Muslims as migrants

From: "101lee" <>
Subject: Muslims as migrants

No Muslim should be accepted as migrants to any country that believes in
practicing SECULAR Law and freedom of faiths and a right to change their
faiths as and when they are inclined to without fear of being pressured or
threaten of being killed. These migrants if they do want to be accepted as
migrants must agree to a few conditions such as

1) no sharia law to be applied

2)no requirement that their followers cannot change their believes

3)they must accept secular law

4)their place of worship is to be a place of worship and not a place for
instigating their flock to violence against anyone. Any Jihad activities
exhorting their flock to commit violence against others or exhorting suicide
activities is strickly forbidden and punishable by expulsion or indefinite
jail term if no other country wants them

5)Failure to comply to any of these conditions mean indefinite jail term
until they are return to their old country or until some other country
agrees to take them in. Any citizenship rights is withdrawn and their
citizenship or permenant resident status is withdrawn

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