Malaysian gangster-singer Gary Cao streetfighting in HK again

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Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 04:01:54 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Malaysian gangster-singer Gary Cao streetfighting in HK again

Watch how he fought like Bruce Lee in the 2nd fight. Both fights
occurred in the same night

HONG KONG: Award-winning Malaysian singer Gary Chaw and Hong Kong
artiste Justin Lo are normally the best of friends. But the two pop
stars turned into the worst of enemies during a roadside brawl after
drinks at a pub here.

The local paparazzi were rewarded with dramatic photos of Chaw and Lo
punching each other and Chaw kicking Lo while the latter was in the
back seat of a taxi.

Lo, better known as Zak Tin, was even invited as the guest singer at
Chaw’s concert in Malaysia last year.

On Tuesday night, they had gone for a drink at a pub with several
friends at Central district.
When they're not fighting: Lo (right) appeared as a guest singer at
Chaw’s concert in Kuala Lumpur last year.

At about 1am, Chaw left the pub in anger while Lo followed with a “red
face”. They then had a heated argument by the roadside.

Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News reported that Chaw punched Lo until he
collapsed on the side of the road.

Lo got up and fought back. After a while, they were pulled apart by
their friends.

In a dramatic turn of events, the duo left in a taxi together with two
male friends but the vehicle made an emergency stop soon after.

Chaw alighted and was seen jumping on the street and calling out to Lo
to step out for a one-on-one fight. The latter refused.

The 30-year-old Malaysian then kicked at Lo who was in the back seat.

After a while, the 33-year-old Lo got off and was seen grimacing in
pain, using his hands to cover his groin.

Then Chaw grabbed a road sign and attempted to hit Lo with it, but was
stopped by their friends.

Half-an-hour later, both of them left separately accompanied by
friends. Chaw behaved as though nothing had happened during an
interview with a Hong Kong radio station on Wednesday. He only talked
about his concert in November.

At a press conference in Hong Kong last night though, Chaw apologised
to Lo for his act.

“I have no excuses, no reasons. I am wrong. I am willing to take
whatever responsibility, punishment....

“Justin had never wanted to hurt me with his actions. It is very
obvious this is not a fight ... it was me who lost control,” he said.

Chaw, who was born in Sabah, was sent to study in Canada when he was
only nine. He returned home and participated in an Astro singing
contest in 1999 but lost.

Later, he was signed up by a recording company and released his album
Xiao Wo Ben (Laugh at my stupidity).

Lo, who is also a song-writer and record producer born in America, was
signed up as a singer in 2005.

The same year, his debut album Justin was released and became a hit
with 15,000 copies sold on the first day. He held his debut concert at
the Hong Kong Coliseum the next year and the tickets were sold out
within 10 minutes.

He held his seventh concert in Malaysia on Christmas eve in 2006.

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