Another to be caned for boozing

Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 17:06:31 +1000
Local: Wed, Sep 16 2009 3:06 pm
Subject: Re: Another to be caned for boozing

If I were Nazarudin, I will appeal on the grounds of miscarriage of justice.
I will question how Sharia Law can allow muslims to continue working in
Genting Highlands and why MAS can continue to have Muslim Air Stewards and
Stewardess serving alcohol on the plane. The Law in all its majesty treats
the rich and poor alike for stealing bread and sleeping under bridges. We
have to include those stealing big time from the country as well.

I suspect that if more muslims are caught drinking alcohol, the punishment
will be lifted for good and Sharia Law will be sidelined in preference to
Secular Law.

"uputih" wrote in message

> While the issue of caning Kartika is still to be decided we have now,
> another instance fo same punishment to be meted out to Nazarudin
> Kamaruddin, a 46 years of age, male. The Shariah Court Judge and the state
> involved in both cases, are the same. High Level Corporate Muslims, who
> are mere social drinkers better give Pahang a wide berth. Foreign
> investors should park their finance somewhere else. It is more safe in
> Penang.

> To be more fair to Pahang Muslims, the State should ban all liquor, be it
> toddy or Pu Tow Chiu.

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