How corrupted is Malaysia?

From: "tkw"
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 21:26:46 +1000
Local: Sun, Sep 13 2009 7:26 pm
Subject: How corrupt is Malaysia?

Apparently in Malaysia corruption is a way of life. All those in control
believe strongly that that is a way of life and an Allah given right.
Basically all of them are classified into two major categories and they are
the small boats and the big boats or ships.

For the small boats, you spit
and their boats will float. For the bigger boats a torrent of water is
required. Lately the big boats have equiped themselves with toy boats as
well and the minions manning the ship will throw their toys boats into the
spittle if need be.

Malaysia Boleh. No one wants to talk about it because people who live in
glass houses do not throw stones. The system is quite advance so much so the
possibility of this post not being allowed may be imposed. Even if allowed,
replies may just be blocked.

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