Andy Lau cannot have sex for 49 days

Monk bans Lau from sex to rid 'bad aura'

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau has been told not to engage in sex while undergoing a 49-day ritual to get rid of "bad aura", Chinese dailies reported.

The 47-year-old was advised to do so by a monk who performed a ritual on his behalf after Lau sought his help.

He is believed to be facing the biggest "crisis" of his career after he came out in the open about his marriage to former Malaysian beauty queen Carol Chu.

The daily reported that in his 30-year career, Lau had faced numerous challenges including being sidelined by his former employer TVB and the failure of his investment at a film company but he managed to emerge unscathed.

Chu, who is reportedly pregnant after having undergone artificial insemination, sought help from the monk to rescue her famous husband's career.

It is said that Lau's fortune would become better after his birthday, which falls on Sept 27.

Lau and Chu registered their marriage in Las Vegas on June 23, last year.

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