Govt paying RM12000 for a PC - can you believe this?

Posted by: davcel

Refer to news on november 1st 2009 title,"Credit card tax to stay"

and "Parliament paid RM12K for each computer"

and to support nkvk18 for previous post.

This is our PM reply to reporter on the credit card tax previously =
“Tunggulah dulu (We wait first). The Government also needs revenue. If we can’t hike up (the price of) anything, susah kita (it would be hard for us).

“Who is going to fund the nation’s development?”

I am thinking that our goverment can build revenue if goverment spend wisely. The recent news is really not a wise move by government to spend.

Ask any of computer user (RAKYAT), which type of computer you can buy with RM12K. RM363 for 80GB even 8GB is old technology HD? I can get 1TB for that price. RM320 for keyboard and mouse plus bracket? I think RM100 can make it. If let say RM5k per pc, then RM8K for installation? I think I am happy to take the job if Goverment only pay me RM1K, I am still earning.

Govenment should often go to PC Fair to know what the exact market price and the pc trend in today world.

I am very glad that one of our speaker, Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah), really speak up for our rakyat. At least now we know how government twist Rakyat money.

We should go for 1MALAYSIA, Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan.

Now we spend a lot of rakyat money to buy old technolody PC. totally opposite of the slogan.

To our beloved PM, Malaysia will have great amount of revenue if government spent wisely.

Why we(RAKYAT) need to suffer to pay the Credit card tax(RM50)?

why we need to buy expensive car?

Why we need to buy new spare part but the price keep increasing and

why can't we recondition old part?

Why out income vs buying power gap so high?

I am not sure IF government really pump in money for proton to join F1 but if yes, please withdraw it. For other I am not sure but for me I won't be proud even The F1 Team won cause it is wasting rakyat money even those company like TOYOTA gain profit also pull out from F1 Team.

In conclusion, I hope government will think of us(average and low income RAKYAT). We need government to help us not to take money from us. If you ask me for RM50 per Credit card, I still say expensive and I am not happy to pay it even RM1.

Please correct me if my comment is totally not correct.

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