Respect decisions made by the syariah courts

Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 21:52:37 +1000
Local: Sun, Sep 13 2009 7:52 pm
Subject: Under Islamic Law

Shariah lawyers to critics: Don't mess with court decisions
Malaysian Mirror: Do not harass or put pressure on those who are trying to
enforce Islamic laws, the Malaysian Syariah Lawyers'
Association (PGSM) advised critics.

In a statement jointly issued with Pembela, an umbrella body of several
Muslim NGOs, the association said everyone
should adhere to and respect the decisions made by the syariah courts.
Read the news item here:

I don't know what these Shariah lawyers are so upset about. Kartika Sari
Dewi Shukarno has agreed to be caned. In fact,
she said she wants to be caned because she is ashamed of her actions and
regrets what she did.
The police then came to her house to arrest her and took her off to prison.
Half an hour later they sent her home.
This upset Katika who then went to the police station to make a police
report. She said she wants to cover herself in case
she is accused of trying to evade the caning sentence.

Kartika was arrested in Pahang, the home state of Prime Minister Najib Tun
Razak. The Pahang state government is under Umno and Barisan Nasional, not under PAS or Pakatan Rakyat. Najib, however, has asked Kartika to appeal the caning sentence. But Kartika refuses. She wants to be caned.

The 14 days grace period for Kartika to appeal her caning sentence has now
expired. This means she can no longer appeal the sentence and, therefore, it should be carried out immediately. But the government does not want to cane her.

They said they would only do it after the month of Ramadhan is over.
Why after Ramadhan? Why not now? There is no Islamic law and no verse in
the Quran that says no sentence should be
carried out during the month of Ramadhan.

Will the government now drop the caning sentence? And will they cite the
'pressure' as the excuse for dropping the caning sentence?

I, for one, would like to see the sentence carried out. This will open the
floodgates for an eventual full clampdown on liquor.

Islam says you must not drink, sell, serve, keep, profit from, etc., liquor
-- including working in any place that sells liquor,
own shares in the company, hold directorships, and much more. It is not
only forbidden to drink the stuff. It is also
forbidden to associate with the stuff in any way whatsoever.
Once Kartika has been caned then the government can go after the workers,
owners, shareholders, directors,
government officers who approved the licences, etc. Tens of thousands of
people will be hauled in and caned.

Genting, which is also in Pahang, Najib's home state, would have to sack
all their Muslim workers. So would Club Med
and all those other hotels in Pahang. They would have to sack all their
Muslim workers or else the managers and owners
of these establishments would get arrested and caned.

Oh, and my favourite, MAS. MAS will have to discontinue serving beer and
liquor onboard its flights or else it would have
to sack all the Muslim staff and employ non-Muslims. The Muslim workers in
the KLIA tax-free shops would also have to
be replaced with non-Muslims. KLIA itself would have to sack all its Muslim
workers or else the tax-free shops in KLIA
would have to stop selling liquor, cigarettes, tobacco and whatnot.
I am all for it. Let's see where we go from here. And please, Shariah
lawyers, don't mess with us.

Anyway, before I sign off, read what a Muslim lawyer wrote in his Blog:

If that is not shocking enough, consider section 177 of the Enakmen
Pentadbiran Ugama Islam dan Adat Resam Melayu
Pahang 1982 (the enactment under which Kartika is sentenced). Under this
section, a person who forces or allows his
wife to prostitute herself with the intention of earning an income from
such prostitution is liable to be fined RM4,000 or
imprisonment for 2 years or both and caning of not more than 6 lashes.
So, there we have it. RM5,000 fine or imprisonment of 3 years and 6 lashes
for consuming alcohol.

But RM4,000 fine or imprisonment of 2 years and 6 lashes for forcing one's
wife to be a prostitute!

Is there any wonder why Islam is viewed with ridicule and contempt?

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