Malaysian Court judged wrongly on McCurry copyright?

From: Zanzibar
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 08:47:40 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sun, Sep 27 2009 11:47 pm
Subject: Re: Has Malaysian Court judged wrongly on McCurry copyright?

On Sep 27, 8:18 pm, Rainbow 虹 wrote:

> I agree that the McDonald team of lawyers are not smart enough or they
> did not fight to their spirit.
> McCurry certainly infringe copy right of McDonald brand name, and
> pattern of brand name/logo.

> Malaysian Curry Chicken =MC Curry or M.C. Curry, or MCC

> McDonald can have copyright claims in McCafe, McCurry, McChicken,
> McFish and etc.

The judges in their verdict blamed the lawyers for phrasing the wrong
questions. If one raises the contention, the answer will be to that
contention. And if the contention raised is wrongly phrased, the
answer will be to that phrased question. And this is even worse if the
contention is on the final appeal in short iti critical to "design"
the questions of contentment that poses the judges had not chocie but
to agree with you...

From: bear

Mc is a very common Scottish family name. What makes McDonald to have
the right to claim millions of Scottish family name to be copyrighted?

So the US General McArthur must change his name too?

From: "oi kia"

Who owns McCurry? Justice in Malaysia is always in favour of the well
connected. If McCurry were to set up shop in the Western country, it will
loose its pants in a legal suit.

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  1. I fully agree with bear's comment.. The Court had ruled that McCurry is free to be used by the couple and there was no infringement made.. If every Mc is to be copyright by McDonald, then the rest of the people would have to change their names in dropping the word "Mc"..

    Court would only rule for something which doesn't require for constant supervision as it would be inconvenient for the Court to supervise each word or name of business..