings_rapidkl, 21-Nov-2009

I wasn't sure on which bus should i take to Ipoh at that point of time because it was my first trip taking public transport.
Not only did i experience this, the bus was half hour late to leave from puduraya. (-.-)"
By marianyong, 22-Nov-2009

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